The ESRB has Failed Us! their NBA2k20 Response - Angry Rant!

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
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The ESRB has failed us, they think they can get away with not responding to this controversy by dismissing our consumer inquires with form letters that DO NOT even address the issue we are requesting they review. Do not let this happen! My Angry Rant and Request for the ESRB to do their job and give an official statement regarding this matter! Its the LEAST they can do!
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  • Let's compare the messages these video games have: 1) You work to earn what you want in a video game, mirroring real life and teaching us to make goals early on. 2) You can buy what you want and get lucky to earn what you want. Which do you want your kids learning?

  • 0:46 i thought that was All Might from My Hero Academia XD

  • "Pokemon has gambling and it's rated T!" Since when? Last I checked, Pokemon has always been "E".

  • This is ridiculous... Corruption has spreaded even to the people that are literally there to protect people from corruption of media! Seriously!! >:C

  • Fucking Pokemon had to remove slot machines from their games and change "Gambler" to "Gamer" to avoid any sort of ratings controversy. That was years and years ago. Why is EA exempt from this when fucking Nintendo isn't?

  • Loot boxes are not gambling. People need to stop with the disingenuous arguments. "begin aimed at kids" is such horseshit. The toy section at walmart has things that cost money targeting kids D: Ban! Video games with an E rating are aimed at kids and.. D: They cost money! Give them an AO rating! Why is no one bitching about magic the gathering booster packs? Is it... maybe there isn't a magic the gathering hate bandwagon to jump on? Come on people, have some principles and use your brain.

  • Theres gotta be something we else we can do like a user rating system i mean this is gonna go nowhere when the people who are trying to regulate are the very board of big games companies

  • is like a 3rd world agency from the goverment lol

  • ESRB is nothing but a bunch of control freak parents that know that they can't control their own kids so they think they need to control everyone else's. How about we tell them how they should live their lives? I'm sure they'd love that.

  • ANGRY JOE "im pretty sure its gambling", ESRB "i bet you it aint"

  • Core Pokémon games don’t have gambling or in game purchases, spin offs like Pokémon go have the gambling problem and in app purchases

  • Whats the probability that my child will develop a gambling addiction and throw their life away BETH ????? 25% ???? 100%%%% ?????????????

  • The day of the industry self regulating is over time to pressure our government to step in. The industry had its chance and have shown time and time again they don't deserve to self regulate.

  • ESRB still haven't responded to my email. 4 weeks now.

  • Virtual boobs? 18+ Virtual gore? 16+ Actually praying on naivity of the children in order to extort money from them? 3+ How did we end up in a situation like this?

  • Sad of what games become of todays

  • “The ERSB failed us” is a contradictory statement cause it implies they were on our side to begin with.

  • Not from the US, but cant people like "write to their congressman" or something to get some kind of political involvement and public exposure? Get one of those "Mothers against " groups involved.

  • Remember that online play is not rated by the ESRB

  • They don't care as long as they get paid and there will always be morons who pay. Its a standard business model

  • Just imagine..if there is enough people to get upset about this, this could start conspiracies about the NBA being in on it. NBA could be like "yo you're making our players look bad m8. With all this money coming in from illegal underage gambling!" Then 2k will be getting no scoped just like their old college games they used to make. Real leader of the company would admit mistake and take ownership for doing wrong and become better by example.

  • Joe do you really think this is going to even matter? Little kids are still going to get there hands on this game, when there parents buy it for them.

  • ESRB is PETA in a different format... Maybe comic sans

  • Fuck this we need to get smarter and cheat, and hack an help eachother hac shit into the games so we dont pay for this sit , stick it right to the fuckers

  • You're surprised about this?

  • The simple solution that the ESRB is more than capable of doing: If there is any chance-based micro transactions in the game, it will be rated AO. Dead simple

  • 7:23

  • Clearly, far right wingers are correct. Bis can regulate itself and do the responsible thing without governmental regulation... /sarcasm

  • Are you for real? A ratings board set up deliberately as a shield to the original criticism re violence and in bed and populated by AAA representatives doesn't stand up for the consumer? Wise up Joe and stop sugar coating stuff. Stop reviewing games that rape their consumers as if you are blinkered and enjoying it only to then show faux shock and outrage when they do the same thing. Set your stall out and grow a set.

  • Nba 2k also has ATMs in a section called "ante up" where you can purchase virtual currency and where players put up and gamble for various amounts of virtual currency. The house(2k) also takes a percentage of the winnings.

  • As far as i understand the ESRB was implemented by the game industry, not by consumer advocats, and politicians said "You wanna self regulate, gaming industry? Alright." Means its not the same thing as PEGI, you first need to build something like PEGI in NA. The ESRB is not a consumer protection group.

  • I love Angry Joe.

  • There will be no response. Or there will be a response they'll say "there are no slot machine there is only surprise mechanics". Pretty waste of time. Instead of that better to create huge subscribed/sighed form and go with it directly to judgement or lawyer. When law will apply idea that it doesn't matter where & how you can get lootboxes > as long as u can spend real money for it, and as long as people finding anything inside those lootboxes VALUABLE for themselves it is a slotmachine. A sicker with slotmachine would work just a little bit. But if it will be rizen to 18+ I believe Sony will not allow this as they are trying show themselves as "family friendly" platform. So this will impact on whole gaming industry. And I don't believe publishers will just remove slot machines not making anything to replace them. B'cos gaming industry is changed and right now it is a huge BUSINESS industry.

  • Hey joe, I never attacked. I really appreciate what you both are doing for the 2k community.

  • Can you please make a video on ronnie2k. He is the worst thing that has happened to 2k and he needs to be gone

  • You wanna play an actually good sports game??????!!! Download Mlb The Show 19 in October. Cause that shit is gonna be free and better than all these bullshit same old gambling casino like games.

  • Will you shut the fuck up you already got the slot machine removed for no reason you don’t even play the game gtfo of here with these videos

  • Does self regulation ever work?

  • They training kids to become addicts early LMFAO, casino shit is savage as hell. Money hungry extreme

  • ESRB holds as much value as Energy Star ratings.

  • This makes me wonder why the the ESRB is still around and what purpose they serve in today's world. IT-tvs channels are doing a FAR better job at warning consumers.

  • So basically you have to treat the ESRB like a middle schooler in order to get a proper response...

  • This happen because people keep buying it, pirate the game, play the last year version or just DONT BUY, this have much more power than any kind of protest.

  • Rayman:Legends from Ubisoft has literal Scratcher tickets, and it's definitely targeted at a younger audience.

  • To whomever blacked out their email.. you did a poor job lol

  • Ok im gonna make a game its gonna be about how to create a game with u get a game over you can work with esrb I agree with you on this but some lootboxes im okay with like if you earn the drops or earn the currency to get the drops

  • ESRB has been lobbied by 2K to give NBA2k20 an "E" rating.

  • ESRB has been lobbied by 2K to give NBA2k20 an "E" rating.

  • If you actually think about it, spending real money can get you better players. When you have better players, your chance of winning multiplayer games skyrockets. When you win, you get to play those casino games. It’s a roundabout of getting to it but spending real money does get you to those casino games.

  • The esrb was never meant to help or protect us. It’s always been there to protect publishers and developers. Same with the “journalists”. 99% of the “journalists” we have today only care about 1 thing. How politically correct the game they’re “reviewing” is.

  • The ESRB is a trade organization not a consumer group. They were founded by the esa.

  • One word; disgusting.

  • make the esrb relpy into a song plz joe thank you :)

  • This is literally the equivalent of the fox is guarding the hen house.

  • It's a small, but I think quite important note that the ESRB wasn't established as a consumer advocacy group, but rather as an act of self-regulation to avoid governmental regulation. It serves the industry, not the consumer.

  • Some of the 2k IT-tvsrs are defending this shit. Someone needs to call them out on their bullshit

  • How can a consumer advocacy group be for consumer advocacy when the board of directors are from all the big gaming publishers????

  • Why don't you guy file a lawsuit against the ESRB? I mean I would think that thousands of people suing a company for corruption would make waves!

  • Maybe the ESRB have been either bribed or blackmailed?

  • Now let the REAL Gamergate begin...