THE GREAT MICROWAVE HEIST ft. Achievement Hunter | RT Life

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
RT and AH team up to steal a microwave from Stage 5 without facilities noticing.
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  • RT thought with Yang on their team the Heist would go perfectly........ No one ever suspected Ruby to steal the Desk.....

  • I do wish to know if the revenue generated from this video was enough to buy them a microwave

  • 0:40 “I’m not me!”

  • No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

  • 0:25 imagine that being your dad picking you up from school

  • Anyone else in love with Jessica? 😍

  • This is what happens when burnies not there to reign them in

  • 1:18 The face of somebody saying "You have no idea"

  • I knew he was going to climb out when I noticed the fence didn't go up to the ceiling.

  • What is a purpose of a bluetooth pad lock to me that sounds so dumb!!!

  • The videos where everyone is just having fun are the best

  • at 4:58 you see that the time is 11:23 AH was completely done, with Geoff giving a small speech at 11:26. That really puts into perspective how fast the AH boys were.

  • What that from at 0:44


  • How many people in this video or the hide and seek RT life are still working at RT? Because im sad.

  • “Business is good” Well, apparently not.

  • Okay but chad should definitely get back at AH not because I think he’ll be successful but it would be great content

  • 1:45 At least there's no video evidence of Christina being involved.

  • Working as a security guard at Roosterteeth must be such a great job.

  • Chad is now deskless, this is so sad alexa play despacito

  • I love this, everything that can go wrong goes wrong but when AH did it not one thing from chads room was left and did it in 1/3 of the time.

  • Jeremy and Blane in the same room. Too much meat for such a small room.

  • I love how the “distraction” set up by Ryan and Jeremy starts with them asking “what’s the least flammable area?”

  • I loved hearing in a podcast after the fact that, apparently, after stealing the microwave, they had to either hide it, or else John Mace already took it back. Also, have Andrew on the RT Podcast

  • Jeez, this heist was so sloppy compared to AH's

  • Why does Jon's hair look like silly string

  • I love how Hector said I’ll ignore what you’re doing if you lock this person up instead. Blaine saying I’m the muscle was so good.

  • 4:33

  • Y’all should have had “The Heist” from the RWBY 6 soundtrack playing in the background.

  • Yo I just thought of something. What if AH stole both the microwave and Chad’s desk via Ocean’s 12 style 😎

  • Guys... I love you... But please, for the love of god... Don't start a heist war with AH... Regardless of if you lock your door, AH can - and will - find a way in. You won't survive.

  • So who at roosterteeth has the XSR900 at 8:10 cause whassup friend

  • Just a normal day for any newcomers

  • Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history. RT:

  • Doesn't the AH crew always lose in their heists? LOL :P

  • I was looking for this part when Gav mentioned it on the podcast this week. "How's business?" 4:32

  • That’s hilarious

  • omg looool

  • John Mace's menacing walk towards Barbara and Chad is sending me

  • “Hurry! Microwave something!” “My Keys!

  • They always do fun things and I enjoy that

  • So this is what the RT First subscription is going towards

  • More

  • I dont get the "I'm not me" joke reference

  • 4:48 is the moment the double cross heist started.

  • For a large media company, why is everyone recording on their phones?? Do they not have a proper camera?

  • You would think having 9.5 million subscribers would give them enough money to buy some appliances.

  • shoulve taken the taco

  • The ultimate heist would be AH and RT teaming to heist Funhaus But FH is heisting AH who is double-crossing RT Who is secretly with FH who is secretly with AH. And then there’s Joel Heyman and Zach Anner’s secret team for a plot twist. Wrap your head around that logic.

  • The best lines are how do we que them? We don't they just go. That just describes AH in the world of Rooster Teeth lol.

  • Next time. You take the taco chad

  • Plot twist: Chad’s office is now covered with comments saying how Ben 10 should of won from the Ben 10 vs Green Lantern Death Battle. I mean if they did I hope my comment is up there!

  • RIP Boomstick

  • Involving AH with a heist, and expecting them not to get their gubs. Rookie mistake.

  • This is the ONLY successful heist AH has pulled off

  • Like a movie...

  • 4:50 I think in this moment they began to wonder if recruiting the AH crew was the wisest choice. XD

  • And from the very moment Trevor called 'Heist', all control had been lost.

  • These Oceans 16 movie was really low budget, not once did I see Brad Pitt eat anything and that's his thing. I'm still watching the sequel but c'mon

  • Seeing Gavin at the end 😆