The Harshest Burns That Didn’t Make It to Air - Roast of Alec Baldwin

Pubblicato il 1 ott 2019
There isn’t always enough time to fit in all of the jokes the roasters have to offer, so here are a few of the best burns that got cut for time. (Contains strong language.)
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  • Look, they invited Bruce Jenner because why?...

  • Blake's De Niro plot joke was good.


  • People got upset waaay to much, its a roast come on! Also I must say that the Epstein joke was amazing!

  • Been a while since the last roast. Comedy central needs to get on it.

  • I'm sorry...Jenner should have changed the sex of her/his vocal cords....or, at least, try to talk in a falsetto. It wouldn't be more bizarre than the rest of the package.

  • The Epstein joke was gold.

  • Robert de Niro's looks like the ancient one Bernie Sanders

  • Blake Griffin- "De Niero do we really have to see you die to see you in something with a decent plot" Me watching in 2020- JOKER

  • 2:20 The Irishman

  • de niro lookin like he's gonna beat blake's ass lmao

  • that fat joke went south REAL quick...

  • ok it isn't always true, but in this particular case, Caitlyn Jenner looks and sounds like a man in drag.

  • Bruce is creepy as fuck.

  • Who is the guy in that dress. She can transition back with a wetwipe.

  • Blake Griffin is me when I’m mean to my friends.

  • Caitlyn Jenner is not only hideous, it's racist.

    • don't watch this if u cant take a mildly racist joke

  • Seriously. That was the funniest thing I heard Adam Carolla say at the roast. I'd much rather listen to him say that then the sjw nonsense. I wish they didnt cut it.

  • That wig joke was fire 🔥

  • Campness and gayness are not the same fucking thing!

  • dafaq s this shit

  • I can see why these were cut. They aren't nearly as funny as the main content

  • Robert d plot joke!

  • Alec Baldwin really felt some of the hits!

  • Kaitlin was brave doing this. Showed serious balls

  • Damn told de niro to die lol

  • so none of these ppl can come up with there own material n have to read from the screen!!

    • Paul Fisher Ok

    • @Emily Norris oh stage fright ok no need for wtf though!!

    • Paul Fisher Wtf, no dude, they prepare the jokes before with a team, and then they have the screen in case they get nervous and forget the lines or something of that nature. Get it now?

    • @Emily Norris u reading from a screen too, does there team say look read this word, i could understand if it was a kid just learning to read but he's a grown adult n needs a team plus ur his emotional support now!!

    • Paul Fisher They did, well, I'am sure they had a team with them. The screen it's just for guidance

  • Katelyn Jenner is not the mother to anyone. Get a grip.

  • That fuck Jenner scarred me for LIFE

  • Robert De Niro looks exactly like the old man from the Movie UP with the glasses and the red nose and everything..

  • Just letting you know, Nikki was on the Howard Stern show, and she said that she had a roast about Caitlyn running over someone with her car, but CC said that she couldn’t tell the joke because Caitlyn requested that nobody made a joke about. I forgot what the joke was and I unfortunately can’t find it.

  • De niro is not amused lol

  • Blake leave Rob alone he was in The Godfather

  • #epsteindidntkillhimself

  • Dude what the fuck is that thing?

  • Caitlyn will star in the next movie...THE .EX MEN

  • I legit hate Bruce Jenner. Just me? Lmao

  • I need Seth McFarland in one of these.

  • Epstein didn’t kill him self.

  • Damn.... Adam Corolla straight up called his pedophile ass out on his Jeffrey Epstein relationship and flying the Lolita express to pedophile island. 😮

  • Roast Kylie Jenner, I feel like she could handle it and she would actually be pretty funny!

  • Wig on the floor. That actually floored me.

  • Robert DeNiro trying to remember which Celeb He going to have Joe Pesci Whack.

  • I like it when the guest gets up and fucking destroys.

  • robert deniro looks like the old man from Up

  • Hollywood freak show

  • Wow...these basically all wonder they were cut

  • What do you miss more, the plane or the island? YIKES!

  • I hope that wana be cunt gets shot in the face..... As long as the hole familys . .

  • Damn he called that fool a whole chester!

  • Ireland's fuckin hottt

  • Blake is so kute 😻

  • I can’t believe Dinero went to the roast. He is a respectable man, he shouldn’t have done this. I luv the roasts btw. But its just not his scene.

  • Nikki is sexy AF with her fine ass.

  • was that my way by Sid Viscious in the intro?

  • These roasts almost seemed like the elite actors are rubbing it in our face that they are pedophiles and

  • Alex Baldwin was a friend to Epstein and a guest of his....i wish THAT had been brought up!

    • @Payton Glenn these didnt make the roast "on air"due to the establishment wanting us to forget about Epstein.

    • Michael Kelligan it was. 5:00 Also Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • "the harshest burns that didn't make it to air"..yet this video is on youtube..EVEN BETTER! 😂😂😂

  • Blake low key did a great job haha. When he apologized to De Niro that was classic

  • How come you dont upload the Adam Carolla parts? Why do you get people on these things then censor them? Comedy central should be ashamed