The First Comic I EVER Made

Pubblicato il 30 mag 2016
Or at least, it's the very first comic I REMEMBER making. Turns out I've been obsessed with drawing comics since I was little. I don't know why my mom didn't get help.
Full Comic:
Piano Music at the beginning:
Scary white noise:
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  • maby the tooth brush was peeing

  • So Garfield is scared to brush his teeth so John comes and shows him how to but Garfield tries and he pees in it and John steps on the tooth paste on accident and it goes everywhere the end

  • The point of the second comic is to SCAR kids for LIFE!

  • he made the toothpaste explode and it's going everywhere.

  • When ur 9 u draw badder then my brother

  • ummmmmmmmmmm

  • Gar field is want to put truth brush too much tufpast on so Jon is saying get da pea size tufpast but that Green teen is showing befor and afer

  • Ways to call Garfield: 1:Garfield 2:Garfild 3:Graphfield 4:gagfield 5:dleifrag (backwards Garfield) 6:barfield (Garfield that barfs) 7:gorfeld Hope you like it!

  • No idea...... Let's make a deal, you give me the money and we good

  • Well Garfield put too much toothpaste then with toothpaste what all around the play and I think his friend said that he's supposed to stop or he doesn't but all I want number is the port where I saw the toothbrush

  • I think he is trying to brush his teeth an shut lazrs but sorry if I spelled something wrong

  • Garfield finds a toothbrush BUT it's actually a portal gun😌

  • Your mom kept a really old thing ..that’s what most moms do, so you have a normal mom I guess cause I don’t know what normal is ..maybe I guess I don’t know nothing and good job to your mom she likes what you did James Cause as a child you have creativeness. And the right way of spelling *fire*it not really how to spell it it’s really *fier* exposed by James And if you made that at 8 I make better stories at that age and I spelled things right Totally how you spell *”fire”* James or is your way the right way? Way before 4:23 he is confused what he had made..and he witnesses something weird about it?..maybe And who is watching in 2020, happy 2020

  • sorry

  • poop

  • 1:58

  • It's about toothpaste because Garfield and odie don't like him brushing his teeth. Give ME 23$ !!!😘 Jk

  • Idk maybe hes squeezing g out the toothpaste at the end

  • Garfealed put pee on John's tooth brush

  • He said it's supposed to be pea sized then they were pee someone was holding

  • I would explain it but I'm 2 tired 2 type it out

  • Well, can you give me a shout-out then

  • I think the comic is explaining about Garfield b-day.

  • John Walks up and says “they say you should use tooth paste as small as a pea


  • I think Garfield peeed on Jon’s tooth brush

  • ME AM locking in 2020

  • Jonn: you have to use a pea sized amount Garfield: *puts way too much on* Jonn: that's not pea sized Garfield: * puts lots of peas on * Garfield: yes it is

  • He is teaching him to brush his teath

  • Fire is the right spelling I think your bad at spelling

  • Garfield is not ready to brush his teeth yet so jhon is first before he could broush garfield is ready to brush so he did the same

  • garfeild has fake toothpaste on his toothbrush

  • 0:57 is that a premonition to how things are now in this channel?

  • John: that not toothpaste Garfield:yes it is

  • He was brushing his teeth but, Garfield got a flashlight instead of a toothbrush and put the toothpaste on the flashlight.

  • 3:09 I'm watching in February 19,2020

  • I’m watching in 1974

  • Pretty sure what you were trying to draw is Garfield saying I mean somebody else saying that’s not toothpaste when it’s really cat food and then Garfield saying yeah it is

  • i just watched this vid a couple years ago and ive been waiting to comment who watching in 2019? but then i forgot about it

  • hey James I just want to say that you were a big inspiration for me to start my own channel and I really want a shout out . im growing up with no cable too

  • Maybe its just tea spelled wrong and not pee


  • I am watching in 3030

  • I live at cemetery circle and that green thing was toothpaste in the other thing was a and they were saying that you should and that human guy said that the toothbrush wasn't a toothbrush tinker field said it is a toothbrush okay odd ones out

  • James i love your vidios

  • No u

  • One like one prayer for the chorona virus too stop

  • Im watching this in feb 17 2020

  • Fychcyvybcycy Titanic was

  • nice one JAMES

  • I like Garfield and you're cool odd ones out sorry I didn't get your name right it's just that I'm trying to like I don't know but I like your videos

  • oil

  • he said if pure watching this after 2019 when this movie was released( the incredibles 2) but he uploaded this video in 2016......

  • He is spraying the toothpastes

  • I put massive toothpaste on the toothbrush and green toothpaste

  • So maybe it was that Garfield was trying to wash his hands but with toothpaste

  • Me

  • 3:11 You made this in 2016 Did you time travel or something

  • I agree with you but Steve was so drunk he vomited on Garfield and Garfield hareballed on the splikler and sprayed it on seve

  • Like you peeing