The Cow King: Circle of Minecraft - AH Animated

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
With the power of song and 2% milk, the cow king is born in Sky Factory.
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Animated by Shaun Cunningham
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  • This is like the Avengers Endgame Assemble scene of AH animated videos

  • I'd really love it if AH made a spoof of Lion King and quit halfway through after getting bored before cutting to a LASO video. Anyone else?


  • So if the cow is in the hole it’s Edgar but what if it was grow in a hole and came out

  • Wtf is happening

  • Does anyone else find trevors shicka boom at the beginning a satisfying sound

  • 0:04 I just realized that's Geoff's Safety Bubble from A Munchdew.

  • I like how the munchdo gets jealous of the cow plant

  • That’s a friend for ya. When your boy wants some Elton John in his life, be there to provide.

  • (I added some lyrics to clean it up a bit) AHHHHHHHH SAVENYAAAAAA MAMAMEAT SHEBABA!! (Shikaboom..) (Its a cow...) From the day Gavin arrived on sky factory... And born was the cow from the earth... (Hagobah bedoo manee Mama) He was born from the seeds Which were got from the weeds! And he grew, he was so damn beautiful... AND IT GAVE US SOME MILK!! (Heycombow, nahey now nomhay) AND WE DRANK IT AAAALL!! POUR IT A BOOOOWL... FOR CHEERIOOOOOS! AND WE FOUND A PLAAAAACE TO START THE MILKIIING ITS THE CIRCLE... Of two perceeent

  • That “all” from Jeremy is my new favourite thing

  • I love how Trevor put his heart into this

  • When Jeremy sang and we drank it all, that looks like the interior of the going merry kitchen

  • This is the endgame of AH Animated

  • I dont know why I am so obsessed with 0:33

  • at 00:27 shoutout to Ray for Ju'blaz. thank you for the JUBL

  • 0:38 I want Jeremy and Trevor to do a 90's rock ballet.

  • Always good to see the Gerkmeister General and Shark Mage Matt

  • This is their jobs! THIS IS THEIR JOBS!!

  • Can we all just appreciate how fast this animated was released after the lets play was? I know the let's plays are released a while after theyre recorded but it's nice the animated came out within a week of the episode meaning they started working on it immediately

  • Dude 1 is my favorite character in these

  • Brings a tear to my eye everytime

  • This is my favorite video of the past year

  • Did anyone write down all the lyrics for this? XD

  • You could have done what CraftedMovie does Sheep pigs iron golems chickens cats dogs

  • I love how at the beginning Ryan is kind of annoyed with this, then by the time Jeremy melts everyone’s faces off with his part, Ryan’s like “This is gold 😎, don’t stop”

  • 0:06 some say Geoff is still screaming to this day

  • This is one of the best break out in song parts from AH in a while. Love it!

  • My fav character? Shaun hands down. He doesnt talk.but he speaks another ways

  • 0:44 Ryan is happy. He just wants to make a good video. You, know, one without Salt.

  • Every time it comes to Jeremy singing, “And we drank it all, ( 0:38 )” I rewind and listen to it 10 more times

  • Probably my favourite moment of achievement Hunter ever 👌👌

  • I love the references and shout outs of past animations Shawn did lol

  • Have we ever seen Shaun on camera?

  • This is one of my new favorites ❤️ Thank you 💛

  • What dose it say on the rock with the shovel at the buttom left corner at 1:12


  • Now that I think about it, why didn't Ryan bring up the word bovine? As in, The Bovine King: Circle of Craft?

  • If you didn't already love Trevor you do after this

  • I've watched this 5 times already 😂😂😂

  • So many fucking callbacks in this short

  • I love how at 0:42 Gerki is force-feeding the cow Essence of Gerki, and Matt "Shark Mage" Bragg if hovering above

  • Now I'm scared for life

  • They just accidentally called Disney a cash cow that's milking the lion king as if it were an actual cash cow

    • Heard on the latest RT podcast that it lion king hasonly bringed in 1,3 billion $ worldwide

  • I can't stop seeing the cow as a little gray face wearing a cow hood

  • Shaun needs to be paid more

  • My favorite part is when Jeremy popped up with a bowl of Cheerios

  • Can we get an animation of Ryan destroying NASA and the red matter bomb?

  • Chef mike makes it again

  • The scene in the beginning with Gavin was incredible!

  • Trevor and Jeremy did not dissapoint

  • "Shaun Waz Here" lol

  • captions submitted! if anyone sees this and has some free time, go ahead and review them please!

  • Jublaz

  • 0:43 GERKIII!!!!!

  • Shaun really is achievement hunter's best animator

  • Id see that movie

  • That was quick wow

  • I nearly died laughing when this happened in the episode, and now again.

  • I'm blown away at how fast Shaun did this.