The cheapest LGA 2011 Motherboard on AliExpress? Atermiter X79 X79G

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
In this Tuesday Bonus Video we are reviewing a cheap LGA 2011 Motherboard that an AliExpress seller sent to our Channel. Having tested a few Chinese motherboards in past videos, I have a good idea what to look for to see if any corners have been cut. We will also use an unlocked Xeon E5-1650V2 to check if this motherboard supports overclocking!
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  • i cant find drivers for this motherboard:(

  • Espero que me responda

  • Causa da para el dota 2 y fornite

  • There is a Klisre M2 also that cheap, but it have usb3 ports for on case front panel

  • Hi dude, can this board be overclocked? Would you suggest?

  • Just request one of these for my Christmas Present! This will be the second 2011 gaming PC I'll have made this year. Check out the Asgard NVME new M.2 drive. the latest model has a much faster speed.

  • Maybe I can ask you. I bought this motherboard specifically because I got hold on a batch of big 16GB DIMMs. There is not much info on these dimms, but it looks like normal pc ddr3. But they do not seem to work with this board. Can I do anything, like update the bios for it to get working. Normal?

    • No there are no BIOS updates I'm afraid. But I have used 16 GB modules on other 2011 boards, bot not tried on this one.

  • I7 3930k lga2011 will work on this mb?

  • this is great. My dilemma with X79 is always that you can just spend a tad more and build a AM4 with first gen ryzen CPU and that while not an HEDT platform is much more recent and has way more CPU options in future. Still X79 is great fun to play with. The day X99 becomes like this, it will be christmas.

  • Is it PCI Express x16 v 1.0 ?

    • Crusader B ,thanks man !

    • It's pcie x16 2.0 for sandybridge-e and pcie 3.0 for ivybridge-e

  • And where can I download drivers for it?

  • please do x99 with cpus that support ddr3 like 2678v3

    • He's said before it's not really worth it (and i agree even though I own a few x99 myself, but I only own cause I got dirt cheap prices) They haven't dropped in price enought to make any real sense against Ryzen Also, no x99 board supports ddr3, it's all ddr4

  • Русский учи неук.

  • AliExpress sucks.

  • in America, ordering computer components on AliExpress or other Chinese sites does not make much sense! Can be assembled on, with a guarantee

    • America isn't really the market these vidoes are for. We have the best hard ware prices

  • It has a C206 chipset wich is a server chipset and not a X79.

  • Is there cheap mobo for X99 series yet?

  • Hey Phil, just wondering if you have any experience with the 2670 V2? It's 10 Core, 20 Thread at around £85 for 2011. Wanted to buy one but can't see any reviews.

    • No I haven't! 2.9 GHz All-Core Turbo is pretty sweet!

  • Phil Can you show any photos using thermal camera or pictures of thermometer on the power circuit, chipset and VRM? Thank you anyway

  • Phil, do you think a dual x79 Setup (huananzi) with two e5 2689 is worth the money?

  • the problem with cheap PC hardware they less durable. you need spend more for cooling hardware and good electric stabilizer. because most of cheap PC hardware have no protection system.

    • @David Temp protection from malicious comment. lol. kidding cheap hardware more fragile in bad electricity condition. you probably have good stable electricity in america. in place like Vietnam or Thailand electricity cost much damage in electronics stabilizer not very help.

    • By "good electric stabilizer" you basically mean good PSU? What kind of protection are you exactly talking about?

  • If you go to intel extreme utility or throttlestop you can overclock the cpu more than 4.2GHz? i see in that programs you can control depend of you motherboard or CPU, the voltage and the multiplier of the cpu.

    • I tried the Intel Extreme Utility with a locked CPU, but not with the unlocked one. I wasn't able to do anything with unlocked, only lower the multiplier.

  • Does it support iommu (VT-d)? Chipset probably does, but I'm wondering about the BIOS.

    • @PhilsComputerLab no, it's not visible in the CPU-Z or in BIOS settings. It says only "Intel virtualization technology" (VT), which is enabled in BIOS.

    • Hmm good question. Maybe there is CPU-Z footage in the video? I could check my recording files, but not sure if CPU-Z would show that sort of information in the first place.

  • C602 is the server variant of the X79 PCH, It supports dualcpu and that sort of stuff. I would be interested if this chipset on this mainboard has the Intel ME Watchdog, or if it even comes with Intel ME and how it would behave without it. The enthusiasts X79 PCH has been proven to not have it and motherboards like the RAMPAGE IV EXTREME running with Intel ME fully removed.

  • Hey Phil! Any chance of doing a review of the new Dual CPU x79 boards on the market now?

  • Man, why bother with this old garbage when I can now build a ryzen system that totally creams all this old garbage for almost the same price(today) and lower power consumption... >_

    • For the mid-to-high end this is true, but at a lower budget there is still a value proposition, especially if you want more memory. Also, other countries may not have very healthy markets for local parts, and buying from AliExpress may turn out much cheaper.

  • Is there an option to turn off the hidden spy chip that will steal your information and send it back to China?

    • Actually, the spy chip sends info back to the US and is built right into every cpu, and is pretty much real😉 On top of this, there are the 10s of vulnerabilities intel still sells with their new chips.

  • I was wondering if you have ever made a video of multi socket motherboards, that would be interesting

  • next week: dual vs quadchannel benchmarks ;) let's find out if dual channel on chinese x79 is indeed a dealbreaker for gamers

  • so with the adaptor the motherboard comes with i could put a wraith max on it?

  • The .............................. Have different school books

  • Does this board support 32gb dimms?

  • Here is a Russian list of Chinese motherboards and what features they offer. Such as quad-channel, overclocking, volt mod, what CPU is best for the board and more valuable info.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhja3K82lKN5h5MXrXJvL2JcSJdRww

  • You can also get many of these Chinese/x79 boards on eBay for about the same price. Many of which are USA sellers and offer free shipping. If anyone is interested.

  • is the Xeon E5-2650V2 or Xeon E5 2630V2 unlocked ?

  • no free shipping? you know that "free" is included in the product price right?

    • My point was that you can buy the board from other sellers for the same price, but free shipping.

  • which 2011 mobo has real Sleep option?


  • Not bad

  • Thanks mate