Pubblicato il 7 nov 2019
no ban pls
YEET and LAZAR Merch -


  • I have freshis skin

  • lol the boat turns into a freakin beyblade XD

  • Lazarbeam you’re a meme master

  • 7,000,000th viewer.

  • 6.9 Mil views Yeet

  • 3:35 does anybody realise that this is kalyan from mindofrez channel

  • Mobile players can see you because their like pc players that have foot steps on their screen

  • You should do this with a cop skin so it’s like you’re stopping fresh from doing illegal things

  • Anyone else see their slip up at 9:09

  • Wait can they not see the actual skin or the boat

  • So do the players see the missile or just the explosion?

  • Please do laser beam predicts lol

  • Whenever epic wants to know if the new item is causing glitches they always come to the lazar beam Channel

  • Lazarbem your actually dumb no offense not tryna be mean but you saying you haven't got wins ok

  • Like below if you like what I said

  • Lazarbem: I haven't one a single game since season one and I still big on IT-tvs me we have a meame only policy no wining with meames me : thinking back 2 mins ago remembering he got a win with fresh in vid and a bunch of other wins


  • 10:11 just look at the map then the screen

  • haha

  • Imagine being one of the sweaty twitch streamers watching these videos and being like "yOu LiTtLe sHiT" 😂

  • No builds allowed.

  • I get why he called him a clown

  • yeat

  • You should be hired at EPIC and be a beta tester

  • F*ck yes 🤣

  • At 9:53 lazerbeam is in the storm but fresh is not???

  • Fake

  • Hi

  • 6:56 = SpInBoT AcTiVaTeD

  • Mom: *gets belt* Lazarbeam: * invisibility glitch*

  • u kissed cray

  • If you like lazarbeam 👇🏻

  • Someone had aimbot so you were flying in the boat

  • Dude that’s kaylens user from mindofrez 😂😂lmao

  • Can they see the rocket

  • Imagine if glitches weren’t in the game at all at this point lazarbeam wouldn’t have a job

  • Lazarbeam exposing mindofrez. Brother

  • How does he not get banned

  • Invisibility dad🎉🎉

  • Jarvis is that you

  • 6:23 and 6:54

  • I almost go to creepypasta web. Almost call it the seeky destroyer Notifacations. Whop Its lazarbeam all the time

  • What movie are u in

  • Yeet

  • Lazar beam can you give me a shoutout I’m subscribed liked and have post notifications on please

  • Can they still hear the boat

  • Your really funny Laserbeam: I’m being possessed by a demon me :😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Can you view my channel

  • Oh the boats invisable

  • 6:23. OMG LOLL 😂😂😂😂

  • Lazerbeem can you add me on fortnite pls

  • Lannon did that to me and I was like wtf

  • You should have did the nurotow run

  • Hey lazarbeam. I only have two friends who can only play every once in a blue moon. All I’m askin is if you play with me. My Xbox username is sugarlolipop11

  • Lazarbeam you made me into a swaring machin You are my faeret youtube

  • Lazarbeam making terminator references bro "I have defeated skynet I am invisible to all robots!" Me remembers that line from terminator:Genisis "Genisis is skynet you can destroy it before its born" Also me watching termanator:Genisis again

  • na na na get joojie with it.

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Me and fresh use the same skin

  • I m keanu