The Ending Of Playtest Explained | Black Mirror Season 3 Explained

Pubblicato il 5 dic 2018
The Ending of Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 2 "Playtest" (2016) Explained.
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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  • best episode of anything ever.

  • The actor was so so good... whoa.

  • He met the game designer... That was before he went into the simulation. And since he technically survived .04 seconds after the simulation initiated that is what he experienced

  • me : *watched this episode 3 hours ago yt : yo, you misunderstand the ending LOL

  • This was the first black mirror episode i watched. Its so sad. R I P cooper

  • This episode is a true depiction of the phrase: _"OUR MINDS ARE SO POWERFUL, IT CAN BE OUR WORST NIGHTMARE "_

  • I can't see myself watching this episode again because its so sad. The fact that he left is mom and we all had hope that he was going to see her again but the last word he called was "mom" before he died and his mom will never know that he died.😭😭😭

  • john mulaney was right. never go to a secondary location

  • This episode reminded me of inception

  • I think he is the worst actor i've ever seen 🤣🤣🤣 but great episode

  • I did 2 tabs of acid and all I could think of that whole night was this episode it was a pretty scary but well needed trip taught me what fear is and how to deal with it.

  • I’m really enjoying these but if I might offer one criticism I don’t like that you call them “ending explained” when you explain and analyse the whole episode and not just the ending

  • This was a really creepy episode. Annoying American actor... Why did he have to be American.. So annoying and typical.

  • Eased me up only because I had a nightmare within nightmare like it’s a reality fuck up twist lol

  • This episode messed me up.

  • This episode gave me an existencial crisis. It was a fucked up ending

  • Whats crazy is that this is Kurt Russels son

  • So when anyone says turn off your phone. Obey them please😂

  • 2:38 Isn''t that girl from white bear with short hair???

  • Black mirrors episodes... I'm at season 3. Until now. No sigh of happy ending

  • also a little fact (i belive) , 0.04 seconds ,number 4 represents death in some cultures.

  • I can litteraly watch horrormovies for hours without being scared or anything but this episode freak me out so much that I really needed to turn the light on to asleep. The reason for that was probably because I have had dreams about stuff like that as a kid. That my PS2 would do crazy things etc. It was litteraly watching an episode of my dreams from back in the days. Scary.

  • But you did NOT explain one thing. Was the Japanese LEGIT? Did he learn some on his trips OR was it made up shit his brain thought it would be japanese.

    • @Bryce Edward Brown I mean, maybe if someone here able to understand japanese could confirm if its real japanese or really just made up.

    • I thought I explained it pretty well, I apologize if it didn't come across like that for you

  • Am I the only one that saw a different version of this episode? He didn't die in the one I saw.. or do I need to stop doing drugs?


    • You okay Revolt?

  • It makes me so mad how Cooper died. They should have taken his phone completely out of the room

    • I know right?! But it's an example of the carelessness of the company and how they treat human subjects

  • I think this is the best episode of the entire series. It was so crazy from beginning to end. I don’t think they’ll ever make another episode that will live up to this one for me.

  • this explanation makes the episode less scary

  • I just want to mention two things. Only saw it pointed out once in the comments. .. but the Japanese gamer dude had coopper recorded and definitely caught him sneaking over to his phone and stealing a picture of the briefcase. So how was it an accident that the phone was on. That doesn't add up at all. Also thought it was hilarious how the Japanese dude (cant remember his name) didnt know what the word fun meant, and then suddenly understood coopers inquires and larger words, and was fluent. That was well done and entertaining to watch lol.

  • Definitely my favorite episode. It's really fucking sad and depressing, but it's such a good story

  • The spider movie is called big ass spider

  • i thought it was worth noting that in the airplane scene in the beginning, the flight attendant asks cooper to turn his device off during landing, as it supposedly causes interference. his hand slightly waivers at the “power off” button before turning it off, and is then later killed by phone interference

  • This is a very disturbing episode.

  • Who else already anticipated the last plotwist

  • How this show didn't get 9.9 imdb rating...

  • So what really happened to his credit card though? 🤔

    • His info just got stolen because he was traveling, must have happened at some point on his trip

    • Darwin Valencia from my guess sonja just mess up with that 🤔

  • BTW, "Berkshire" is pronounced "Bark-sheer".

    • Bryce Edward Brown You’re very welcome. I live in Hertfordshire (“Hart-ford-sheer”). The UK doesn’t have phonetic spelling, I’m afraid.

    • Thank you

  • Wrong. He did not experience this in just his head or dream. It was the simulation. Time acts differently in the simulation as compared to the real world.

  • for effing sake. I was soooo uncomfortable with the ending of this episode I had to call my mom after it.

  • this episode had me beyond fucked up

  • This episode so went over my head

  • 1:26 you pronounced the place wrong. You should say birkshur, not birkshier


  • this episode confused the hell out of me and gave me so much anxiety 😭

  • Sonja and Selma has the same actress, Hannah John-Kamen. They might be the same person in the series (just a theory).

    • You are correct but sadly the characters aren't the same haha

  • This my FAV episode!

  • It’s pronounced “bark-sheer” you yank twat

  • this is basically story of too many drugs. It will mess up you brain. Do no ever let anything mess up your brain.

  • If this was all just in his head how did the camera in the room pick up him playing Whack a Mole??

  • This is the worst actor ever. Real disaster

  • I liked the episode anyway but this explanation makes it absolutely genius.

  • if the game developer is a japanese. STAY AWAY FROM THAT MAN.

  • After I watched this episode and went to sleep, I had a horrible night terror where I also didn’t know if I was awake or not. I kept “waking up” but being in the same place (in my bed). Worst dream of my entire life!!!

  • I always thought that it was in the simulation and the phone going off just kicked it into overdrive, making this worst possible scenario feel so real and warping his perception of time when in reality he died from the immense shock that the game caused. Seems a little more black mirror-y in my opinion

  • I hated the actor but I liked the episode.

  • actually this maybe the scariest thing i've ever seen, i know bad things will happen to him and felt uncomfortable watching this ... this the only time i jumped from scare

  • Answer the phone when your mother calls.

  • Ravens can talk though...

  • A little Easter egg I noticed is when cooper is told to open the final door above the staircase he is told “Would you kindly open the door” which just felt so out of place and I realized it was a reference to Bioshock!

  • The spider fucked me up

  • Yo I love this episode