The Dark Side of Reddit

Pubblicato il 6 ago 2017
Tonight, ReignBot & I are sharing four creepy and hidden gems from the dark side of Reddit. Enjoy.
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    • All work no play makes Jack a full boy All work no play makes Jack a full boy All work no play makes Jack a full boy All work no play makes Jack a full boy All work no play makes Jack a full boy All work no play makes Jack a full boy

    • Cursed images.

    • tcb hacking ads on video

    • Whats this Nightmare Expo?

  • My life is so boring, I feel bad for anyone watching lol

  • Y'all be acting like this yayvideogames guy is the most laws of nature defying things ever in the history of ever, but it is actually not hard at all to do what he did. Y'all are aware that you can install for free this program called Notepad++, and hell, even throw a couple of also free plugins on top and have autocompleting CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML, whatever, and create random formatting tomfoolery with just a couple of clicks? And as far as pictures go, dude, I amassed and lost more that I'd care to count and remember colossal folders packed with this weird stuff. Am I an Internet mystery? Who even buys these tricks? This one, and the one with dude with Vine account who got "abducted" in an abandoned mental institution. These stunts reek of theatrics. They start good, but quickly go into try hard mode for no reason. Best horrors may never even reveal nature of the threat, they keep you guessing, because the more you reveal, the more inconsistencies show, since it is, y'know, a fiction. I don't know why everyone thinks that jumping the shark after they established a believable and intriguing setup is a great plot development. I feel the same when I hear sad blue balls bass drops in trap and EDM and such after listening to jungle, d'n'b and breakcore, where bass drops are cathartic napalm strikes. It's like they do it on purpose.

  • A lady pouring milk on the ground

  • does this remind u of the shining? "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" but instead it was "always on drms steamworks bye bye" fucking creepy

  • i think the one with the lady with the witch hat is the most disturbing

  • oh great now my meth addict boyfriend is gonna be even MORE paranoid. he already covered everything that is a camera, looks like a camera, hallucination cameras with black tape. maybe its time to leave him??

  • I'm...gonna cover up my webcam now

  • Imagine going onto nestcam and seeing your own bedroom on there

  • Aaaa, the good ol' days

  • The one who asked about mods:I just wanted extra content, why the creepy posts

  • damn I gotta say the music is like 90% of the scare. You could read Winnie the pooh with this shit on and it would feel like a horror novel

  • 2Nd story=trolling the interwebs IMHO.

  • Reddit is Like a gas leak, some of these theories they spit out are painfully dumb lol

  • The first one was really dumb!

  • i started watching reignbot a few months ago and i just found ur channel, wish i'd found it sooner!

  • after that intro i have put duck tape over every camera on every device i own

  • 12:00 creepy image warning, took me by surprise since I’m full screen by myself in the dark

  • ubisoft goes steamworks bye bye always on drm

  • Omg iv been on one of the camera site's there strange I only go on it when I'm bord and I want to find a way to tell people there being watched

  • U/yayvideogames- looks like word salad to me, a symptom of schizophrenia.

  • Mom didn’t want him to leave? Hell, that’s a score in my book. These bills be killing me, man.

  • whats with the moon in the left corner of the video ?

  • Ubisoft goes steamworks bye bye

  • So someone's watching me watching my phone..I bet they aren't ....they done fell asleep 20 mins ago watching me watching The Walking Dead .🤣😂 talk about boring someone to death.

  • Yayy video games was posting pics from satan's sphinx its a banned video

  • I love how much effort goes into your videos

  • Help Me try to find a story of a man found out wife cheat with neighbor and toke the kids (Karen) and he want kids while wife kill them and get arrested for being a dumb a s s and man cry in reddit . But it true story

  • Sounds like that guy got ‘Hodor’d’ so to speak. Except he didn’t know what to do with Ubisoft’s DRM and Steamworks.

  • Just subbed , just trying to get you to the coveted 1M

  • The digital camera theories escalated quickly

  • "no one seems to have any explanation for this" it's clearly a bot

  • Such a fucking BORING video ZzzzZzzzZzzz

  • Ok, that first one is just stupid, and a complete waste of listening to..... by the end of it... u go " who the fuck cares"

  • Good content. Thanks 👌

  • Step1: Intentionally leave cam unsecured. Step2: Find live feed of it. Step3: Take laptop and put it in front of the camera so nothing else is visible and it does that loop thing. Step4: Let cam record it's own feed for specific times each day (e.g. 7:42-9:56) Look's like we've got a mystery on our hands.

  • Yeah honestly DRM sucks.

  • Its 2:35am, me and my girlfriend were watching this video and my phone randomly froze and shortly after turned off due lack of charge. The best part is the phone froze at minute 16 with the lady with the creepy costume. Cant sleep now...

  • My bf as an IT man freaked me out on how most routers use Admin for both password and username. 😑 I mean, he reassured me that as long as no one has the wireless password and the such it’s fine. I just don’t like the open ended ness of it all. I would never get those Nest cameras. Too easily compromised.

  • Of course I get a reddit ad just before the video

  • LOL just a warning if you hack my shit you BIG GAY, finna get some big ole nuts busting on your “live feed”

  • Ooooooo bad guy russia hack camera, bitch Snowden proved that america and other NATO countries are spying on everyone do you expect russia not to do the same?


  • 4:42 that's actually a creepy pasta and yeah.

  • A tiny piece of duct tape on your laptop and phone will fix that

  • Yay video games said the same thing but different every time. What if it’s a code

  • *gets a reddit ad*

  • pfft the deep reddit.

  • Have you done pizza time pizza

  • _violently masturbates while staring deep into the webcam_

  • Ubisoft goes Steamworks bye bye, always on DRM

  • DRM DRM ubisoft fuck eat shit bitch drm drm DRM. Dhmehe what is from drm drm ubisoft bye bye

  • Reddit is fucken gay as fuck

  • Second story- Since he is out working alot maybe he is taking pics of things like the keys and purse to know if his wife left the house?

  • Does anyone else just not find it that interesting that someone spammed variations of a piece of text onto a subreddit? Like cmon man

  • US teamworks bye bye, always on DRM.

  • Fake fictional story's.

  • Alls I know about Reddit is the karma whoring.

  • my mom wouldn’t poison me, because it would be to indirect. she’d come up to me and punch me, if she had to.

  • I know how to look through anyone's camera if it's on a LAN or WLAN. It's really easy, however, I don't know how to pinpoint where im looking. I only know how to do it by knowing a manufacturer's name. The IP address of the device... Or the IP of that cameras device. My roommates didn't believe I could, so I showed em I did. I typed what I will not show the world, into Google, clicked on the link that I knew was a camera device, and boom there's an image.. Seemed to be a picture of a room.. Then a kid walked in that room and I exited the page and my roommates were blown away. I told them, I'm not ever doing that again (it was the first time in over 5yrs;since I first learned the hack. And the last time I did that, in ironically 5yrs). It was brought up because my roommates were talking about how they heard about how insecure cameras online really are. At first I pulled up 2 different cams that were CCTV overlooking roads. Then that room thing happened and I was like "THATS IT! NO MORE!". My dad is a cyber sec for the military. I don't want to get arrested for dumb shit and showing off. And I'd hate for my dad to be the one calling in the arrest for me lol. Moral of the story, my roommates, still to this day, have tape over the cams on their laptops... Not their cellphones pmao dumb asses. Turn ur shit off, or face it away from what u wouldn't want people to see.. And what are the odds of someone trying to spy on u in particular?? Well if u aren't someone being bothered by the government or hackers, chances are a case like this.