The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Pubblicato il 1 ott 2019
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Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
“Time of the Season”
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Ben Taylor
Courtesy of Iris Records
Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.
Hoodie Allen - Intro to Anxiety
QVeen Herby - Mozart
QVeen Herby - Mint
Adam&Steve and Mary Noyes - Wherever You Are
Lil Phag & Dr Woke - Four Loko
Ryan Caraveo - Peanut Butter Waffles
Rebecca Black - Anyway
Andrew Applepie
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Rich Lux
Karina Kaboom
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  • I will vomit

  • I’m rewatching right now and the begging was like Shane and Ryland central So cute 🌸🌷🍄🌱🌵🎄🦜🦢🐊🐋🦕🦖🦅🦆🥽🥾🧶🕴🏿🕴🏿 ^^^^^^ These emojis are quite new and cute

  • Andrews laugh gives me life 😂🤣

  • just started watching and i stan shane's security guard. he's too precious!

  • He got a sponsor

  • Omg ryan caraveo. 💕💕💕 yaaazzz finally someone promotes his music. It’s literally sooooo gooood.

  • This comment was made on 25 Feb 2020 *It’s crazy to think this whole thing happened over the course of just one year and a day*

  • I woke up in the middle of the night yelling: DID HE BRING HIS SLIME

  • I love you shane dawson your amazing i love you to Rylan and i am in love with the conspiracy pallet

  • Rewatched the series while doing makeup looks and i honestly was so close to crying so many times and i was just like no dont ruin it

  • Jeffree Star: Gets everyone hyped up Shane: Hi :)

  • Shane’s lil face when he realised he was in the sky

  • I got goosebumps when he stepped out into the crowd. Made me smile to see a self made, entertaining, settle for no one B*tch get accolades.💎💄👏

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  • Shane is so freakin cute

  • OMFG!!!! The girl that says “Do you mind if I take a picture for the Morphe Snapchat” 52:00 looks like the girl who works for Jeffree Star Cosmetics/ Models for Shane’s Merch..... I might be wrong though 👀😱😱😱

  • i was at that mall and i saw them 🥺🥺 i went on my first date at that mall lmaoo

  • Jeffree Star got a Brazilian butt lift.


  • This series will always be amazing 💗🥰

  • I started crying 😭🙌

  • “please drive.”

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  • Shane: Who would want to buy my pallet? *sells out in literally 5 seconds and proceeds to break the whole internet with the amount of people purchasing the palette.*

  • this video still gives me goosebumps when Shane and Jeffree were at the mall

  • I’m so glad y’all two have become friends and support the beauty community needed y’all together


  • Re watching this, I'm seeing your stress hope you're doing amazing today.

  • I'm re watching this and I remember at first I cried when Shane came out to the crowd, but it was like tars of joy. And I don't know why... I guess it was because at first he was self-conscious about it (which I can relate to) All in all I was happy for him and also sad because I really want to meet him one day

  • shane could read me a bedtime story and make it sound terrifying

  • *Who else loves Shane and Ryland but are sad because they remind you of what you don't have?*

  • I went to my grandparents for dinner and watched this on a corner couch

  • Why am I crying

  • The name of the video:the beautiful world of jeffree star.. Me: she's so ugly

  • One of Jeffree’s assistants is called Jesus.. as a Catholic, I am happy 😇🤭

  • nigga

  • The subliminal 11/01 at 36:00

  • Shame: *Cuz like, I dont want to die* Me: CaNt ReLaTe

  • 24:32 Jeffree: Small planes are really safe Shane's face: *BiTcH i thinK the fUck nOt*

  • 9:48- Andrew: What if you're a different person in 20 years? *Next thing you know: SHANE GLOSSIN*

  • Haters: Shane is fat. Me: *Would you give the people who give a fuck the great kindness of shutting your mouth?*

  • Does anyone else feel like Andrew is mistreated or being used as a third wheel

    • hes the cameraman thats his job plus shane treats him well he lets him laugh in the videos and he lets andrew try things too not like other youtubers

    • Hes bot mistreated its his job and shane treats him really well and you can tell in other vids

    • music lover some companies

  • Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are friendship goals to a T 🥰😍

  • I love Shane and Rylands relationship

  • I’m rewatching these series because I wasn’t able to get the palette when it launched, but I got the restock and I need the hype of the series again 😂 DO OVER!

  • It absolutely touches my heart that they prayed over each other to keep each other safe 💕

  • Both of you are so PRETTY!!!! Don't think anything else!

  • Yo can we talk about how Jeffree's hairstylist is Jesus??

  • It’s funny how Gabriel Zamora is like “bitches bitter”. But he didn’t know was the conspiracy palette was a success

  • Honestly knowing how insecure Shane was and then hearing thousands of people chant his name shout “WE LOVE YOU SHANE” at the top of their lungs made me so emotional

  • Andrew captures so many amazing, intense and beautiful images. While the people in front of the camera are living the drama and are the main focus... Andrew captures it with such an unbelievable eye! (I keep watching just for the camera work and editing!)

  • "i dont think many people will buy my palette"..... oh sweetie XD

    • Michelle Benson Breaking the fucking internet and everything though 😭😂

    • Samantha Yeah he was soooooooo wrong 😂😂

  • Shane, you look good! I love how real and honest you are about your insecurities, it's really relatable, but I just hope you realize how amazing and inspiring you are in every way! ❤️ The imperfections you see make you a better person and a better influencer, as in giving people courage to be themselves.

  • Jeffrey is iron man and Shane is Peter Parker

  • Jeffrey is such a good businessman. When he talks business, he knows the deal.

  • Seeing Shane’s *makeup station* in the bathroom compared to his *MAKEUP ROOM* now is... crazy

  • Shane saying he now where near like 20 millions now he at 23 million he has grown so much


  • Yo at 30:06 when Shane talked about people calling him fat, it makes me really sad knowing that Onision is the one who made that clip and who used to be Shane’s “friend” I’d be devastated if someone I once saw as a friend was exploiting my insecurities that I shared with them. It’s sick

  • What song is that from 48:23?