Buttler & Stokes Left To Build Lead | The Ashes Day 4 Highlights | Second Specsavers Ashes Test 2019

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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  • Who's here aftr Amazon's tralier☺

  • Who is here after the short sneak peak of the TEST? Steve Smith ♥️🔥🐐

  • Smith is Chweet

  • Who's waiting for a bouncer of 160+ from Starc to Archer ?

  • In the fourth test Mitchell Starc broke Joe Root's box 🤭

  • At once, I've Wonder to see Smith Leaving the Crease without Getting 100.. After 5 Seconds, Video Reminded that the Ball hits him..😂😂

  • I Can't Spend my whole day without Getting Runs - Says Steven Smith.💪💪😂

  • Jason.Roy is the run machine in one day not a test player

  • Who is best root like smith comment

  • From the shoes, now I know that it was Leach who checked on Steve, I love them both especially SS.

  • Who thinks Roy should be dropped?

  • Can ICC check The action Of Jofra Archer Because I Think his In action occur a jerk

  • no Steve hit a 6

  • I see Andrew Freddie Flintof in Bejamin Andrew Stokes.. This innings from Stokes reminds me Freddie innings in 2005 ashes..

  • Ben Stokes what a all rounder he is 👍

  • "Fortune favours Brave" apt tittle for #BenStokes💚 Like if u like Stokes batting skills in danger

  • I just want AUSTRALIA to win the ASHES. Am I asking for a lot?

  • Because of smith (Next legend in Australia) is going to help the team to the path of victory. Loves for Steve smith the best batter in history of cricket.

  • If starc was there.They will win easily because he is the king of Yorker. In Australia Mitchell Starc the king of yorker

  • Why Warner looks happy when smith gets hurt

  • I feel like this man is better then Virat Kohli. Virat needs support of his whole team while Smith doesn’t

  • Aussies are dangerous!!! respect from Southafrica

  • Steve Smith very dangerous!!! Archer immature coward!!!

  • Where are the fat, warm beer cold pie barmy army potatoes ? .... mending the ladders in there stockings.... what a great day to be alive....the poms are Joe Rooted.

  • If English Cricket wasn't so fucking racist, Prob win everything all the time.

  • Without Smith, oz R nothing in this series. Gr8 form n Gr8 creativity

  • It's Smith the cheat v a pathetic and below parr England team

  • Go 1.55

  • Lyon and Jack Leach are like long lost brothers

  • U will loose the ashes eng cricket

  • Look how archer is laughing after hitting Smith on the side of his head probably thinking he is nothing in front of my pace, but archer forgetting something that nobody is bigger than the game he is only playing his first game and Smith probably is the best test best of this era and who knows what game has store for archer in future, so the mutual respect is the most important part of the game as I said nobody is bigger than game.

  • Good Plear Semith

  • 90% maybe 99% people are commenting about smith. Well he's a good player.

  • Mitchell Starc to England Missing me?

  • 2:01 Archer beat to smith

  • Steve smith playing different pitch

  • Steve Smith's unorthodox batting technique actually contributes to his injury at 1:54. He walks across his stumps to the off-side...straight into the path of a short delivery which is pitching just outside off-stump. A more orthodox RH batsman would be standing more at middle and leg, and would have watched this delivery going harmlessly down the off-side. He also attempts to duck below a delivery which was too low to duck. Having said all that, it's an easy game when you're sitting at home watching from your armchair. I'm glad I don't have to face Jofra Archer myself..

  • Smiths legacy to me is dead ever since he got caught cheating. Lost a lot of respect for him. Fantastic cricketer but what he done killed it for me.

  • Smith is as gawky a player as you'll ever see, but he seems to get the job done.

  • He is having a Steve Waugh ,don Bradman summer,when he gets almost century every innings his technique and footwork and selecting of shots is world class

  • i think wade should open and labs be bought in at 5/6

  • Smith hit by boncers at 1:31 and 1:57

  • 1:55 😰

  • wow archer you should go back to Africa. Great sportsmen ship for having a laugh while someones hurt ad your hole team actually cares about a player in need. I used to look up to you jos.

  • Really nobody is like smith , love you abundetly, what a player you are is, pl come back soon, virat kohli is fade in front you, love to watch you playing smith...

  • How archer can do this s smith was injured but archer laugiing and ready for next bowl england people has no humanity reason 2 now I prove this England people show sand pepper and craying Smith mask to smith warner and Bancroft

  • steve smith is one of the greatest batsmen of all time, this day an age every bowler is top quality and he is able to score centuries easily one of a kind batsmen and amazing to watch

  • main scene 1:54

  • Smith is far better than kohli

  • 2:30 wahhh!! what a response that is

  • Archer is best bowler in ashes series...spell excitement

  • Next matche Mitchell Stark

  • 2:10 beauty of test cricket

  • I was at the ground then one of my friends told me that SMITH was hit on the head by ARCHER... I replied"Is he alive??".

  • Archer the Hero

  • Archer the Hero

  • Truly Ashes😍😍

  • 1:54 that bouncer from Archer.

  • Beautiful venue Lords= comments Melbourne = like

  • wow that archer Bouncer 🙆‍♂️