The ACE Family Reveals All in Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
Ellen puts IT-tvsrs Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz in the hot seat to answer some of her hottest “Burning Questions.” The ACE Family spills it all, from the biggest mess their kids have made, to a secret they’ve kept from their parents, to who their celebrity crushes are.
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  • Lov them even more after watching this.

  • My ideal honeymoon would be Bora Bora Catherines Birthday: In Bora Bora 😅

  • Whoever that guy is:”genuine” me: r u sure bout that

  • No guidance yazz

  • No guidance yazz

  • No guidance yazz

  • I have a condition that called vitiligo and if you were my dermatologist I would be so happy

  • I like the way they said their family is “real” and “genuine” cuz people rumor that it’s not even real and they’re just doin it for the money and stuff

  • Who are they?

  • Theyre soo fake

  • Doing some thanking

  • Catherine at the start haha she funny. They are funny together.

  • “Real”

  • please set up an interview with them ellen!!💙💜

  • Best gift I received from my partner was Kylie: Stormi Catherine and Austin: car and ring Okeo...

  • She was pregnant here.....

  • Everyone is talking about "the best gift i received from my partner" dude, i agree they both answered material things and y'all replying back to this! Well let me tell y'all something, if you were there, being asked that exact same question, i bet even you wouldn't answer "my kids" so shut up!

  • "Genuine" ok, austin *sips tea*

  • Did they do the show to or just burning questions?

  • Best gift I received from my partner was.. Kylie Jenner: Stormi Austin and Catherine: Ring and car

  • Now they’re having a boy💙

  • He said Austin Catherine and Elle you forgot Alaï

    • ACE is originally Austin, Catherine and Elle. They only name Alaia with an A to keep the channel's name.

  • I love you ellen❤❤🙏🙏😘

  • Who's here after the announcement of their 3rd child

  • They forgot alaïa in ace

  • But aren’t we not gonna mention anything about the rumors that Austin has cheated on Catherine?

    • Zahra Ahmed it’s 100% true Catherine has to stay with Austin 24/7 to seem like a good couple and cath has nowhere to go her parents live like hours away from her

    • Yeah because there rumours and personally they are not true. It's fake

  • I luv the ace family...people just believe everything online and whoever does is very gullible

  • Boring

  • You know u famous and rich when u on ellen show

  • Catherine made laugh with"welcome back"

  • When the question said what is my favorite body oart on my partner is i was like 😳😳

  • can you hear Ellen in the back laughing at 0:04 

  • O I see Ellen be letting anyone on here?

  • I can't believe Ellen called such undeserving lying fraudsters on her channel and never posted clips of her interview with amazing people like Sebastian Stan on her official channel. Everyone's after views , even Ellen.

  • Hello

  • When did they go on Ellen?! 😂

  • "Greatest gift you've ever received from your partner?": a car and a ring. Very materialistic! What about your kids. Those are the best gifts from each other!

  • I love how they say my car and my ring for the favorite thing your partner has given you and I was like so they didn’t give you your children?

  • Who's here after the rumors

    • rose oladunjoye what's rumours?

  • Hey disgrACE family 💯

  • ew

  • cool …….

  • ReAl yeah ok

  • Dermatology is 11 years of school plus residency😥

  • Kylie was the cutest when she did hers 💯❤️she said her best gift from her partner was Stormi💛🥰

  • Real and hard working...😂😂😂😂 Yeah....that was a good one.

  • Austin is the new Jake Paul

  • Ellen: *has 34 million subscribers and millions of people viewing her show* Austin: sUbsCriBe tO ElLeN

  • Describe the ACE family in three words : Austin, Catherine, Elle cause they are EVERYTHING!!! ❤️👏

  • Catherine really😂

  • I know the ace family 😍😊

  • Noiceee

  • r they going too change the name cause the have alaïa

    • Ehhh they gonna get rid of Austin soon so It will still be ACE

  • 2:16 The ace family comes from Austin Catherine Elle What about Alaïa? 😭😭😢😢

    • Ya but when he said that he should have also included Alaïa

    • Alaïa is in the A with austin

  • Hi


  • If Catherine would have paid attention to what he said she might have guessed where they were going for her birthday sorry but I’m watching this after

  • we want an interviewwwww from themm pleaseeee 😢

  • So Austins best gift from Catherine was a car Not his babies? 💀 Just wrong.......