The Jaguars better be careful with Jalen Ramsey - Dan Orlovsky | Get Up

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
Dan Orlovsky cautions the Jacksonville Jaguars against trading away a talented player like Jalen Ramsey.
#GetUp #NFL
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  • The Eagles need him! He would be a great help!

  • How can you trade someone or let someone go if the owner never said yes too the decision. The owner of the Jaguars loves Ramsey an will make him the highest paid player at corner.

  • Hahahaha the camera was on the guy for way to long

  • Tom Coughlin definitely leaked that trade request

  • Well said panel. "He will chokes your greatness" lol. Great coach or great player, big picture. If you tear everything down. Do you have the right personnel to build it back up? One man trash is other man treasure. Good for the league

  • Inez Qtaish sa defense right now

  • Over rated mouth piece

  • They takes about AB for a week saying how he was a disgrace! Then this guy Ramsey has a melt down and went off on coach LIVE , and now he deserves a trade ? He deserves a suspension !

  • Legend has it the camera is still faced on dan

  • nfl network: okay we need a quarterback who has insight into the game to make our panel legit, how about future hall of famer kurt warner? espn: ok we need a great qb with great insight to make our shows legit, how about not just one but three of the best ever...dan orlovsky, mark sanchez, and tim tebow!? The trifecta of legendary nfl quarterbacks. *espn hr, thats a great idea!

  • imagine him going to Buffalo with their pass rush defense right now...….

  • It’s will be bad if Jalen Ramsey go to the patriots.

  • If Ramsey wants to win kc is the only place no questions 💯

    • Lanzo Lanzo not gonna happen.. they don’t have the assets.. it’s between the eagles & chargers. I think the chargers need to be all in, having to deal with mahomes every year. We will see..

  • Saints we need Ramsey! & lets cremate Eli Apple

  • Ramsey goin to tha Falcons 🤣

  • Trade you straight across for Melvin Gordon!

  • very funny, dude :)

  • Can they trade ramsey to the Patriots

  • Why tf is the camera on homie so long 😂😂

  • Did Ryan Clark just say Jalen Ramsey is better than Darelle Revis?

    • From a talent perspective, or did you just intentionally miss that part.

  • Camera angles was bad in this one but good vid

  • Lions would probably be willing to go after him if he wasn’t due for a new contract right away. If the Jags do trade him this season, a team better be willing to pay up for him, that contract is gonna be a big one, deserves it though.

  • Ramsey better than darrelle revis? Slow down ryan clark

  • Great notes but please stop repeating yourself on your shows. Too many of these Shows / Podcast literally repeat themselves to fit in the 2 hour segment. Talk about topics once and move on. I find myself FF through more and more content since its all rinse and repeat. Thank you for having great discussions and not being so over hyped and yelling at each other. Appreciate the show

  • Jaguars-“we ain’t giving the patriots jalen Ramsey” Bill- “aight bet”

  • Trent williams for Ramsey httr!!!

  • A srahawks jersey is waiting for him .

  • Why does Domonique always sound like he’s choking back acid reflux every time he speaks. Just sounds painful

  • Jags gonna trade ramsey

  • Ramsey better than a prime Revis Island???????? R u serious?

  • He is a JAG

  • I couldn’t even listen to what they were saying cuz the ESPN Camera crew always fucking up🤦‍♂️

  • Ravens fans invading the comment section

  • Baltimore has the most use for him right now. Him and Marlon Humphrey plus TJ and Earl would be the hottest secondary in the league

  • why'd they keep the camera on Graziano for so long lol

  • Let panthers grab him

  • Ravens 1st round pick plus T.Young. may be alot but come on.

  • Redskins need to get in there.l haite Redskins when we don't move our ahhh no need to curse.

  • Camera man on that high grade today

  • Know your worth in life in any situation

  • Camera man fell asleep lol

  • Stephon Gilmore is the Best CB in NFL

    • @Andre Ricardo Bryant because he was a free agent. Free agents get to set the market. See Kirk cousins.

    • @Molly's Unborn Child Also if any CB can do why did the Pats play him a lot of money to sign him?

    • @Molly's Unborn Child Wrong when you take them out of their system they get expose at CB.

    • @Andre Ricardo Bryant excuses Excuses. If you're a true shut down corner you work with any system. Deion. Patrick Peterson. Charles Woodson. Champ bailey. Darrell green. All those guys played in multiple systems for multiple coaches and they still shut WR's down.

    • @Molly's Unborn Child The system with Bills was awful. Why do you think Ramsey want to be trade because the Jags running zone system when he is a man coverage CB.

  • the dolphins need to trade for him

  • Better hope bill belichick dont pick up the phone !

  • Ramsey better than Gilmore? Good one ryan

  • Literally all I think of when Dan Orlovsky talks is him running out of the endzone.

  • Showing up in a Brinks truck rubbed a lot of people the wrong way..

    • Bro shows up and plays hard every Sunday. Who cares?

  • Step up Seahawks

  • Cameraman has a dude crush on Graziano..

  • Another Josh Norman. No thanks.

  • The dustup with the coach isn't as big a part of this as a lot of people believe. I never thought the Jags would pay 80-100 million to keep him, and Jalen already knew leaving was a possibility. Some team will offer a big haul, because he is definitely the kind of difference-maker that can take the right team to a championship.

  • Breaking News Jaguars: 7th round pick(2034) and cash consideration Pats: Jalen Ramsey

    • in that case give him to the chiefs for a pack of gum, just to stick it to the pats.

  • Kansas city chiefs‼‼‼Jalen and Patrick Peterson are the best Corners he's definitely worth it.

    • ​@Rob Clownkowski Eh Gilmore is better especially add his post season, Gilmore has had 2 years of 3 playoff games and jalen had one year of 3 playoff games and if you look their stats are very similar except pass deflection Jalen in three games had 1 just 1, where Gilmore in 2017 3 games had 6 and then 5 in the three post season games in 2018 he is on another level than Jalen when it matters most.

    • Xxxx Soto Gilmore is better than Peterson

    • @Lindy Tucker are you stupid ???

    • Lindy Tucker he is most definitely a cornerback 😂

    • Lindy Tucker no he’s not 💀

  • Same Coughlin who indirectly came at Ramsey & another player for not showing up to volunteer Mini camp

  • Birds🇺🇸🏈🍿

  • ask pat mahomes about throwing to ramsey's direction. mahomes gives no fucks who the cb is he will attack and continue to attack every and all cb's. thats the thing that i love about mahomes.


  • This is the producers fault not the camera man lol

  • Come to the browns so we can suck more with a stacked roster

  • Falcons make that move we can have Ramsey on one side and good ol #21 on the other

    • chance goode dude him on falcons would make your defense easily top 3 that’s there missing piece tbh