The greatest last lap in MotoGP history | Valentino Rossi vs Jorge Lorenzo, 2009

Pubblicato il 14 giu 2019
It has been ten years since Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo had the greatest last lap battle in #MotoGP history at the #CatalanGP in 2009. Rossi miraculously found a way to beat his teammate on the last corner in a move which is still celebrated to this day.
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  • The commentators is awesome too.

  • Amazing Rossi!👍🏼 Not like the dirty arrogant Marqueshit🤣

  • Look how clean and precise they were in a tight battle...

  • El más grande entre los grandes VALENTINO ROSSI

  • Motogp - 80% Driver's skill, 20% bike's performance F1 - 20% Driver's Skill, 80% Car's Performance

  • 46

  • This guy's a God among races

  • Favoloso Valentino.

  • Rosi still suk!

  • I couldn't see any of the celebrating because of all the sexiness in the background.

  • 1:25 that day gravity went to home and bury itself.

  • 💪VR46 😍

  • legend

  • And i was screamed

  • "Water Motorcycle Rice,Water Motorcycle Rice"

  • King mc😃😃🤭🤭

  • Rosintin

  • Quella Yamaha era veramente a posto, non quella di questi anni di rossi che ha problemi ovunque. Spero gli diano finalmente una moto decente anche se mi piacerebbe vederlo in Suzuki e perché no' un'Aprilia

  • It's so good to hear the old commentators again.

  • Jorge let Rossi win *question mark*

  • Back when MotoGP was awesome..before Marquez

  • Madness on two wheels !

  • I believe one of the announcers lost his nut sack lol.

  • Realmente la mejor vuelta de la ultima decada

  • And the Legend is still Alive..!!! 😉😉 #46 💪

  • Rossi 2019 lost his spirit

  • Rossi the goat of moto gp,simply the best rider on the planet.

  • Watching this after the 2019 MotoGP and wondering... The Doctor didn't make it to the Podium.. time's change...

  • Since the accident of rossi and marquez in 2015,,, and then just rossi got penalty, while the race has one round left.... I know this sport would be boring in the following years... and it's proven, just wait for Rossi to retire, this sport will be very boring like F1 after Schumacher retires...

  • Looked almost like blue leathers quit after yellow leathers made that last pass. Strange. Maybe yellow been sand bagging. Crazy skill & nerves of steel either way. L8r.

  • "Chi vince questa vince tutto".! Beh è proprio il caso di dirlo

  • Skarang? Preett..

  • Visca barca!

  • I strongly disagree. This honor belongs to Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards - Assen 2006.

  • The good old days when Yamaha was cruising

  • I'm not a big motorcycle racing fan (I don't know why I'm just not) but that was one of the best final laps I've ever seen, in any kind of racing.

  • Memorabile

  • never bored

  • Check for the italian version of this, much more passion

  • the one who know when retake the lead wins, 2nd doesn't stand a chance to overtake.

  • I will never watch F1 again.

  • Jesus how do those things grip the road while completely sideways ?!

  • Best last three laps in MotoGP's history

  • Rossi only one

  • Other racers be like: aight this place not for us. Lets go home

  • pls go to 3:42

  • I remember watching this. Even I was jumping off my seat. What a lap, what a race ❤️🔥

  • We all won

  • I don't watch moto sports but wow!!

  • I tilted my phone watching this


  • Utter madness!

  • casey stoner finishing 3rd on that piece of sh** bike doesn't get enough credit in my opinion. that guy was insane. remember how rossi did when he was with ducati? still, Rossi is the GOAT.

    • Yeah i know stoner is greatin ducati, while rossi just stuck in ducati... But rossi often tell the mechanic of ducati, about lack of ducati motorcycle and need improvement... But they are just ignore all advice from rossi...

  • And they are supposed to be teammates?!

  • This is racing, not that F1

  • ..that took huge balls ......great race

  • I was there!!

  • The roar of that cross plane engines. Amazing!

  • 0:04-0:09 wtf are they saying?

  • Second mia Valentino u megghiu è