the history of technoblade (1,000,000 sub elbow reveal)

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
draw my life except i cant draw so i just spam pictures of babies
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and also part of the fourth movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony at the end. i swear to god if that somehow gets copyrighted lmao


  • dude i remember when Mineplex was lit

  • And then there’s me getting 44 subs for literally nothing LOL

  • your elbow shines brighter than my moms diamond ring

  • I only clicked for the elbow.

  • the funny thing is, i came to ur channel cuz of the ads and later was like "why did i sub to this guy again? eh, whatever his content is good anyway" then i unsubbed later cuz u were literally dead and subbed again cuz of minecraft mondays

  • Congrats Techno! Did anyone else notice "RIP Skeppy" in thumbnail?

  • What is that sub count called

  • Everyone: *Happy to see his long waited elbows* Me: *realises that this is an excuse for him to not have to hide his elbows anymore*

  • don't call me a boomer but i remember when techno did the hunger games sim

  • How could you so so lewd

  • he aleredy did a face revial in cooking with technoblade 2

  • Sasuke: i can handle the hate Technoblade: Noob

  • Studio lore has 10k subs now

  • 10:44 is a builder gonna get fired for that one ob on accidently moving the trapdoor

  • we want a foot reveal

  • Nose reveal at 100mil

  • 8:17 you’re we welcome

  • 10 mil and we get a feet reveal

  • 4:06 we caught him, he likes his own vids COPS THIS GUY COMMITED A CRIME

  • Entry 38 of YCO

  • he do be havin nice elbows doh


  • T-those elbows, they're too powerful!

  • Skeppy is still 4 hundred thousand ahead of u

  • Two road diverge in a yellow wood - wait, I got the reference

  • The real goods techno? *sweating* When are you gonna... Like... Reveal... Your... Knees 😦🤒😩😵😍

  • Feels good to make it to a million subs. Hope you continue to entertain us and do well for yourself.

  • 4:03 smp earth should have seen it coming

  • now that i think obout it you get paid to entertain people so becekly your clowns

  • omg hes sooo funny , love this guy legit he deserves to be a 10 mil youtuber for minecraft , hes a god at every minigame within like top 20 people always , like only time seen him lose is to someone who plays that game 90% time and also is high tier player/youtuber.


  • 11 days, nine months Coincidence I THINK NOT

  • Pin this or else u will lose all ur subs until u have 1 sub

  • if he ever shows his Elbow again it was his right elbow he showed so you can see if he showed his left elbow

  • No ones watching in 2020

  • time to bot his channel :D


  • better story than twilight

  • His elbows made me instantly nut omg

  • Studiolore has 10k subs

  • Your elbow is ugly

  • 12:26

  • can we get a 10 mil ankle reveal?

  • Omg no way

  • I took a screenshot of da elbow

  • That turns me on ngl


  • Bring back roblox


  • Oh ya also, Techno, you got ur channel on Oct 28th, 2013 right? I COINCIDENTALLY got mine on Oct 28th, 2019

  • Next up is ur toe

  • 10 mill a vid is nothing compared to a guy named mr.beast up he uses lots of money

  • Teaching with technoblade please

  • 2m views nice 1.5m subs

  • 0:41 so you also dont talk to yourself? Because dantdm gas 22m at the moment i am writing this

  • Wow That a weird looking elbow

  • my baby has grown up... all by himself..

  • flexed

  • Did anyone noticed in the thumbnail background it said "RIP Skeppy"

  • techno. You’ll never see this I know but I’ve been around since before you hit 5 digits. Playing MINEPLEX dude. I watched refraction and believe it or not AIDEN. What happened to that guy?? God, Remember blitz sg? Omg