The Earth Inside a Macro Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys

Pubblicato il 25 gen 2020
Sponsored by LG
Gav recreates an eye-catching still image of the earth trapped in a water droplet by filming it at a ridiculous 12,500fps. To learn more about the TV, click here.
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Filmed at 12,500fps with the Phantom V2640
The Earth Inside a Slow Motion Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys


  • I’m just getting settled in with 4K/UHD on our main tv’s. Here you are showing off this 8K video. I’ll have to pass until cinematic media is readily available. Most popular titles come 4K/UHD so time is now to grab a decent 4K machine. Or ride it out once 8K hits. 4K prices will drop.

  • It's an ad, but it's not an ad. It's like education.

  • I have idea for a video. Slow mo of magnetic balls getting attracted to monster magnet.

  • Dear flat Earthers, see how water wants to form a sphere in air by virtue of pressure mediation? planets are formed this way.... not flat!

  • and thats how NASA faked the pictures of the earth

  • This is how NASA gets their images of the earth

  • I searched for phineas and ferb This video came in my recommendation

  • I wonder how many people watching this video would actually be interested in buying an 88 inch 8k oled tv that costs 30 grand...

  • great bro nice

  • Good for wallpaper...

  • I see the cat, i press like..

  • Gav thanks for sharing your experimentation. I learned some things. /cheers

  • Where is Dan? No fun...

  • I'm your patient, you're great👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • This is like the creation of the Multiverse.

  • What the heck did you do to Dan???

  • cool our very top bro guys

  • LG wouldn't provide a tv of that size for a consulting firm developing the backend software for them, yet they give one to you.

  • This video made me really tired

  • Film a normal speed video only using a phantom

  • 1:00 * me slightly uncomfortable * Also me : So this is what the Aussies feel with a normal map?!

  • Do balloons popping underwater, if u got a big enough ballon and tank maybe put Dan inside?

  • that's a freakin' pure art..!!!

  • I want to see your cat in super slo-mo.

  • he turn dan into a cat didnt he, we need a slow mo of that also

  • 2:30 Audible No from the cat

  • The TV is only $29,999 USD? What a bargain!

  • What's The price of ur camera?

  • What have you done to dan?

  • I think this video is a bit too long. I just wanted to see the picture. I shouldn't have to watch a 11 minute video for that

  • It would be Nice if u guys make a skate episode A prof do tricks in slo moo👌🏽

  • Earth II vibes

  • Who her has a LG phone "me"

  • This guy smart af

  • Sponsored by Liam Gallagher

  • Pause and go to 2:49

  • I just had the dumbest idea Unwrap a scan of my face and do this

  • To bad those 8k TVs are 10 grand

  • Earth is Flat.

  • I see your video and i feels like DC flash

  • These slow mo droplets can make really cool screensavers tho

  • What's that ambient music playing at 4:50? I want to listen to that on loop indefinitely. Thanks!

  • Flath earthers are worried again.

  • It’s funny that I like the cat more than the video

  • What happened to Lloyd?

  • One of the most satisfying videos I've watched of yours yet

  • You see, even Water knows that the Earth is Round!

  • And then Gavin drank the drop and swallowed the earth.

  • I'll just leave this right here...

  • We even got some cat tax. Fab content - even the advert.

  • I love that Achieve shirt but I don't think they sell them anymore :(

  • Amazing

  • 6:12 I spy a crocodile?

  • ISS fly by over moon would be awesome!

  • That's a $30,000 TV, and Gavin just... get's one, for free

  • 1:15. Yeah that works. Or you could have gone to the store and bought a 5 dollar map of the world rather than waste all that time and ink.

  • for just the cost of one high speed camera, you can give clean drinking water to 43,000, thirsty African children

  • NASA: oh no, im exposed

  • Okay but like... Gav kissing his cat is one of the most wholesome things i have ever seen Edit: the same screenshot is on the chrome cast screen 😂

  • That cat is adorable lol