The First Time - Andrea&Nicole (La prima volta,original vinyl,1976,En lyrics)

Pubblicato il 9 giu 2012
"The first time".. so tender.. so romantic.. ♥ each of us has had its first time or will be have.. I hope beautiful.. there is nothing scandalous and shameful.. it's so beautiful and natural. :)
Unfortunately there are many people bigots.. takes patience and forgive them.
Music and songs are expressions of life.
The song lasts 3'41", the standard time of the "regular loving relationship" according surveys and statistical sources.
Sorry if the English translation is not very accurate, but I tried to do my best.
I believe that everyone remember the first time .. and who has never had it.. I hope to have it sooner or later, with the person You love.
I wish you a good memories (for those who has done) and good prospects (for those who has never done).
I am still a virgin, I never did and I will do it only with the person I'll love and only after marriage.:P
La canzone dura 3'41", tempo standard dei normali rapporti secondo sondaggi e fonti statistiche.
Scusate se la traduzione in inglese del testo della canzone non è molto accurata, ma ho cercato di fare del mio meglio.
Io credo che tutti ricorderanno la loro prima volta.. e per chi non l'ha mai avuta auguro prima o poi di averla... con la persona che ama.
Auguro a tutti bei ricordi (per chi l'ha fatto) e buone prospettive (per chi non l'ha mai fatto).
Io sono ancora vergine, non l'ho mai fatto e lo farò solo con la persona che amo e solo dopo il matrimonio.:P
The First Time. (original version in vinyl)
Come on.. my love, courage.. come close to me, please..
are you afraid of?
Yes my love.. I want to go away!
No, please, my love, do not say so..
is this your first time, isn't it?
..(silence) ..
Oh my love, please, come more closer to me..
come closer.. even more closer to me..
please, my love, tighten..
tighten this "thing" more stronger.
Oh my God.. this "contraption" is so ugly!
Oh.. I love You, my love, you're so beautiful..
Oh my love.. you're really so beautiful!
Oh you're so savage.. it's so savage..
tell me.. tell me that you love me..
and anyway I don't believe you..
Do you love me, isn't it?
Oh yes, yes, my princess, you're mine..
I'll never let you.. you will be mine forever!
Oh my God.. oh my God.. my God.. mmh
Oh.. I love you, oh.. I love you, I love you.
Oh my love.. me too, I love you, yes mmh.
Oh my love.. I love you, I love you!
Oh yes.. my love.. mmh.. ohh yes..
I love you.. mmh.. oh yes continue, no..
come on.. continue, no, no noo ohh.
Oh my love yes.. yes.. yes!
Ohh you're mine .. all mine ..
Oh my love.. my love.. my love!
oh no.. no.. no.. it's enough, enough..
Oh Yes, Yes, Yes, you're mine, all mine!
Oh no.. oh yes.. still more.. even more so..
oh yes.. oh no..
oh yes.. oh nooo.. yesss..
ohhhhh .. ohhhhh
Andrea e Nicole - La Prima volta (1976) versione originale in vinile.
Dai.. dai vieni, hai paura?
Si, andiamo via!
No, ti prego non fare così.. è la prima volta vero?
Avvicinati.. così, di più, di più accanto a me..
stringi.. più forte
Come sei brutto!
Ti amo, sei bella.. tanto.. tanto bella
Sei cattivo! Dimmi, dimmi che mi ami..
..tanto non ti credo.. mi ami vero?
Si, si principessa, sei mia, non ti lascerò mai più..
..sei mia per sempre
Oh Dio, oh Dio, oh Dio, Dio.. mmmh
Ti amo, ti amo, ti amo, ti amo hhha
Ti amo anch'io, sii
Ohhh mmmh.. hhha.. amore.. amore
Si, io ti amo.. ancora.. ancora.. amore
Amore.. basta.. no..
mmh ahhh amore si.. si.. si
no.. no.. no.. no..
sei mia, sei mia, sei tutta.. sei tutta mia..
tutta, tutta mia.. soltanto mia, tutta mia
no.. no.. no.. basta, basta, basta
ahhh.. sii.. così.. ohh.. no, no, nooo
sei mia.. tutta miaaa.. hhha ohhh
no, no, si, si, siiiiiiii
ohhhhh.. ohhhhhh
Gabriel Garko, (Gabriel Dario Oliviero) born Turin (Italy) July 12, 1974, is an Italian actor, considered a sex symbol of the new millennium.
Elisabetta Canalis, born Sassari (Italy) September 12, 1978 is an Italian actress and showgirl (ex girlfriend of George Clooney).
María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani, born Buenos Aires (Argentine) September 20, 1984 is a showgirl, actress, model who lives and works in Italy.


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  • I didn't know I could love anyone as much as I love you for the sound of your voice, makes all my dreams come true. You walk into a room, and I know you have arrived; my heart skips a beat when you walk up to my side. I hope this kind of magic stays forever between us two, and the whole wide world will know that God sent me you.

  • What is this, if not passion The feeling of something unusual Waiting to be caressed, wanting to explode, What if I get that heavenly touch For which my body has been aching Will I remain what I am Or will the entwining of the bodies Lead me to something ethereal I am confused, do not know how to react But what I know is that I yearn for that touch A soothing touch of caress And a wild sensation of fulfillment.

  • My sweet darling, you will always have a special place within my heart... You will always be the first, who touched me so deep... And in my heart, will I always keep... memories of you and me... together for eternity... You taught me how to love and, darling... You will always be my first love.

  • Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest. ..I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight. Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away.

  • Baciame, You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak You leaned over and you kissed me I couldn't even speak You leaned over and you kissed me With a passion flowing free You leaned over and you kissed me Sparks flew that we could see You leaned over and you kissed me A touch so soft and tender You leaned over and you kissed me

  • A kiss I would remember You leaned over and you kissed me I'm sure I kissed you back You leaned over and you kissed me With the fire no kiss should lack You leaned over and you kissed me You left me wanting more You leaned over and you kissed me My soul you did explore You leaned over and you kissed me My heart no longer full of pain You leaned over and you kissed me Darling, kiss me once again

  • Holding you so close, in a field of magic love your eyes are shining brighter than the starlit sky above The flowers that bloom around us, they tickle at our feet the river sleeps behind us, the silence is so sweet. The wind blows just so slightly, to tell us that it's there, and to blow the windswept petals, that love dance in the air. The passion that ecstasy hold me close, my love And even though this magic field is natures' greatest feat, without you here beside me... the magic's incomplete.

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  • Ti amo, ti amo, ti amo, ti amo hhha Ti amo anch'io, sii Ohhh mmmh.. hhha.. amore.. amore Si, io ti amo.. ancora.. ancora.. amore Baciami Amore.. basta.. no.. mmh ahhh amore si.. si.. si no.. no.. no.. no.. sei mia, sei mia, sei tutta.. sei tutta mia.. tutta, tutta mia.. soltanto mia, tutta mia

  • It's being in love with you that makes me happy.You have entered my heart... And You'll be here forever.I love you with all my heart and you are the one that never let me sleep to my mind down to my soul you touch my lips I'm all alone without you my days are dark without a glimpse of you but now that you came into my life I feel complete the flowers bloom , the morning shines and I can see your love is like the sun that light up my whole world

  • I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go. Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true. I adore you, my sweetheart! For once in my life, I don't have to try to BE HAPPY, when I'm with you, it just happens...I LOVE YOU MY SWEETIE BABY!!!


  • I admire your sensitivity, the way how you see life. You transformed my life and bring ecstatic dance with you of love and passion. You awaken feelings that I never knew before, you're enigma to me and hidden, but I feel you close. I carry you in my heart and you're inside me, everything I do, I do it for you. I love you and crazy for you!

  • If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you.Can i keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life? or simply, can you kiss me, hold me, don't let me go, my true love

  • You are my passion, my life, my love. Without you I would have no reason to live. All the stars in the universe could not replace what we have together. I thank you for the love we have and your gentleness. Never forget me, as I will never forget you.

  • I love you, not because of what you have but because of what I feels.. I care for you, not because you need care but because I want to.. I'm always here for you, not because I want you to be with me but because I want to be with you. You're most talented, wonderful and so special to me. You make life so beautiful by being you. Thank you for sharing your talent with me, it's an Honor to know you and everything you do makes me more in love with you, my Angel!

  • All the stars of Universe can't compare to you, because you're my Lucky Star!You are the sun in my day and the beat in my heart. All my dreams came true the day that I met you. I Love You! You are the sunshine of my life! Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth of your Love... You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul. I love You with all my heart... I want to be your arms, I want to feel your touch, I want your lips on mine, I need you very much.

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  • My love, with you it feels like first love and last love.Here's my love, take it. Here's my soul, use it. Here's my heart,I belong to you. Here's my hand, hold it and together we will make it forever.

  • Come on.. my love, courage.. come close to me, please.. are you afraid of? Yes my love.. I want to go away! No, please, my love, do not say so.. is this your first time, isn't it?

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