The CTE Diaries: The Life and Death of a High School Football Player Killed by Concussions | GQ

Pubblicato il 10 gen 2017
Football killed Zac Easter. But before it did, before the head trauma inflicted by concussions became too much to bear, he recorded it all in his diary, hoping that his story might ensure that what happened to him wouldn’t happen to others.
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The CTE Diaries: The Life and Death of a High School Football Player Killed by Concussions | GQ
Director / Producer - Alex Braverman
Director of Photography - Jack Pearce
Editor - Rebecca Adorno
Composer - Darian Zahedi
Audio Mixer - Max Braverman
Consultant - Reid Forgave
Thanks - Easter Family, Eric Kluver, Sue Wilson


  • They should name some sort of info in regards to CTE after Zach

  • My son thanks me now for NOT allowing him to play this sport.

  • I feel sorry for the family.

  • I never get concussion because im not stupid and tackle correctly

    • Football turns your skull into a weapon against your brain-- often the force of a hammer hitting your head with the G force of average football collisions. You could be perfect and in all likelihood, with a full career, you won't remember your children's names by the time you're 40.

    • It’s almost like you can still get CTE even if you’ve never got a major concussion. Minor concussions and repeated head hits can also cause it. Seems like you’re wasting your life playing meaningless HS football.

  • So he killed himself lol

  • Look football or footballs 🏈 should be banned!! Just do a youtube or google search on football deaths! Its crazy! We should form a group called mad dads against football then stomp around the us untill football and footballs are banned!! Our young children are being slayed and massacured by this sport! And it should be banned!!!🤣😂. Now for a moment didnt i sound just like a democrat??🤣🤣😂🤣

  • The coach and dad seem completely indifferent.

  • tay should get sued

  • American football=boring and dying sport. American future sport are basketball and soccer💪

  • Kid was better off taking JUICE than headhunting. U asking for CTE. saf.

  • okay, from now on i'm not gonna ram things with my head like a retarded goat

  • I’m a coach, got my degree and started teaching and coaching before I was well informed, which I’m very informed now. I had 11 concussions myself and have symptoms, my players are scared to use their head during tackle or running bc I will get on their ass like nothing else. I had to stop coaching JR.High, my conscious couldn’t do it, I can do high school bc I tell my players the truth and the risk, if they still want to play after I tell them then let’s go.

  • Guns, even their "football" is dangerous. What the Φuck is wrong with US?

  • *He shot himself in the HEART? What a badass. That is an extremely painful and not instant way to die.*

  • autopsy results?

  • Rest in peace

  • Rip Zack

  • Im sorry this happened to you Young Man. All the dreams gone just like that but i really hope n pray to God your in heaven. Rest In Peace Zac. 😥

  • just wanna say dont go hatin on football becuase football didnt kill him the way he hit killed him he led with his head witch gave him concussions if he hadn't led with his head he wouldnt have had the concussions

    • your comment is idiotic like @SirSenior said. Yes it in part has to with the H2H hits but its a heck of a lot more than that. Every which way your brain moves with any sort of hit you make head or not can damage it. Look into the suicides of NFL players, the decline of football over the years in youth sports and the science behind the disease. I wrote a paper on this stuff around the time this paper was posted and am doing it again now. Football ain't a joke.

    • You're an idiot. This stuff (CTE, the problems that are related to it, and players killing themselves) is directly caused by playing football. You should look into it a bit more

  • When i played pop warner and highschool football in the early to mid 2000's, we were always told "lower your head!" and i NEVER did! when it came time to take our team photos, they used my helmet because it had no scuffs on it. "USE SIKORA'S HELMET!!! HES AFRAID TO HIT" and everybody laughed at me.... years later i have 0 regrets.

  • nice coach 3 concussions so how many are the college kids allowed to have before they are done?

  • Everyone in the comments tries to blame everyone but the way the sport is actually played!

  • Here's an idea - Football causes concussions. Stop concussions. Stop Football.

  • Who are the ones to blame? 1.- Coach 2.- Zac's Father 3.- College Football Administration.

    • @check out They should have know it after Mike Webster's Death case, Dr. Bennett Omalu discovered the effects of CTE.

    • Skybolter Nobody knew how serious concussions were for a long time.

  • If Zac would be alive, he could have changed to Soccer ⚽

    • Baseball and Basketball forever over that lame sport.

  • These parents wouldn't condone their kids doing drugs that damage their brain but when it's football doing it that's somehow acceptable.

  • Why didnt they fire that "athletic trainer" what kind of moron let's a teenager keep playing after the 2nd one?

  • Loved using my head as a weapon that was football glad I didn’t play college ball mostly because I was too much of a partier too angry too disrespectful

    • Anger issues shows you already have CTE.

  • Only Americans would be surprised that running and head butting each other would cause brain damage

    • jamiejosh96 Actually nobody knew until a short time ago.

  • if you have a son "play soccer"

    • Mauricio Filho a lot of kids play baseball too, there’s always a risk in any sport.

  • Soccer and Basketball are the future of sport in the US. Baseball may even make a comeback too. Because at least with those sports your lifespan isn't shortened and your mind is intact.

  • Wow! They failed this young man

  • My kid isn’t going to play football.

  • This is so scary

  • Yes, it does need to go away.

    • Soccer and Basketball are the future of sports in America. Baseball may even make a come back. Hockey will exist in the north too.

  • Preserved his brain so it could be studied... that’s so wild

  • Get rid of football. Make it illegal. Problem solved. Can I get my Noble Peace Prize?

    • Patrick Bateman that doesn’t quite work dumbass

  • This scares the mess out of me. This sounds a lot like what I go through after 13 years of football. I’ve felt ways I never thought I would, and done things I’ve never in a million years thought I’d do. Suddenly alcohol became a problem. Lost, just wanna be happy again.

  • so did he have CTE or not then? -.-

    • Highly probable. The evidence against American football is really damning. It's a sport that destroys the brain and shortens lifespans. Soccer Basketball Baseball and even Ice Hockey and ironically Rugby dont have this big of a problem as American football does.

  • This is awful

  • kid was just building mental toughness

  • I got a feeling that dear old dad liked to push him pretty hard. He seemed more worried about the future of football than wanting to understand what his son was trying to communicate.

  • I wished as a kid that I could play football or some sport but I guess it's a good thing I never did. Kickers and punters may get bashed but hey at least no concussions.

    • Basketball Soccer and Baseball are relatively safe when it comes to concussions compaired to American Football

  • This was the most relatable video i have found. Zack and I share the same feelings. When the narrator said what zack was feeling I started to cry because thats exactly how I feel and I dont understand why. Im 21 and I feel like i cant handle anything on my own. Im going to the doctors today to be evaluated. Wish me luck and Rest easy Zack.

  • so did anyone actually examine his brain to see if he really had CTE? they never seemed to answer that..

  • This sound like what’s goin on with me I’m just learning about this but the symptoms are spot on I think about killing myself daily and my speech has gotten worse I’m emotionally detached sometimes If it wasn’t for my daughter I wouldn’t be here please pray for me

  • 11:19 Mom: "We need to change the protocol on concussions" She still doesn't get it. 🏈🧠🎳

    • Concussions don't just cause it. She needs to go look at Mike Webster. Never tackled anyone and probably never had a concussion.

  • I’ve been fighting, getting to a point where it’ll be my full time job..I’ve been doing my research on cte and I’ll be honest it scares me shitless. Just the thought of losing cognitive thinking, going through episodes of headaches etc etc it’s scary. But the thing is I’ve been doing this for so long that I’m in too deep now. The passion and the desire to compete and showcase skills is what fuel me to keep going..I fear it’ll be the death of me. I’m already experiencing slight headaches, I used to love reading avidly..I still read..but every now and then I’ll lose my train of thought and I’ll have to re read a sentence. Short term memory has been affected as well. I do the good ol “where did I put my car keys?” My discretion tells me to enjoy life while I have a brain in a good state.

  • the coach and the trainer need to be put in jail.

  • Jesus...who's fault is it? Parents or coaches? Or isn't it that simple! A stat says if 10 % of the us mothers say that this is a dangerous sport....this is the end of football....and I believe it is about time to realise that it is dangerous to let 8 year olds start banging their heads! It is about time!

  • It’s the gladiator fights of the older days of humanity, the sport will end when they call it what it is, a play to die game. Simply not worth having temporary fame in exchange for a PERMANENT and horrible death.

  • It’s so sad that a young kid like that didn’t even want to tell anyone, because society (esp in America) teaches young boys to be tough and to “suck it up” and to not disappoint their parents / teachers / school or whatever. It’s ridiculous and outrageous that society will happily sacrifice young people’s health for a little bit of entertainment. :((

  • I played rugby thru my high school career, and the captain of our team was a beast. Superior athlete compared to rest of us. I can’t think of a single big moment in my high school career for football or rugby that he wasn’t part of. He moved on to a college level of rugby, and was even good enough to play provincially. He commit suicide last month. Leaving behind a girl friend a career and lots of friends. I can’t help but think it was CTE related. And it kills me knowing he was struggling thru life and we had no idea. We cheered him on for doing the things that eventually took his life.

  • 2 concussions in one season? Bruh wtf why was he playing

  • I am an x mma fighter, I aint fought in over 10 years and I have some of the same symptoms as zak and its getting worse, thanx zak now I think I no whats rong with me.,.

  • My name is Hilton, it is hard to write this because I was diagnosed a few months ago with cte, pcd and ociprita neuralgia. It sucks to say the least. I can identify with Zach's letter and I'm so very sorry that he left so young. I think I will also donate my brain as well so the research can find an answer to prevent this asap. I hope for a cure for me as well but I'm older but have a family with some great boys. I want them and everyone to never experience this.

  • They should've been more concerned about him. His love one should've stop him when he got the 2nd hit.

  • Deepest condolences to his friends and family.

  • I haven’t had any concussions but what does it feel like?

  • But did he have CTE? Or did he just think that he had it. Nothing in this video talks about if he actually had it or not after checking the brain.

    • Alex Maunu That’s what I said, I’m thinking he didn’t have it or they would have blasted it all over the video, I’m gonna GUESS, and out of respect, GUESS that he had other issues or mental illness and football was the fall guy.