Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
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We are checking out the Orange mini golf course at Medieval Putt outside Omaha, Nebraska. This has to be the BEST homemade mini golf course to have ever been built! We manage to get a pretty lucky mini golf hole in one at this awesome and crazy mini golf course! There are so many crazy mini golf holes here, a lot that we have never seen before!

About Brooks Holt:
What is going on BHV! I used to travel the world playing drums, now I travel the world playing mini golf on the internet. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post new videos playing some of the best and crazy mini golf courses from all over the country! From getting a mini golf hole in one, to finding the best and craziest mini golf courses from all over the country, join us as we travel all over the United States and the world!
Brooks Holt
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  • Sorry about my first putt being missing on hole 7. The camera messed up and I lost that footage. My ball rolled down the railing for maybe a foot then fell off. Hope you enjoy the video!

  • Pokémon golf ball

  • I am a Charmander man tbh.

  • have to visit this course next time I'm in Nebraska

  • The channel that’s amazing did this and they did who can make the hole in 1 the quickest

  • Brooks on hole 15 if you would have had the ball ride the wall it probably would have been a hole in one.

  • Haha haha haha

  • Uhhh can I see the 2nd hole again please?😮😂

  • the Group "Thats amazing, did this, and they made all of them in 1 shot. (but they tryed it many times to get the "hole in one", check it out.

  • Brooks 8 Elisha 6

  • 0:11.... my queen

  • Elisha there looking like a mini golf goddess 🔥

  • Bro you need to stop saying it very satisfying!! Ironically she probably is way more satisfying then some loopedy dupty spinner tunnel on a mini golf course

  • the noises elisha was making were so weird

  • 43 Brooks 47 Elisha

  • 9/10

  • hhbbbhbhbnbvgctddxdfvjnmmnjjbnnbgfffddderrtftffttyhhjuuihjnnnnbnn BhvufuguhjUijuuijmkkjinknj )jjjcoo.

  • Go watch that’s amazing they do hole in one on all of the holes

  • Brooks you get a teen and Elisha you get a eight.

  • 3:02 and 3:45 is awful

  • 5:46 hits the ball and goes of the plank right of way. Elisha: I got close

  • That’s amazing went there

  • Who’s seen that’s amazing play this course

    • Ya I wanted Mathew to win

    • Dan Goodman I have seen them play and Matthew won

  • That’s amazing came here and go hole in ones on every one

  • I used to live in Nebraska

  • 1 for brooks and 1 for elishasha

  • Brooks 8 Alicia 10

  • I was just watching a video with that’s amazing and they did the same course in hole in ones

  • elisha looks like if lachlan was a girl

  • Elisha thicccc

  • A IT-tvs channel named That’s Amazing got a hole in one on each of these

  • That’s Amazing got a hole in one on the crossbow one in their video

  • Brooks you best know you a lucky mofo.... you best be giving her fine self all she desires. I promise she could have anybody she wants...

  • Keep letting her wear them sexy clothes

  • That’s the mini golf course that’s That’s Amazing shot their video at

  • That place is ALWAYS busy. How in the world did you end up there alone??? Did they open just for you?

  • I have been to that one omg

  • Both 7

  • 2:30 MEOW

  • Perfect view at 1-30

  • 8 of 10 and 1 of10

  • I think this is Elisha’s first time using a black ball

  • It’s like on hole 14 when he said it was a small volcano and got a 6

  • Elisha’s horrible with the “6 chances rule”

  • Weird, I suddenly want to get some adidas.

  • Elisha =10 for putting the blocks back in Brooks=6 for just walking throug

  • On 13 I made it 2 months ago

  • Again its amazing for you to play in my home town

  • Isn’t this the title of everyone of your videos? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

  • do you use your own golf ball


  • That one was unique and I loved the zip line that was the best and also the crossbow one too. The one with the rockwall I would have done the same as you, Brooks and climbed up it.

  • These courses are awesome Thanks for another great video

  • Elisha is a 10! So if I'm giving her a score on that foam hole, I'd give her a 6 lol. Brooks I'll give you a seven

  • 38s in 😲😳

  • Brooks 6.8. Elisha. 7.2

  • I went to there but not there

  • Brooks 9 Elisha 8

  • No way Brooks...she's a '10'!

  • was I supposed to be watching golf? I was looking at... something else...