The Champ vs the rookie, their last 2 laps of the 2019 #ThaiGP!

Pubblicato il 7 ott 2019
The Champ vs the rookie!
Sit back and enjoy the last laps of the Thai GP race as Fabio Quartararo and Marc Márquez fought for a crucial win!
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  • Marc Marques NOOOOOOOBBBB

  • It's not in the power of the bike. Lol

  • 93 the best...

  • Not italy or spain, 2020 is for france.


  • Does not get better than that What a finish

  • Honda di depan

  • A beginner with the simplest motorcycle to start the motorcycle gp remember all those passed by Tech 3 obviously this does not take away from the talent of Quartararo but on a motorcycle equal never it will make the weight against Márquez

  • The champ was once a rookie too remember that

  • 93

  • Diferent motor clas.. satelit vs factory

  • Very cool

  • sangat menyakitkan buat quartararo.. semoga terbalaskan.😭

    • @raflifernanda 20 ia bro.. kalau sy di posisi fabio. sy rela pertarukan nyawa demi podium satu. untuk kalahkan mm93..

    • Dua kali bayangin aja di Misano Buriram balas #20 #2020 nti

  • wow

  • Yahama need to pull there game! Come on man!

  • 93 😘

  • Mudah,,an thun 2020 ini quartararo bisa balas.......aminnnn

  • Siapa juara lintasan 2020....

  • Good Honda I Like You

  • Honda Very Nice

  • I love honda

  • People : There is a young rider might challenge you.. Mm93 : hold my beer 🍺

  • Sneaky marquez. He just let fabio felt like he's winning then boom 😁👌♥️

  • I'm a life time fan of the doctor VR46 but even he recognises the talent of Quartararo and moved over 👏👏👏

  • The next superstar

  • Marquez is King

  • Mm93👍

  • This I can say that the Honda always have the best Engine... even on their other bikes... Well done Honda

  • MM had it all along. It looked like he was almost toying with Quartararo.

  • Only 93 🔥🔥🔥

  • masih deg degan saja biarpun sudah tau siapa yang menang

  • That was so close he almost had him the best beware of the better

  • That my friends is what you call a motorcycle race.

  • When Marquez ride for Yamaha or Suzuki and still win, then he’s gonna be a great champion. Until then, he rides the best bike which is 3 years ahead of competition

    • No buddy, i am a Yamaha and Rossi fanboy but still you have to agree Marquez is better than any of his contemporaries right now . It's definately not the bike but the rider. Why Lorenzo or Cal is not winning races that answers it all . Yes mm needs to race on other bikes too but still you cannot deny his talent perhaps at the same league like stoner.

  • Moster mark Marquez love Phillipines

  • Out friken'standing!

  • how did fabio lost at 01:52 .plz give me some technical answer

    • Neel Patel the top speed onto the 6th gear for Petronas Yamaha is around 320kph while Repsol’s around 340kph. MM93’s rear tires are also better managed while Fabio’s are already at their limit.

  • Wow, Awsome 😄

  • Honda power is helping that rider

  • Rossi is in 8th position......he's probably gonna blame Marquez.

  • Who can explain me wat was hes mistake?

    • alвerт yup alвerт Fabio did not commit any mistake until the very last corner of the last lap. His tires has no grip during braking that’s why his line was slightly swerved. Marc’s strategy is to beat him at the corner exit acceleration with little more grip from the rear tires while changing his line early. That’s why his cutback move is perfectly executed.

  • fabio n dovi fits against marquez

  • And people say moto gp is boring. Thanks for that great video!

  • Talent vs experience ! What a fckin battle man

  • Both were extraordinary

  • hello hello hello

  • Excellent race by the rookie. Repsol honda is fast in the straights. The rookie will have his day. He is a good rider.

  • See that bump at 2:55? That bump costs a victory 😂

  • Eta muN uing nu balapan na, geus di jejek ku uing mah eta si Marquez

  • Why is Rossi in the 8th place

    • Because his mentality is not enough now to beat younger rider

  • The IQ that marquez has is superb knowing that Fabio will take the inside lane in the last corner , and just let him pass and counter it.. amazing!!


  • Kid should be proud. He was neck and neck wit the one of the worlds best riders. Props😳

  • same thing as 2018 Marquez vs dovi at the final corner

  • Intense

  • All is arranged, Petronas vs Repsol both oil company. I remember Quartararo in Leopard Racing use a ilegal ECU. MotoGP = WWE

  • No bored to watch this 😍😍😍

  • .... when you say "The Champ". I'm thinking Rossi.... The real Champ. G.O.A.T

    • He hasn't won a race since 2015, podiumed only 2x in 2018, but his girlfriend francesca is an 11, so he wins!!!

  • Wow! He gave Marques a run! Excellent performance!

  • Didn't Marquez win because his bike was faster on the straight line. So maybe it was down to performance difference between the two bikes

    • Siddhesh Rane true but tire management is also a factor in his win.