The Drowned Man - Chapter 1

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
What happens when a ghost decides to wreak havoc on your home? Who do you turn to? Who do you call? Or do you try to fight back? Find out what happens when this poor, unfortunate soul's house becomes haunted by a watery demon.
Wade Barnes is... The Drowned Man.
Also Wade ►►
This true scary story is scarier than any creepypasta or creepy pasta you've ever read or eaten. The haunted house has more ghosts than you've ever seen in any haunted forest. The misery of this one man is the scariest story you've ever heard, and it's the realest real ghost story you've ever known. This haunting won't go away easily so let's not meet this ghost. And remember... this scary story IS a true story.


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    • Hell yeah

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    • did tshirts pay a lot or not

    • ur so short

    • BLOOD

  • Love the production quality!

  • Are you scared of your alter egos?

  • Person: hi I’m- Mark: BLOOD

  • @Markiplier; I was in the mood to watch your scary mood playlist. And watched you playing dark deception! Omg I loved that game! But you know... they have the full game out.. on steam... and I was thinking maybe you could play it. I highly doubt my comment would mean anything. But it would be a dream come true if you played that game.

  • when this came out, i thought it was a game but then other people didn't start playing it so that's a little fishy then while a heist with markiplier was being teased, i remember that *a plier project hasn't been released for a while* oh, how wrong i was

  • Nobody: Ghosty BoI Mark: *W a t e r*

  • wet water leaking flowing, flooding *towels*

  • Ngl, wade looks great with a shaved head.

  • no one: mark: 1:28

  • Mark: So how are you today? Me: Yeah, I'm pretty goo... Mark: Blood!!

  • The guy:how did you get in Mark:the door it was kind of on the ground Me:😂

  • I feel like this is just Mark roasting Wade

  • Markiplier lookin like my therapist for 17 hours and 37 minutes

  • Mark makes me feel bad for wade 💀

  • I like how Mark isnt a serious person 💀💀

  • Broke: The Drowned Man Woke: Wade's house has water problems and is paranoid about it

  • Ummm ok?

  • ...?!?!

  • Thats one of the greatest suit i have ever seen

  • Markiplier: You know how much energy people waste every year? Me: *gasp* No! It happened! It really happened! MARKIPLIER TURNED INTO A DAD!!!

  • I thought this was a game when I saw the thumbnail, and the name.

  • The lighting in this has such a great effect in the video

  • Gonna be honest. Thought this was a game at first until I actually saw Wade's face.

  • mark I miss the days you played games, what have you become :(

  • Why am I just now seeing this video. Yo man great work. I'm hooked

  • music is lauder than ur voice can u change that?

  • When you think about it, a lot of the standard “haunted house” phenomena are the results of something far more *terrifying:* Faulty mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems! Oh no!

  • What the heck was going on?!?!?!

  • Sounds like a severe plumbing problem to me so far

  • Water

  • From the future here Is this the "Wade literally laughs while I drown" Wade?

  • Nobody: Markiplier: *BLOOD*

  • Wade: *Casually mentions something* Markiplier: *_BLOOD...?!_*

  • Wade: "So I poured myself a glass of water" Mark: "So you're a vampire?"

  • Water demon? Rly? So original

  • Okay but the pause when he was talking about having to find Molly drowned in the tub actually choked me up

  • Why not just turn off the water when you're not home

  • OMG I almost cried when he started talking about Molly drowning 😂

  • When my last name is barnes

  • No one Absolutely no one Mark: wAs iT bLoOd?

  • Mark: *WAS IT BLOOOOOOD?!?!* Man: I think it was a bath bomb.... but blood works too.

  • Especially..... *WET* *WATER*

  • Gushing water means a baby is on its way. Yeah, the house is having a baby.

  • Wet water...

  • I thought this was gonna be another deep series like who killed Markiplier. It took me five minutes to realize it was a joke series. 😂

  • That life

  • Anyone here think that mark is a ghost adventures fan?

  • That intro tho!!!! Good job!!!

  • Half this video: W A T E R The other half of this video: B L O O D

  • Mark is acting as the perfect mix of horror journalist and rich guy surprised at common problems in this video

  • Y'all are so dramatic I cannot 😂😂

  • youre not going to charge me for this right? Mark: Of course I am


  • (Just a random thought) How can someone drown in a bathtub? Unless forcefully killed but still.

  • Markiplier: Water=BLOOD

  • I want to make this Mark a ego sooooo.... INVESTIPLIER!

  • Mark is such a drama queen

  • wade :I think it was like- Mark:Blood. wade:no I think it more like- Mark:BlOod wade:n-no Mark:BLOOD wade:but- Mark:BLOOD!

  • Is this related to who killed markplier?