The END Of The Story In Kindergarten 2

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
We have reached the end of the story in kindergarten 2
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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


  • THeY STOoL my dEVCeAHHHG (turns into Goko)

  • G. Summons penny B. Contraband Y. Dis. Lazar R. Fires lazar

  • It seems like Nugget knows that something strange was happening. "Nugget saw you pulling the strings" it sounded like he knew that the player is repeating the day, sorta like Sans.

  • I like how when he does penny’s voice he just moves his head

  • 7:16 Stage One Is Complete Moving On To Phase Two - Jacksepticeye 2019

  • I think Kindergarten 2 is the only game that has a character named Billy that doesn't include a video where Jack yells "SCREW YOU BILLY!"

  • I wish lasers come from my eyes.


  • 38:06 the babies are back

  • Jack: There really aren’t any games like this out there. Kindergarten 1: Am I a joke to you?

  • This is the number of times he said “there bud” vv

  • 10:00

  • The creators of Kindergarten 2 maybe saw your video's and that's why the janitor says Ms.JigglyTits

  • Btw maxINFINITE is a romanian youtuber and well i was realy happy when it showed maxinfinite in the special thanks cuz am romanian

  • Mis Applegate she has lasers

  • Jack you need unlock all the outfits now

  • Why does billy sound like a drug dealer

  • Nugget is the best

  • I think it was Billy with the bomb who killed doctor danner in the teachers lounge 10/10 if reference correct... it was clue

  • Next up kindergarten 3

  • Nugget is hero

  • Isn't penny so "human"!?1!?1!?

  • Jack: stage 1 complete, phase 2 coming up! Me: stages then phases.....uhhm okaay

  • Hey Jack! The reason why creator ink was on the bottom left of the monstermon cards is because they are making an actual monstermon game!

  • “I’m an assassin! An ass-ass-ino!” Yeah that’s how that word works


  • Nugget will always be there to help the pretty lily and his irish friend (Btw thx for the new nugget cave)

  • I'm really surprised Minx wasn't in the YTer Special Thanks.

  • No one would have imagined such a messed up game would have such nice credits

  • *N U G G E T I S A L I I I I I V E*

  • i really hope that there’s a kindergarten 3

  • how did i just sit through almost 50 mins and not get up without realising-

  • Welcome to NUGGET THEORY

  • Blep

  • MaxINFINITE THE og romanian youtuber

  • No get his hero 2 all Nugget is loved horray nugget

  • I am nugget and the is nugget cave

  • the thing the janitor said to you in the bathroom about Mrs.jiggilytits it was a reference to your game play of the first game

  • The next game better have the parents be the antagonist......


  • Peenys mom :I will put her back together Purple guy :I'm still her I will put you back together

  • Sean: who’s the big strong man to help us? Or woman. Or any person. Me: Or RoBoT

  • For those who don’t know here is a useful timestamp. 0:00 The beginning.

  • I used to yell caw caw in my house for no reason

  • 19:29 Deja vu, weird

  • I too have the attention spam of a teaspoon

  • 18:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • “Some theorize the pile of nuggets should be larger” GameTheory exposed

  • Why did you kill me, Sean?

  • rip lily

  • LMAO I thought Jack was saying 'pushy' Then I realised he was saying 'plushie'- I never use that word how would I know 😂

  • Jack's so vain he calls the hammerdrill a jackhammer lol, he's just like nugget.

  • his little HEHEEYYY when his name is in the credits madw me dfkjkrjirgnjdng

  • not kindergarten 3. first grade

  • They should make a game called Nuggets got babes

  • Jack: It’s only been a few hours- Damn they work fast Me during a test: DaMn thEy WorK fAst

  • You could’ve send penny again to ms. Applegate’s class. I just want to see her get mad again it’s funny😂

  • Did you notice the bad guy is always the principal?

  • Jack: Who wants to help me fight the monster? Maybe kill it? Chara: Did someone say kill a monster? =D

  • Nugget: play of the game mvp.