Pubblicato il 7 lug 2019
Over 11,000 calories of pure unadulterated McDonald's breakfast menu goodies! It's gonna be a good day...A greasy day, but a good day...
As you may be able to tell from the slightly dodgy colour grading and audio, this video was filmed months ago. I really didn't like the edit at the time, and I seemed a bit lethargic I guess because it was early morning, but I figured I'd upload it to tide you over until I get finished editing the trip to Manhattan mini-series!
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  • *OLD VIDEO ALERT * As you may be able to tell from the slightly dodgy colour grading and audio, this video was filmed months ago. I really didn't like the edit at the time, and I seemed a bit lethargic, I guess because it was early morning, so I didn't post it at the time; but I figured I'd upload it to tide you over until I get finished editing the trip to Manhattan mini-series! There's another UNDEFEATED restaurant challenge coming this Thursday at 7pm BST, then if everything goes to plan we'll be kicking off the trip to Manhattan/Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest mini-series next Sunday at 7pm BST!

    • Dude your so inspiring I'll be doing my eating challenge this Thursday like I've accepted the 10,000 calories challenge for a friend so I'll be posting it then but wow what a awesome video man how do you enter eating competions like I'd like to give em a go like I've got some content on my channel but that's small I need bigger challenges to do if you can help me out dude would be amazing man or we could do like a collaboration like Beardmeetsfood Vs hungermonster or something like that but your videos are ace dude awesome content man !!!! 💯✌🏻🙏👍🏼

    • Next challenge son...a 1000 hash browns

    • BeardMeatsFood mate I think you should do burgers 🍔 king 👑 challenge.

    • Also think of the amount of time you would have cut off if you would have liked free taking those wrappers off the hash brown I mean you took the rappers off everything else

  • We get HP sauce here in South Africa brother

  • LOL thats the first time ive seen hash browns stuck to the paper, ewwww. You guys don't have mcgriddle? Oh man you would love that!! Love Canada 😂 sucks for UK. Missing out mate! Also we do have HP sauce in Canada lol at Dennys, its a must bruv

  • Absolute meat you are Mr beard. Cracks me up.

  • And doesnt do stupid commentary that does ya head in ho scoop what the fuck

  • Carnt beat matt stonie he is the man

  • Beigegeddon

  • So do you only eat like once a week but the meal is this big? Lol

  • Oh their poor drive through times. Shot for the whole day on your one order xD

  • What’s brown sauce lol

  • HP Sauce is indeed available here in Holland. There's a chain of supermarkets called Albert Heijn (think Sainsbury's, just more expensive, and with less selection, and you're there), and they stock it. They also stock Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, which given they refuse to stock Crosse & Blackwell Branston Pickle, I think is a trifle odd. Anyway. Bye.

  • The breakfast wrap is the one.

  • Hey buddy. Please do fazenda Leeds. Its all you can eat steak etc. You get two hours and you can eat a lot I know I did.. Let me know if you do love to buy you a pint legend

  • Loved the ending!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:15 in if he doesn’t dunk sausage in the syrup I’m going to unsubscribe

  • "Amen. Nothing says Rule Britannia! like a little HP Sauce on your breakfast." xD Im gonna order some HP sauce now.

  • Dude your poops must be crazy

  • YR brown sauce for the win

  • I can’t stop watching you eat. It’s making me hungry honking about not watching you eat

  • Can honestly say in Norwich hash browns are crispy and never stick... But they do do poached egg versions as well lol but you are naughty

  • We have HP sauce in Australia

  • Must of felt like shit for days

  • go on lad!!!! Otis from Huddersfield

  • It looked like you had 2 Boston creme doughnuts,you can get doughnuts at McDonald's in England???

  • Bro I order 1 breakfast wrap and 2 bagels, and after finishing them I feel like dying. How the fuck is this possible ?

  • "69" NICE

  • I bet the smell at the start was amazing

  • This guy is fake he does his challenge at his home not at McDonald's where people can see him Won't be watching anymore fake videos

  • What was the point of stuffing 11k calories and most went wasted on your beard. Felt sick watching.


  • While other countries worry tomorrow, if their kids will eat... Good job, America.

  • "I'm going to make a mess at the table, or in my underwear" Why not both?

  • It’s a potato rosti in the wrap

  • Love the jokes with the wife. Stay young guys.

  • I bet ur heart is full of fat dude I’m sorry to say but that can lead to an early death. More you eat like greasy and fried foods the earlier you’ll probably die. I would say you would pass away maybe 56 or 68 I’m sorry dude but u got to stop eating so much bad foods or ur going to die soon. It’s scary ik. Like if you agree. If you don’t like my comment you basically want him to die.

  • I have never had Hash Browns from McDonalds were the paper stuck to them. Missus Beard must have sat on them first.

  • That really is the worst feeling. When you HAVE to poop but you're holding it in bc it's not the right time. I just discovered your channel today. I'm really enjoying it. You're really funny!

  • It’s funny how he eats so much shit but looks like he never gains weight at all🤣 he makes great vlogs though👍🏼

  • Please stop doing vhallenges in your house,, its really boring.... In a venue is far better. Im not kidding the home stuff is a bit crap !!!

  • we have hp sauce in canada

  • Beard to the channel buddy . 1 question do manage to eat all that grub when it gets cold ??? Is there not a big hot plate you could get to help keep it warm for an hour m8 ?

  • Hungover Isaac likes this

  • That's way less food than I thought it was gonna be. I'd devour all of it! I'd replace the pancakes and donuts with more McMuffins though..

  • We have HP in Canada

  • Do not try this at home without a special training . lol

  • Defo not better texture, too soft imo

  • What the fuck is wrong with me !! ?????? I normally have double sausage egg muffin, hashbrown and black coffee and im stuffeed - what in earth am I doing wrong ?!

  • WHY ?

  • Hey beard meats food how do you eat so much food I want to do the same thing

  • offended. cheesy bacon flatbread are the best thing to come out of mcdonald’s. i will agree what they are 100 times better warm

  • Wow your an animal bro 😰😂

  • Your McDs looks so much better than the shit we have over here in NA.

  • POOP-FAIL! 😜

  • HP here in Northern Ireland

  • Definitely my favourite channel nowadays but my concern is that it won't last long cause you'll be dead soon

  • I love HP sauce

  • All 311 dislikes came from that shot you took at Big dare you.

  • Jesus....

  • HP here in Canada 👍

  • Does he have storage attached to his stomach.