The Full Story of Chiara & Niccolo [Baby s1]

Pubblicato il 1 ago 2019
The Full Story of Chiara & Niccolo with English Subtitles! Please Like and Subscribe! 💕
Show: Baby [Available on Netflix and 123 movies]
Teflon Sega - 22hrs
Ellie Goulding - Beating Heart
Astrid S - Hurts So Good
Jon Bellion - All Time Low
Labrinth - When I R.I.P.
Labrinth - Mount Everest
Labrinth - Forever
Labrinth - Still Don't Know My Name
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  • Just watched s2 I need Chiara x Nicoolo. Damiano is boring Hope they will be endgame but chances is less cuz s3 final season & maybe damiano will forgive chiara for her dirty work & they will get be together

  • She looks like tessa from after

  • Niccolo really hot!!!!He has a nice face.

  • Че за сериал? ( фильм )

    • Marco Asensio Помоему нету, но я не искала.

    • @AG Bera а русская озвучка есть?

    • Marco Asensio “Baby” serial

  • I promise you they will end up together... maybe in the next season!

  • Ok but like and here me out here.... ludo and nico?? Right? I think they'd go great together just because ludo has always been manipulated and so has nico idk i think they'd heal each other well

  • What is the name of the series

  • 1:31 what's the name of the Song?

    • Ilir Cysa Mount Everest - Labrinth

  • 5:55

  • He loves her

  • If you don't want him can I have him? 😂😂

  • Same music as eurohoria

  • Great video. I just can't get over the scene where the girl was pushed into water. In the US, pushing someone into a pool without their consent is battery, which just needs the defendant to intentionally cause offensive contact to the plaintiff, no injury required. There is definitely tort liability if not criminal. If there is injury even death, it can rise to more serious offenses like aggravated battery, involuntary manslaughter or other types of homicide depending on the mens rea of the defendant. Just a tip for kids watching: don't do it just coz you think it's fun...And also, generally there is no duty to rescue someone, but if you are a group of friends engaged in a common undertaking (like hiking in the woods), there is a legal duty to rescue otherwise there is, again, tort liability.

  • 2:12

  • Movie?

    • Marieta G. It’s a tv show. Everything is in the description.

  • Is the series on Netflix? If so, what is it called

    • Gro Bøe Yes, it’s in the description

  • He is an asshole. Wtf? A cheater stays a cheater. He doesn't love her imo, just unhealthily obsessed with her. If he truly cares about her, his actions would be totally different.

  • Serial/Season name please??

    • oh I got that now...thankss !! ✨

    • salman butt It’s called “Baby”. All the info is in the description.

  • What name the movie?

    • @AG Bera oke thank you

    • Bela Jibrut It’s called “Baby”. All the info is in the description.

  • he's so toxic af she deserves better smh

  • What's this story about?

    • @AG Bera Ohh thank you i just started watching this last night after i watched ur video its pretty good

    • Michelle T Baby is an Italian tv show. It basically follows students at an elite high school in Rome who engage in prostitution (based on real life events). In this vid, Chiara is interested with her best friend's brother - Niccolo who she has been sleeping with, even though he is in a relationship. The whole school eventually finds out. It’s not really a good description, I suggest you watch it x

  • Loved everything except that "Made by AG"

    • Naveen R Had to add my watermark 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Chiara liked him coz he was the cute guy in school we all have a crush on and gave up when he ignored her. When she slept with him she was in bliss. Nico initially used her for sex but now he seems to care for her.

  • Nicolo is obsessed with her yet will go back to Virginia. I think he might slightly love Chiara.

  • What songs are they?

  • What movie ?

  • اكو عراقيين بل طيارة

  • Movie name?

    • zahra salih It’s a tv show “Baby”

  • She's the BEST! 😙❤

  • 4:13

  • what's the name of the song you play at the beginning?

    • Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Bibi Bermudez Intro is Forever by Labrinth and the first song is When I RIP also by Labrinth

  • Euphoria soundtrack 👌🏾

  • Name this film or serial please 🙏

    • Marina Dang Tonica “Baby”

  • Como se llama la serie?

  • Is those songs from euphoria??

    • @AG Bera omg same xD

    • Snowee Haha, yes! Love the soundtrack

  • WATCH PART 2 HERE (s2): --> FINALLY WORKS, HAD TO REPOST AFTER IT-tvs DELETED IT. If you like this video, don't forget to like and subscribe to support my channel. Thank you!! 💖

  • Как называется ? Сериал

    • Maryam Almagomadova “Baby”

  • Они будут в конце вместе?)

    • @софия ксенита "Baby" serial

    • можете сказать название фильма или что это?

    • Саша Рябов Пока нет :( Надеюсь в 3тем сезоне

  • Im even tempted to get this show even though its different language

  • what's the name of the show?

  • 0:32 what episode is this

    • C 772 The first episode of season 1

  • I love them together. I hope we get to see them together season 3!!!!!

  • Thanks for this

  • Anyone else getting tessa & hardin or chuck & blair vibes?

  • Fuck Damiano

  • "What a shame. Before you became hot I had a smart brother"

  • Euphoria music is killing it.

  • Is niccolo older than cami

  • Song 2:02 ?

  • whatever happens I'll always love them both together

  • ugh all was fucked mostly because of her stupid friend/sister i hate her character mostly in season 2 she always gave me bad vibes

  • ممكن اسم المسلسل بالعربي بليز

  • The rights are big than my boobs

  • Where can I watch this with English sub other than Netflix 😂????

  • Can anyone tell me where I can watch this show?

    • AG Bera can you give me the link... cus I try to search it on 123movies but can’t find it. DONT HAVE NETFLIX

    • Sarina Perez A website called 123 movies or Netflix

  • what's the title movie????

    • It's a TV show called BABY

  • S2 look like they might be together idk

  • Films name?

  • Откуда???