The Apple Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED.

Pubblicato il 8 giu 2019
My initial review of the Pro Display XDR! Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro is no doubt but I'm most excited for Apple's Pro Display XDR which is a 32-inch 6K HDR Display that pack 1,000 nits of sustained brightness and rivals monitors up to $40,000. Yes, the $999 Apple stand sold separately is inarguably overpriced but even if Apple charged $5,999 and included the stand, it would be a great deal.
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  • In depth Mac Pro video is up! 👀

  • That pikachu meme tho

  • Use ur brain before u jump the train

  • and apple is like oh shit someone added 0 to a $100 stand oh wait we are sold out and we need to make more. Oh well let them buy it make us more rich. stupid

  • I am just blinded how people can charge for stupid items so much a whole year income for a stupid monitor that costed around 300 at its own time.

  • When you realize that, one monitor costs more than your yearly salary.

  • at the end taking photograph is an expensive sport

  • I'll buy it when I'm 90

  • my first kidney was enough, now i gotta pay my 2nd with both my lungs

  • underpriced...... O_o Me: Who paid you???

    • @M L you don't really seem to understand that the monitors big film studios use have more Bella and whistles that they need ie can go higher then 60hz.

    • Did you watch the video? Or do you have any experience with professional monitors?

  • It's all bullshit. Overpriced garbage

  • This guy is a fucking joke

  • Just because some “reference” monitor is more expensive, the 6 grand price is justified? There are so many sub 500 dollars 4K monitors that look amazing too. In reality it’s not all that much better than most 30 something inch high res monitors. Only that Apple priced it to drop some jaws and make people drool.

    • @M L If that's your way of determining if a monitor is "professional", half of dell ultrasharp and lg monitors are all professional. Yet they cost less than a fifth of what Apple is charging.

    • @frosty the gamut and color calibration make it a professional monitor

    • @Delain124 you can order one online from any of the manufacturers. I don't know what you're talking about

    • @M L you understand that reference monitors are not sold to the public right?

    • ​@M L The apple display isn't a reference one though, it is consumer grade.

  • this is for real pros, not amateurs, the pros need good equipment to make big money

    • Big Hollywood studios and game studios won't by this. Missing to many ports. Only has 60hz and so on.

  • Apple is not releasing a ton of details on the XDR display yet, but I am assuming it won't be able to do a ton of stuff that a broadcast monitor can do. I think the XDR display will do a great job at accurately representing color in a 4k workflow, but missing all of the features that make a $40,000 broadcast monitor worth it. Am I going to be able to display content with the proper interlacing options? WIll I be able to plug multiple SDI inputs into the monitor and do multi-cam monitoring? Will it have scopes in real time so that I can view frame accurate changes in luminance? Will it have custom marker overlays for different aspect ratios? Will I be able to shoot flat in the camera but direct the feed into the monitor and have a LUT applied in real time for more accurate color representation to my client? I assume the answer is no to any of those. Some of their comparisons are also bullshit. Like there are broadcast monitors that can display HDR with 3,000 NITs at $43K or whatever that price was. Broadcast monitors have many uses outside of being a second screen. The XDR monitor will be fine for doing just that for video editors working in 4K HDR

  • The display in the intro is 23k but Sony is don’t charge you extra for the stand!!!

    • but even with the stand its cheaper lol

  • So if I buy this without the stand how do I get it too stand. Why the hell r they sold separate

  • I will edit a video on Adobe premiere on a PC 😑 an APPLETARD logic...

  • 5:49 That crappy little desk chair in front of like $18,000 worth of technology... (not including the actual Mac Pro computer)

  • Now I now it needs to be overpriced to be popular..

  • Why not just a 4ktv or a pc monitor?

  • who pays 999$ for a stand

  • Environmental move

  • Mac computers are really good but the main reason why I wouldn't look to buy their top end machine is that in 5 years the operating system that will be around then, might not be compatible. At best you might get 7 years use. Computer technology is still advancing at a rapid pace. Even if I had £5-10k going spare, I would stick to a middle spec Apple, it just makes good sense. On the other hand, if I worked for Lucasfilm and ILM, earning a huge salary which is set to increase every year, then of course I would buy a top end Apple computer, that would make perfect sense - but I don't.

  • Wait a minute... The Pro Stand seems to lack the one thing which justifies its price. The Apple Logo!

  • What was that 23 thousand dollar screen at the start called

  • 5:05 Photographer would snap a shot and you can see those images on display which was incredible, no shit Jonathan...

  • What about if it compares with Dell UP2718Q. it's a hdr with 1000 cd/msq brightness aswell. and it only costs 3000.

  • People that dont know what a workstation is : mY pC sEtUp cOsTs aS mUcH As ThE moNiTor

  • 60Hz lol no. It could have at least had 120Mhz

    • M? You have a display to refresh 120,000,000 times a second????

  • Thought I would give this video a chance before either liking or disliking it. But the retarded comment starting at 2:52 made me hit the dislike button. Last i checked the Apple display works just the same plugged into a PC or Mac.

  • Introduce some new peoples dont know and dont understand and make that shit super expensive.

  • Youre a joke.

  • I'm glad someone is approaching this product from a professionals point of view

  • I don't get it, so is the panel OLED or just some crazy LCD

  • Have you been sitting under apple rock , there are 8k displays

  • What is the refresh rate though. I saw no details about what the refresh rate is on apples page ahahah 😹🤷‍♂️

  • I’m definitely buying this on eBay in a decade

    • This is one of those unicorn-type products that remain expensive for all our lifetime. It’s because of the allure Apple has created around it that makes it a rare collectible. Besides, in a couple decade no one will be looking at monitors anymore. It will all be virtual reality.

  • Is it sad if my PC setup cost less than the stand alone

    • Are you okay? This is not a "PC" its a work station lol, windows work stations are worth from 30k and above

  • The stand is what killed this product’ rep

    • @21st Century MadMad And what I said is that it doesn't matter because apple isn't targeting them anyway

    • Marc D that’s what I meant when i said the stand killed it’s reputation for the non pro people.

    • Killed? Nah it’s just broke people that don’t understand what pro equipment is that are complaining, that’s not the people apple is targeting

  • Bruh, the stand cost $999

    • and the red camera handle costs $850 but yall aren't saying anything about that because you're rock stupid

  • Thanks, Jonathan. I'm a full time pro video producer and you are missing the point here. If you work on an incredibly bright and colorful display, you end up underexposing and under saturating your content, and when you send it out to the rest of the world, that does not have this screen, your content will look really bad. Also. This screen is still 60fps, which makes it impossible to game on. It's still too small at 32inch to make it a good option for investment brokers, and it is too expensive as the choice to go for in a graphics company. I personally run 80+ staff on mac, and it would set me back roughly 1mil USD to equip them with this screen and the lowest specs mac pro.

    • @Marc D the refresh for gaming is going to be to low. On top of that no one would be using it to game on any ways. You have no HDMI or display port cables.

    • “Impossible to game on” what. I get that 144hz is the “new standard” but saying that it’s “impossible” is a bit of a stretch

  • I dont know why you need that kind of pixel density and color acuracy that high when the output you share with other still cannot displaying like what you see in that kind of 6k monitor, coz only a few people will buy that kind of monitor ,if you in movie creation project that using imax screen and will produce blueray i get what you need that, but for just rgb design, design for prints thay you use CMYK, i dont get it why u need that kind accuracy.

    • If you don’t get it then it’s not for you, simple as that, for example pro photographers will be thankful for having this great monitor at this great price.

  • Apple Ecosystem Got you tripping man

  • A $5,000 LCD reference monitor... Let that sink in. Why on Earth would apple in 2019 not utilize OLED technology for this extremely high end device? Like the panel they made is very impressive for LCD standards but OLED is still just better in every way. For starters you have better absolute color accuracy ( OLEDS can be made to support 100% of the wide gamut RGB spectrum which is miles larger by color volume than Adobe RGB ,rec 2020 or DCI-P3, better calibration tolerances with OLEDS ability to show an infinite contrast ratio, you have an unlimited variations of brightness and darkness vs LCD which is limited to the panels backlighting. A higher peak and sustainable brightness by a large margin ( large scale high end OLED panels can go up to 12,000 nits for peak and sustain 4,000 ). Greater power efficiency so the panel won't be as hot when pumping at full tilt and OLED display can be up to 3x thinner and weigh up to 80% less than LCD panels so the pro display XDR could of been 10 mm thick and weigh 7 pounds vs 1.5 inches thick and 15 pounds. It's just an odd choice for apple, you would think for a real creative professional who needs the best of the best they would not be going for LCD and with a nearly limitless budget the cost doesn't really matter since these people buy what they need. So if an OLED PRO DISPALY XDR started at $19,999 there would definitely still be a market for it. I just think apple confuses itself with what a professional vs an enthusiast. And yes I'm aware of OLED displays potential burn in, while it's an issue it's not as problematic as people make it out to be. If you use your device normally ( not displaying static images for hours on end ) you will get years and years of usage before the panels is inaccurate enough to produce professional work.

    • @Saad Ahmery by all means explain to me how shit works.

    • BalthazarTheGreat and here we have someone that doesn’t know how shit works

  • Well can it run fortnite?

  • what's the company that makes it?

  • Whats apples fetish with holes my god

  • Will it run Minecraft?

  • If you spend a grand on a single piece of chinese metal stand that supports a couple pounds, you're a fucking fool.

  • My wallet says its over pticed

  • I thought the desktop was a cheese grader....

  • The stand is 1000$ or a kidney

  • 🎈

  • Check out the Dell 8k and compare.

    • steven c he stupid🤣😂

    • The resolution is not only the case with this mate.....keep yo smart ass aside brah😂

  • Within the realm of professional use, everything is overpriced, because pros can afford to pay for these. So yeah, Apple's pro monitor's price should not be an issue. It should be judged based on what it can do in comparison to pro products, and not your typical consumer products. But heck that $1k stand is even more ridiculous than those $1K audiophile speaker stands... at least the speaker stands come in pairs LOL.

  • 🎈

  • I think the point is that Apple doesn't offer any other "pro" displays in their line up for various other creative professionals that make up their user base. Ad agencies, design firms, UI/UX and developer don't need high-end displays like that. Why not release a 4k 32" monitor for the rest of the 99% users.

  • You know what? Gamers arent stupid in buying MONITOR.

  • But don’t let the case get scratched, because then Apple will tell you need to replace the screen, and that will be 4800$