The Boys Season 2 - Official Teaser | Prime Video

Pubblicato il 6 dic 2019
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About The Boys:
The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about "The Seven", and their formidable Vought backing.
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The Boys Season 2 - Official Teaser | Prime Video
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  • Woow

  • Hoping they release more than 8 episodes so I don't binge so quickly 😂😓

  • A lot of people love homelander but Personally I dont like him, I dont hate the acting I just hate the superhero as a bad guy , his acting is great but when he comes on screen I just want to hit him especially the ending lol that's a big fuck you

  • The best one is homelander I hope that in the end it becomes good I think they wanted to put it as an example of toxic masculinity and they put all the defects but in the end he is a hero like those we have followed as children and with whom we have identified

  • Garth Ennis would be proud. If only we can get a punisher and hellblazer TV show of the same quality

  • This is the best of Amazon Prime

  • Wish it would start already !!!

  • breast is best

  • This series makes me think of the old White Wolf game Aberrant.

  • 0:24 Terror, mate!

  • Backstory for Lamplight and Mallory scenes plzzzzz

  • Homelander ...Brightburn's father

  • 0:36 Beware of this guy, he has a dark saber

  • Let me live let me die

  • why is black noir called black black. anyway I can't wait for s2 looks amazing

  • Anyone else want to see a trailer for The Boys that has the song “The Boys Are Back In Town”?

  • God fucking dammit, I’ve never been so uncomfortable with character as I am with Homelander, just give they guy the awards he deserve. Such a well played role

  • Bring back slipknot

  • Missed opportunity not having Thin Lizzy in the trailer.

  • When in 2020??!?!?!

  • AHHHH There’s so much content to work with here in this tiny clip. I’m ready for an even gorier season than before! The acting is fucking amazing, as well as everything else. One of my favorite shows. Can’t wait!

  • If you guys like Antony Starr as Homelander, you should check out Banshee, an equally great series with him in the main roll.

  • Only watch for karl urban tbh

  • So when does it come back?

  • boys are back in town

  • Noir means black so why call him black Noir? Lol but besides that Frenchie is a cool character

    • Black black... I don't see an issue with that superhero name.

  • I want to know more of The Deep's story. I felt so bad for him after season 1. Even though he's a douchebag.

  • So will Slipknot be writing another song for this show?

  • been a goddamn long time waiting

  • Did anyone else kinda like the deep by the end

  • Took me 3 episodes to realise Karl Urban wasn't doing an Australian accent (I'm from England), only because someone mentioned that one of them was an English person.

  • I came for chase

  • Oh my God. Terror is coming. The mascot of the boys.

  • Who else wants to see a rematch between Hughie or starlight vs A train The female vs black noir And The deep accidentally killing sea creatures again lol

  • Why the fuck is queen maeve still alive?!

  • ohhhh, nasty! I like it.

  • Fu*king Diabolical ❤️

  • Who is that at 0:51 ?

  • 🌟 *For those saying the deep raped starlight, the answer is straight forward.* The deep didn't even touch starlight, there was no mention of it or even a scene. He just showed his tiny ass fish stick, and she got pissed, and about to kill him. That's it... Stupid feminists, wtf was you watching? Porn or this TV show?... Smh... 😂🙆🤦

    • That's not all that happened, she was pretty much forced to give oral sex to him otherwise he would ruin her image (lying that she attack him) and kick her out of the seven. It's why she was puking in the next scene. Maybe get your facts straight before commenting.

  • Can’t wait just cuz I like homlander I would probably be an asshole like him if I had superpowers lolll

  • I like it

  • If you have read the comic you know everybody dies in the end

  • This is a great fuckin show!

  • Unique and cool opinion: I really liked season 1 and look forward to season 2. (Best "superhero" project since it started, finally something little bit more complex then good vs evil.) Edit: Carl Urban is cool guy, doesnt afraid of anything

  • What if Vought asked Becca to raise the boy as the Homelander fail safe

  • I don't even know why, but somehow The Deep reminds me of Yamcha.

  • Ship it! It's ready!

  • Please release soon. Please...

  • 1:09 f***ing diabolical

  • All I want in this season is to hear Homelander say “The only man in the sky, is me”.

  • I hope butcher lives that’s all


  • Love this show

  • Why its not on Amazon Prime anymore?

  • What I like about this show is that it shows people that you can battle seemingly unstoppable evil without superpowers. It’s a good message.


  • I dont understand who's the main hero in this movie is homelander a hero or a villain n if he's a villain then y they r putting his poster

    • @Lady Hazel for me i think it's William butcher n no doubt homelander is a villain

    • It's mostly Huggie who's the main character Homelander is a hero who's corrupted however most people don't know that

  • Antony Starr one of the most underrated actors

  • 0:10 i'm calling it...Homelander kills Queen Maeve.