The BEST Guitar Tone I’ve EVER HAD

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019


The Backstage Journal Podcast

Rhett Shull 2

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  • Love your intro “High Enough”...Very Unique. Could feel every note...Where can I purchase this tune with that live intro??? Seriously...?

  • Any advice for getting that soulful bluesy tone

  • I have to say that this is very tasty......... Best, Pete.

  • wow...great beards... this shit is destroying the earth

  • But you are a great guitar player

  • Rette you look like Howard Sprig on the Andy Griffith show

  • I think you’re gonna get some pretty serious session work soon. You’ll be great.

  • Wow

  • what is the song title?

  • Another cool video Rhett. Can you plug Noah's vlog here in the comments? I want to sub

  • 8:40 go Rhett go!

  • Absolutely a killer tone .not to mention great guitar work.

  • Very retro and cool. You need to be on npr.

  • what version/year of the Hiwatt is that?

  • Rhett, that tone is Ace!

  • "I think that's a little too uhh...too uhhhh...BA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA" lol

  • I have a Kemper 🤘

  • This music is far too boring to listen for twenty minutes. You should have focused on the actual tone you liked and shortened this video to one minute.

  • Real nice purdie shuffle on the drums, my fav to play!

  • Good stuff guys

  • That solo at 7:39 is soooo sick. I find myself coming back to this video just to hear it again and again.

  • Those tracks make my Barefoot MM45's sing! Whoever mixes them is in for a treat (and an easy day IMHO). Thanks for taking us along with your journey!

  • Haven’t seen that black guitar with the P90s it new. It looks great. I didn’t too much of it, but I do like P90s

  • absolutely loud from the top. Yep, it was awesome. You did good.

  • Do the Guthries have an uncle in Alabama named John and did David ( their Dad) sing Safe in the harbor in the 70 s? Noah just sounds so much like David who I played drums with for a short time. I worked with John and went to high school with Donna. I love this band just wonder if Noah is who I think he is . I lost touch with David years ago but always loved his voice. If not sorry I’m way off. If you guys come to north Al I would bring a crowd. that hollow body Gibson sounds fantastic.

  • What is the chord name at 19:40 and am i need to change tune of my guitar ?

  • Wow. My wife was laughing at me watching this video. When you were doing your solos, I supposedly had funny facial expressions lol. I was digging it. Lots of emotion in your playing man. Love your videos

  • Great songs and some solid guitar playing, damn.

  • when are these released? and on spotify too?

  • I am new here, but I like your stuff. It is simple and with a good vibe message that comes across very well. 🍻🙂

  • it’s better with the intro.

  • that guitar-solo on High Enough got me more erect than 7 blue pills

  • Tim Pierce has a video where he shows you how to solo over simple chord changes.

  • Hey Rhett. I’m loving these tones you’re getting from the HiWatt (duh). I’m amp hunting at the moment, and the HiWatt Custom 50 combo is at the top of my list. This video kind of reinforced that. Would the combo get relatively the same sauce as a clean base/pedal amp? I’m stuck between the whole Fender/Vox thing and the HiWatt seams like a nice happy medium haha

  • Nice! I want to play sax on the first tune haha good stuff

  • Are you a hipster rhett

  • Awesome

  • You guys are doing it right.

  • Man your tones inspire the fuck outta me. I’ll get there some day ;)

  • you guys are KILLER

  • Gilmour uses Hiwatt.. must be amazing

  • OK, I'm all caught up on the backstage journals! NEED MOAR! Oh, and know that every Like I gave counts for 100k :-P

  • That HIWATT is unbelievable... is it a recent reedition? or an OG '70s one?

  • This is your BEST video yet Rhett!!

  • the 335 sounds filthy.... very nice

  • Sick man! Such a great song! Such a great tone and that solo was absolutely amazing! Please, let us know where to find these songs!

  • does anyone know when that first song "high enough' is coming out?, it sounds killa

  • Mash up? Tracks i think be cool to it any way. I would like that song more if yous did and can. Legal bull shit. I know

  • Just me or does this sound too much like let me lay by you're side?

    • It’s just you bud

  • 9:00 reminds me a bit of Whippin Post😶

  • Bought your Kemper profiles after watching this. Just trying to taste the tone I can't afford yet lol.

  • I've said it for years, Rhett: 'Hiwatt ~ accept no substitute'.

  • Everything is awesome! Those drums sound killer. Love the toms!!! Great band, great vibe

  • Studio goals!

  • I gotta give it to you I never give you that much credit first but today’s sound really remained me of that 90’s lovely music.

  • Dude is trying way too hard to sing like Chris Stapleton though.......just be yourself.

  • beautiful sounding amp, but into what speakers in the 2x12 cab?

  • The Spring reverb sounds amazing at 3:24, is that coming from the Strymon or real spring?

  • Watching excellent professional musicians is so inspiring....cheers dude.

  • wow first time i heard noah sing the hairs on my neck stood up. amazing voice. i didnt realise that ya all played in a band . wicked stuff you guys good, really good