The Exact Moment Allen Iverson Became The Answer

Pubblicato il 3 feb 2018
Today we discuss how Allen Iverson overcame one of the largest obstacles of his life and officially became "The Answer".
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  • Rewatching Jxmy old videos, trap sax RULES! Jxmy GREATEST IT-tvsR FOR NBA, love all your videos

  • Whos the question?

  • i’m here because i miss trap sex. like if you do too

  • I’ve sen tjat documentary it’s really good

  • What s your height?

  • Jxmy went from AI is 6ft - 5'10" - 6ft - 5'11" which is it??

  • AI is the answer because he was the only one that could stop (answer) MJ

  • Allen Iverson was one of the most dominant scorers early to mid 2000s. Amazing quickness. Driving layups, fadeaways and running jump shots.

  • Had to turn back time and revisit trap sax😭😭 rip💔

  • No wonder Iverson is such a street ball player he went to prison

  • Looo 15 years for a chair hitting a woman, the American system is so retarded

  • Those BIG DAMN EYES in the thumbnail, I thought he was high

  • Tyronne Lue, a.k.a the question

  • Great video!

  • Love them dry as jokes 😂

  • Imagine paying more than 50$ for a Sports Game

  • They weren't high school kids in the fight they were 30 year old men

  • “Chairs were being yeeted” school be like

  • Garbage.. stats used aren’t even right

  • RIP trap sac

  • Man those hops

  • Is my favorite by far from beginning to end love him ❤️👍🏽👍🏾😀

  • Come on man. Every Iverson Fan knows this 🤦🏾‍♂️ thought u had Breaking News

  • Great video... You're right he is 5'10 at BEST... I was lucky enough to see him live in a celtics v philly playoff game in Boston. My father got floor seats through his work. Two things i remember is he was nowhere near 6'0 and he was a very good actor lol (flopping a lot) but at that height i mean damn, hes got to be in the top 10 discussion of goat. Nobody brings him up its kind of rediculous...

  • Jxmy you theee sheeittt🤙🤙

  • Video doesn’t start till @2:30 before that its just a recap

  • AI is my goat

  • When A.I. was in his prime, he was the greatest show in basketball. No one could stop him.

  • Bubba Chuck...that's was his nickname growing up..

  • Pound for Pound he is still a midget.

  • Bubba Chuck is the Truth!

  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar five hook shots.

  • Yeah, I remember watching a college game when he was in jail, and they said the best player in the country isn't even playing right now. I didn't know who they were talking about until I saw his first game at Georgetown. I knew he was different then.

  • They need to stop with the Goat this...Goat that...AI has No 💍 💍😹😂😹😂

  • No jailtime here in europe 🙈😂

  • I've been watching Iverson since he was in college .. imagine Zion with out social media or internet.. you just kept hearing rumor about him .. and seeing small highlights at night toward the end of the season all his games were on TV.. and I had never seen someone that small do the stuff he was doing

  • AI is not the answer,he is The Question

  • A.I. Answer nickname came from his Football days though, atleast from what I heard from people that were close to him ... go look up NFL network piece on Allen Iverson Football career he could have been right their with Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders as a 2 sport pro athletein the eyes of most scouts. Still a Great Video tho

  • I know it's a better story to say AI was 5'10, but actually he was just over 5'11. There's plenty of photos of AI standing next to Mac McClung who's 6'1/6'2 and AI is taller than 5'11.

  • 15 years for a brawl whats wrong with usa