The ACTUAL Computer from the Saturn V Rocket - ft. SmarterEveryDay

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
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We got an exclusive tour of the Saturn V Rocket's on-board computer system. So awesome!!
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  • Thanks for coming to Alabama Linus! Dang good job explaining the computer.... especially the power systems and the heat management system. I had honestly never thought about these for the Saturn V. For those asking, I'm currently in Germany on a last minute trip so I didn't get to finish my video yet. Coming soon!

    • Sweet home alabama

    • You guys should team up more often. These two videos were both extremely interesting!

    • @ger traba i do not. and i dont care much for the flat-tards either. good day.

    • Destin is awesome.

    • @Norwegian Smores of course U are right , the astros were closer to GOD and saw his divinity while going to moon and they are afraid to say what they saw, hence their beliefs the almighty you do believe in GOD RIGHT?????

  • It's amazing, I work on aircraft and I have seen those EXACT SAME CANNON PLUGS in my systems that I work on. Granted now they're mostly self locking, but I have seen ones you have to secure with wire as well. The technology has advanced and we use fewer wires but the connectors don't change much even after 50 years.

  • so advanced, yet so ghetto

  • No rgb?

  • if u believe in such thing..says linus while making video of the rocket that did it they say🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How do I play Minecraft on this?

  • Can it run CSGO?

  • Can this run crysis?

  • I LOVE Huntsville!!

  • I’m going there next September through the school space program

  • Ok, can rocket run pong?

  • If you wanna see inside the chips in the module look up Fran lab and eevblog they passed around a module that they took apart to show how they work and methods used in those elections is like no other stuff I have seen. I have been messing with electronics all my life 44 years and am an electrical engineer. Great video by the way. Keep it up.

  • Linus, you really need to do something about your OCD about touching your phone all the time. 6:46 6:55 - That's just two examples within 10 seconds, he does it maybe 50 times per video.

  • wow...such a great job breaking it down, really well done

  • Are those held on with... PEG BOARD?!

  • But can it run Crysis? Never gets old!

  • can it play doom ?

  • Linux a flat earther XD

  • Why you need to say" if you believe in this sort of thing"? are you saying that those solders are made yesterday? could be though and i think that actual parts are not from 60's, theres no even aging signs on those boards ang solders. and copperwire should turn to green that old.

  • that's 114.6 KB of memory for the curious.

  • Subbed from Destin thanks for helpin my boy with his data hoarding problem!

  • Used to work on computers with core memory. I loved working with it verses ram. Load your program and run, turn off power, then turn on power and run again not having to reload.

  • So Saturn V was litteraly SWEATING??

  • I lost it when Linus mentioned, "...It has been that long since humans first walked on the moon, if you believe in that sort of thing...(long pause)... which you should." XD

  • Apart from all other stupid times, I think actually this is the right time to ask this question :: But Can It Run Crysis ??

  • I wonder how many years will it take to make a quantum smartphone. I know the quantum computer has a massive cooling system. But if we look back in history; A computer that had almost the same power and capacity as a the original PlayStation was the size of your average US middle-school. Just the 2mb of Ram in the original Playstation is 512x more than Apollo's Guidance computer. So will it be 50 years? Or maybe 20?

  • Stop fooling people nasa's parrot liar

  • 4000 years ago... Let’s build pyramids with a chisel? 4069 years later... Lets put a man on the moon with that! 4119 years later... Did we really build the pyramids? Did we really go to the moon? Did that text go?

  • Russian computers of the 60s. For example, Gagarin’s flight was calculated on the Strela computer 1961. Use a page translator.

  • Alot of tech for something that never went to the moon lol

  • I just watched the smarter everyday video and Linus deserves some serious props for the way he listened to Luke first then explain it in this video like he works at the space center. Very impressed

  • 50 years! WOW!! I was 9yrs old when Armstrong stepped on the moon. I watched it on TV and still remember it well.

  • I thought it sounded kind of nuts that those batteries were 5,300ah (2:15). Other sources say they're 350ah, that sounds closer to reality. For a little context, a 125lb lead acid truck battery is more like 150ah.

  • Of all the places to learn how cooling in a vacuum works i learnt it here.......... not sure how i feel about that.......

  • the only thing i hate about ltt videos is the comment section.

  • So this is what a big brain duo really looks like.

  • Thank you, Linus, for making this video and taking the time to explain most of the things, We are so lucky to live in our generation it's not even funny and we do take is for granted altho not everyone.

  • 12:22 would have been a perfect space shuttle (Endeavour) pun

  • Yes, but how many FPS does it get?

  • Hey Linus! I've watched Destin's channels for several years. I don't always understand the scientific info, but I welcome the chance to learn. I'm now 70 yrs old. I watched the moon landing with my mom and her oldest sister! There is a silly aspect to the tale... We went to Aunt She's house in the middle of the night, to watch it on her color TV... It was however, broadcast in black n white! LOL Thanks for your scientific explanation! I'll be watching your channel too. Thanks, Jessica

  • A cooling system that dissipates 9000w?!

  • No RGB? meh...

  • The hand-laced wire bundles though

  • Awesome video. Great information well presented. A far cry from the NCIX days. 🙄 Job well done! Kudos.

  • 1.1K people don't believe humans have walked on the moon

  • The moon isn't real fight me

  • Just FYI Spacex runs a custom version of linux on their rockets.

  • You should check out the Apollo AGC that just got restored, it's really cool.

  • Can it run fortnite?

  • Truly astounding.

  • considering the thousands of years humans have been on this planet and knowledge that have been forgotten or destroy (library of Alexandria, the Mayas...) i think we are behind, i just hope 1 day humans stop hating, discriminating each other so we can give a bigger jump forward and even do more huge advances...

    • Let's be real here, If it wasn't for the white race, this rocket wouldn't have existed. Things like this don't just appear due to tolerant ideology, but people and culture is the machine behind it.

  • you didnt even try to run a game of fortnite on it, in 4K? No benchmarks? dude did you wast your time thre or what? jk btw :)

  • Let's hit the Cinebench.

  • America really did land in the moon, i believe you because you said it linus, i believe you! i believe you!

  • I happened to come across your channel because of SmarterEveryDay. You just won yourself a new subscriber.

  • I would like to meet the chief engineer behind this.... this.... Maybe it was Howard Stark.

  • Luke Tali is so great wow so much charisma

  • Linus Rocket Tips

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Just finished reading One Giant Leap by Charles Fishman. It goes into great detail on the design and creation of the Apollo computers and the rope core memory that was used it was great. Also on Audiobook.