The Funniest Things Steelo Has Spotted 😂 Best Of Ridiculousness

Pubblicato il 23 gen 2020
If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Ridiculousness,” you know that the most eagle-eyed person on that stage is Steelo. He sees things the rest of us totally overlook. For that, we are grateful. Here are some of the greatest things he’s spotted and, thankfully, pointed out to the rest of us.
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  • The cat was also eating it's vomit.

  • I can’t be the only one that thinks Chanel is kinda bad But her laugh kinda annoying

  • 1:47 my physics teacher lmaoooo holy shit

  • I love this show he makes it funny and also Rob does too, and channel I love her laugh

  • So like is that it for Ridiculousness? This show can literally go on forever

  • He gets the clips the night before to watch over and over and over... Of course he gonna spot some shit. And now I know his reactions are fake as shit... My feelings toward Steelo have changed.

  • 2:00 lol

  • Hilarious I love this show.

  • I love steelo just steelo and Rob combination is fucking perfect Chanel laugh in the background even tho its lowkey annoying

  • Funniest is the hat on Ste lo. WTF DUDE

  • How fucking tall is MGK??

  • The sleepy guy on the train's zipper was down.

  • That band video was at my old middle school omg 😪😂 I can tell by his face and the class

  • 5:17 what else did expect the Dude to do?????

  • Steelo is bitch made

  • When the girl laughs...

  • The best was the man bunny

  • He can walk he has legs yea his good looking

  • Been waiting for this compilation since I was 8.

  • Lmao the end. Steelo was speechless at first😂


  • mgk did the motherfucking Michael Jackson off the car

  • Oh my gosh her laugh PLEASE mute it out! I can’t even laugh bc its so irritating

  • Man...i realy miss this show. This is my childhood

  • been watching since season 1 on and off and dudes really took over the show it seems. made robs job a whole lot easier

  • 2:16 thought that was a table leg with a shoe on it

  • guess he hasnt spotted that hat

  • Yo Steelo really mvp

  • 6:00

  • I usually hate on crap like this. BUT THIS WAS PRETTY FUNNY

  • Chanel looking hot af in that flannel!

  • She never complained when she was double teamed. . .

  • Her laugh is so fking annoying

  • What is an original video on 5:55

  • Michael Jackson toes was literally hilarious.

  • damn haven't watched this show in years, didn't know steelo left the show

  • When you realize Steelo was in Hardball 🤯

  • Bro this show is actually good af man, everybody on the show is chill!

  • 5:45 that “Say something” got me 😂😂😂😂

  • Yo Steelo’s ears little as shit

  • Why is mgk the most non funniest guy that’s ever been on the show

  • I knew this had to exist

  • Nobody: MGK: This for the fucking Olympics‼ 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • Does anyone else think he looked like jason derulo or just me

  • 2:12 I saw both of those things, how the hell no one gonna point out that it was an AXE?!

    • randomawesome dude sludge hammer but still!! been searching the comments for sumn but damn that shits gotta hurt forget about kids at that point

  • Steelo has the eyes of a hawk

  • The last video was sweet

  • 7:36 idfk

  • Drifted our golf cart we flipped it

  • Me and my brother did that when me and him were drifting our golf cart on ice on the road

  • 7:25 little homie lookin like stig

  • Its worth watching

  • I am the 4000 to like it

  • Short circuit

  • Why does this women look like mincus from boy meets world

  • am I the only one who wants to see his remote for the screen since a kid ?💀

  • And the guy didnt fall asleep..he was on some good dope

  • I felt the pain from the first one

  • The more I watch this the more I wonder is Chanel just there as eye candy? Like “what would you do?”

  • N i fukkn cant that bitches fukkn laugh damn yo that shyt is annoying asf.!