Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
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  • I swear Hulk is shit as hell Could Safe the 130k

  • Can you test yashin he is became better

  • Zweeeee Would you get the icon swap tokens on my account? 😂

  • Ou nice I see u repping my country Jersey today 🔥🔥🔥👍🏾👍🏾 big up yourself

  • He is left footed ya dumbass

  • 9:48 WTF !!!!

  • "a besta brasileira esta de volta" hahahah well spoken

  • Anyone else find Boateng better than Bakambu up front

  • Thank you for saving me wasting my coins

  • Stopp saying "Jack Him Off"...FFS

  • What is the kit u use plz reply

  • 7/10 sounds way better than 3.5/5

  • Just got griezmann from the rare mega pack which came with the Brazil segment of the scream hulk Sbc

  • I really want him he’d go with my squad I’m going to build but I have no coins rn. Rip

  • Cara falou direitinho brasileiro

  • Card should be like 95-110k and it would be reasonable with those packs. Unfortunately pack weight seems poor.

  • Play him as RAM and he finesse every shot in the left corner and he push off wing back while running wild. I have Dybala in my team and hulk have stronger shot power but same level of finesse shots.

  • What avengers song did he use in that video som1 please tell me

  • Anyone else raging about how the ball just stopped off of the post. Shows how broken the game actually is

  • I’m waiting for Prem sbc’s instead of spending money of these cards I’ll never use

  • Zwe please do a combination with bruma marlin and bergwin it the same team

  • One milion

  • Zwe imma need you to stop saying ‘Jack those off’

  • How would be best to use hulk in a team?

  • How do u do the fake stop skill move?????

  • review when game is delayed is shit

  • He only fits in my team if alex sandro or roussillon play on rightback Is it still worth it then??

  • Great vids but EA whatever its called is hard to watch. That post ridiculousness is heart renching. Imagine it in champs.

  • No one: Zwe: SnIpEr ChEm sTyLe!!!

  • Remember when Hulk was at porto an worth almost 200k now he's worth 5$

  • Love the intros

  • Good video mate. Which kit is that the grey one ?

  • talisca or paulinho scream card will be much better. why hulk?

  • Lmfao this Hulk video is too hilarious xDD

  • Where's Paulinho Zwe, great vid btw!!!👍

  • Better use Icons and build around him

  • I love that Zwe is explaining the 4231 to us when everyone and their mother use it on this fucking game. 😂


  • next screamer zlatan

  • someone needs to tell zwe that there's a big difference between jacking something up and off.. big big difference

  • I sold Lenglet that I don’t even use to finish this SBC, ended up packing Mane and Jordi Alva

  • the hulk card is awesome and cool and good value but bale is simular better on stats and tradeable thats all i gotta say

  • I like how Zwe thinks he's so smart, but he's actually so dumb

  • FYI in that 4231 all your wingers that arnt cam's lose a ton of stats. As hulk is a winger u want the wide 4231

  • Possibly one of the greatest thumbnails on IT-tvs

  • All I can say from personal judgment, surely NOT the correct ball to post interaction 😂😂

  • Bakambu is soo op

  • ‪Is he as Good as his Carniball last year? If so I would get him because his Carniball card was unreal last year‬

    • He’s clunky, depends if like big strikers

  • lol 13:07 you got Groot in the Hulk episodia

  • Who's better to have, Scream Hulk or Throwback Walcott?

  • One Love from 🇯🇲 bruh. Keep up the work.

  • SMASH!!!

  • I’m just saying that you could’ve used Paulinho, get full chem with him, and not have to use doodoo fellaini

  • If you don’t use these reviews to judge players you already know your club is poo

  • I know the stats dont switch but do they upgrade this yeat ???????

  • CSL is only for Squad Battles, whilst mad lad Zwe is playing rivals

  • You can not score longshots in FIFA 20 Take hulk back to FIFA 19

  • O "mito brasileiro está de volta" is a better translation for what you tried to say

    • Hulk mito?

  • 13:07 he packed Groot. Coincidence? On a hulk SBC?

  • I really want to do all the challenges that ea added including the icon swaps bht im far from my ps4😞