The Cow King: Circle of Minecraft - AH Animated

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
With the power of song and 2% milk, the cow king is born in Sky Factory.
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Animated by Shaun Cunningham
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  • I would pay good money for Jeremy and Alfredo to sing all the Lion King soundtrack

  • 0:06 some say Geoff is still screaming to this day

  • This is one of the best break out in song parts from AH in a while. Love it!

  • My fav character? Shaun hands down. He doesnt talk.but he speaks another ways

  • 0:44 Ryan is happy. He just wants to make a good video. You, know, one without Salt.

  • Every time it comes to Jeremy singing, “And we drank it all, ( 0:38 )” I rewind and listen to it 10 more times

  • Probably my favourite moment of achievement Hunter ever 👌👌

  • I love the references and shout outs of past animations Shawn did lol

  • Have we ever seen Shaun on camera?

  • This is one of my new favorites ❤️ Thank you 💛

  • What dose it say on the rock with the shovel at the buttom left corner at 1:12


  • Now that I think about it, why didn't Ryan bring up the word bovine? As in, The Bovine King: Circle of Craft?

  • If you didn't already love Trevor you do after this

  • I've watched this 5 times already 😂😂😂

  • So many fucking callbacks in this short

  • I love how at 0:42 Gerki is force-feeding the cow Essence of Gerki, and Matt "Shark Mage" Bragg if hovering above

  • Now I'm scared for life

  • They just accidentally called Disney a cash cow that's milking the lion king as if it were an actual cash cow

    • Heard on the latest RT podcast that it lion king hasonly bringed in 1,3 billion $ worldwide

  • I can't stop seeing the cow as a little gray face wearing a cow hood

  • Shaun needs to be paid more

  • My favorite part is when Jeremy popped up with a bowl of Cheerios

  • Can we get an animation of Ryan destroying NASA and the red matter bomb?

  • Chef mike makes it again

  • The scene in the beginning with Gavin was incredible!

  • Trevor and Jeremy did not dissapoint

  • "Shaun Waz Here" lol

  • captions submitted! if anyone sees this and has some free time, go ahead and review them please!

  • Jublaz

  • 0:43 GERKIII!!!!!

  • Shaun really is achievement hunter's best animator

  • Id see that movie

  • That was quick wow

  • I nearly died laughing when this happened in the episode, and now again.

  • I'm blown away at how fast Shaun did this.

  • Best part 0:23 man he hits those notes just right i know Jeremy pourd his heart throughtout but the way trevor or alfredo i forget hit those notes just for the few seconds sounded insane


  • I love the fact Chef Mike is here

  • Play this video at 0.25x

  • I love when the guys sing! This is fucking awesome!! 🤣

  • and Disney comes to sue into oblivion.



  • that was the best moment in that video, hell in the achievement hunter history!!

  • @Sony

  • 0:26 10/10 voice crack

  • Even the Garbo family decided to show up. That is so nice of them.

  • Chef Mike the most wonderful animal 1:01

  • So THAT'S where cows come from!

  • ryan: MILK HIM me during letsplay: NOOO! PHRASING RYAN, PHRASING!

  • Can we get a breakdown on all of the references/easter eggs? I know I've missed a few, despite watching this several times.... :D

  • Does the "I ♡ CM" on Jeremy's (hell maybe even the Chef himself) shirt mean I ♡ Chef Mike? @ 1:02 Also this has got to be one of my new favorite AH animations. So perfectly executed and the easter eggs scattered never cease to amaze.

  • I got a song about myself

  • Much dew: am I a joke to you???

  • 0:57 Jesus Christ Trevor hahaha. That was the most brutal voice crack I've ever heard.

  • "You say Lion King, I say How High."

    • Didnt even miss a beat

  • Remember Edgar when we die our bodies become the milk and AH crew drink the milk and so we are all connected in the great Circle of 2%

  • *These animators, they're some great freaking people. Thank you for making gold into diamonds.*

  • Fucing gurke feeding the cow poison

  • How come I got nostalgic from all the previous animations that showed up?