The END Of The Story In Kindergarten 2

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
We have reached the end of the story in kindergarten 2
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  • Everyone thinks of Penny like Conner from Detroit Become Human. I see her as "Salutations! My name is Penny! A totally normal human just like you!"

  • Stage one is complete, moving on to phase two

  • A-another nugget?

  • 19:44 She WILL bite your ear off, Buggs. Ask the the janitor.

  • Jackseptinugget


  • Now I understand... 'bear'

  • You would need a jackhammer jack

  • when you enter thr nugget cave thats an all star reference *so much to see so much to do*

  • My name is Carla 🙃

  • Madison is ozzy's girlfriend from a couple of weeks ago before she went missing

  • The principal mutated and then you kill her but the dead kids come back to life when dropped In the pool of goo

  • Do a skin run for all the characters in kindergarten 2

  • Jack really likes Nugget.

  • Make a part 3 of kindergarten

  • Wait didn't the janitor kill one of the monsters? Did he just kill a kid?

    • @Lacey Sydney either way he dispatched of the terrible creature der bud. Also everyone assumed dead was alive somehow.

    • I thought that too but she said she made an adult a monster so it was actually an adult monster Bob killed

  • * principal turns kids into monsters * MC:I have several questions...

  • Yes!!!! Kindergarten 3!!!! We love NUGGET lol

  • I love how jack adds funny thing to the text

  • Make it Fifth Grade. Kids are older

  • bob is epic god speed you bob GOD SPEED YOU YOU EIC JANADOOR


  • Penny being a secret android Reminds me of Penny Polendina from the RWBY series

  • How does jack not remember his own joke And I thought I had a bad memory

  • Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of references to you

  • I'm sure they have a general idea for Kindergarten 3. Alice said she wasn't from this school, but was abducted from her school after going down a slide. That has to be a setup.

  • You sound just like Patrick from spongebob 12:17

  • does jack not know what depth is

  • I'm so happy when it said thanks jacksepticeye



  • Main Character: Main Character Buggs: Bully Nugget: Weirdo Cindy: Diva Jerome: Cool Kid Monty: Nerd Lily: Nice Girl Billy: The Missing Kid Carla: The Tomboy Felix and Ted: Rich Twins Ozzy: Germaphobe Penny: Teachers Pet Principals: Evil Masterminds Ms. Applegate: Main Teacher Dr. Danner: Science Teacher Janitor: Creepy Janitor Bob: Nice Janitor Lunch Lady: Creepy Lunch lady

  • Jack made up the nickname

  • 39:49 who else cringed really hard

  • 2-3 years later kindergarten 3 (I wish it will happen)

  • 40:52

  • What is penny?

  • Yay and it didn't take 28+ times to complete the main storys quest! x3 love you dude so so much 👍🏻

  • Oh jeebus....if there's a game for every day of the week (or at least the weekdays) that would be really cool but also terrifying. What could they possibly do now?!

  • "DIE YOU HORRIBLE CREATURE DER BUD!!!" bob is so cute (even in battle

  • Just if you wanted to know.. Jack has 26 monstermon cards 5 Blue 9 Red 5 Green 4 Yellow 3 Purple He needs 24 5 Blue 1 Red 5 Green 6 Yellow 7 Purple


  • I wanna believe this is a Easter egg penny is from rwby cause Penny is also a robo daughter

  • Whats funny is Jack made up the name for Ms. Applegate. 😂😂But the janitor also called her that

  • 8:23 I love how billy just YEETS the remote to you

  • 48:52 MaxINFINITE :D

  • 12:12 was that a goddamn pennywise impression? Perfect

  • 19:09 I just keep thinking back to Llamas wear hats. “Murder is my least favorite activity.” 😂😂😂

  • Nugget says....MY NUGGETS!!!!!

  • The kid in the red hoodie because red is for Spiderman

  • Will there be a Wednesday

  • Kindergarten 3 - 5

  • BOB NEWBY SUPERJANITOR Why did Bob fighting that creature remind me of that scene from ST so much?

  • “You have a way to get upstairs right?” *sha-shing* My V-Card!

  • Jacks reaction when he was in the credits was amazing 😂💛

  • What if you put the monster head costume on and the Cindy's skirt/clothes.. that would look funny :0

  • Does anyone else think the principle looks like Professor Umbridge

  • I will ship lilly and nugget till the end of days

  • He just King Crimsoned the day.

  • Aww what a nice ending.☺