The Harshest Burns That Didn’t Make It to Air - Roast of Alec Baldwin

Pubblicato il 1 ott 2019
There isn’t always enough time to fit in all of the jokes the roasters have to offer, so here are a few of the best burns that got cut for time. (Contains strong language.)
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  • Would you Alec Baldwin suck on Trump's dirty socks?


  • Bruce is a monster...

  • Fuck jews.

  • Lol that dude from will and grace is fucking funny

  • why did they didnt make it?

  • Dick in the box


  • #SNL96

  • Caitlyn sure is a racist bitch. Aint he?!

  • Is it just me, or is Adam Carolla starting to sound AND look like Gilbert Gottfried???! :)

  • the epstein joke was incorrect, we all know why!!

  • ken jong is absolutely terrible 👎

  • That's joke referring to Epstein was just straight facts!

  • i like that ken is fucking crying lmaoooo

  • Hanged*

  • Bruce is just cringe worthy.

  • 3:29 LMAOOO

  • 4:59. Corolla looks right at him for the only time in this particular burn as asks: "What do you miss most, the plane or the island. Be honest." That was just brutal

  • Wow. That Caitlynne however the fuck you spell it joke was just racist..... not even funny.

  • Why do they let Bruce Jenner on tv, makes people sick 🤢

  • Hellyweird public forum

  • 04:10 I jumped at seeing some were creature talking with a man's voice.

  • Typical Bobby D. He just sucks the air out of the room... that angry little midget. God he blows

  • So a roast with the best roasts being cut out. This isnt a roast then that was shown on TV. Just a group of people telling jokes.

  • Why was the tranny here?

  • I can see why these didn’t air. They were not good.

  • Meh

  • I think these roasts have jumped the shark. They used to be hysterical, ... now they're weak variations of the same old jokes.

  • Caitlyn killed bob 😂

  • I would PAY to see more unaired stuff like this! will these be released on DVD along with the roast VERY SOON please please? some of us fans & collectors still like the old-school physical DVD items for our shelves :)

  • Adam Corolla, still asking the questions that matter. Jimmy Kimmel secretly LOVED that joke.

  • It was a great roast, but cheers to the producers who cut these jokes.

  • These are the harshest burns?

  • still no manslaughter jokes, I know Niki wrote some, she told them on Howard stern

  • Your brothers aren't here bc you hate them

  • It would be so tough to Roast De Niro but what a priviledge. Alec ehhhh


  • That Caitlyn wig joke was fucking amazing...

  • Every time alec Baldwin fake laughs, it just seems like he's suppressing a natural desire to angrily lash out and let everyone know how much better and richer he is than everybody on stage. He's essentially the liberal trump. It's ironic that he plays him on television

  • Di Niro seems to have aged a lot since the last time I saw him in a movie.

  • Caitlyn wishes "he" could fuck Sophia with a real dick

  • Jenner does not sound as she looks. that throws me off, i wonder if altering vocal cords is possible.

  • It's nice hearing jokes about Caitlyn that aren't about her being trans

  • Donated the dick in the box 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Glaser? I barely even know her!

  • Eww Bruce sit the fuck down I seen trans women that looks way better then you in a fat birthday suit

  • His daughter joke was good

  • De Niro starting to look like the old man from UP

    • I was like "THAT'S DE NIRO?!?!???!"

  • poor gay mike pence.

  • 2:57 who the F is she....she was brutal she's not funny at all no timing and jokes suck too

  • Buckle up, Buckaroooo!

  • What throws me off is Caitlyn's/ Bruce's voice. I mean why?

  • "And your best friend isn't here because he hung himself in a Manhattan prison cell." 0_0

    • Hahaha hung himself That was the real joke

    • That's so dope that he went there I fucking hate when people go easy on roasts

    • @paul daniel not cold! talking about Epstein is cold? fuck that guy and anyone who went to his pedophile island

    • paul daniel The truth hurts sir.

    • @paul daniel I also thought so but apparently was a reference to Epstein

  • Alec's delivery was flawless. His De Niro jokes were the only ones that didn't make me shutter, and Robert clearly liked them too.

  • how do they decide who gets to recite which jokes? Oh, they write themselves? Hmm...

  • Jeff’s Mike Pence joke was solid and I don’t wanna see conservatives getting mad about it. Or maybe I do - cuz that would be hilarious.

  • Man catlin has some balls for being on this show.

  • Ooh so brave katlyin!!! 😂

  • What, exactly, is the appeal of Adam Corolla?