The 76ers should get Chris Paul and make him their floor general - Ryan Hollins | First Take

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
Ryan Hollins sees the Philadelphia 76ers as a good landing spot for Chris Paul, but Will Cain says Paul could play with Jimmy Butler on the Miami Heat even though it will be difficult to find the right fit.
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  • Will Cain is a f**king genius.

  • Not gonna lie I click on this video hoping for charly I got that And second I thought they meant floor General and clean the floor like super disrespectful but at least I got one wish lol

  • Don’t ever put Ryan Hollins back on this show

  • @1:51 Hollins face is like " fuuuck theys goin to fire my ass "

  • I might actually agree wit Ryan as far as the 76ers getting CP3

  • I’m here to read the anti Ryan hollins comments

  • Is this guy serious??

  • How excatly are they gonna get CP3 and match his salary? Unless you use Harris and totally destroy your depth aswell by making up the salary match it’s not even possible This guy gets more stupid every day

  • Please trade Ryan Hollins for Trevor Noah. Then the Daily Show can waive him the hell out of there!!! Sick and tired of this guy. He offers nothing but B.S!!!!!

  • Why exactly is Ryan Hollins getting a check from ESPN????? Anyone know?

  • Lol this guy just says anything for attention.

  • Why is he on ESPN ryan Hollins sucks

  • Please remove this man from the show permanently

  • Even doe y’all hate Ryan hollins y’all still look at the show

  • You people still do not get it. If every person agreed, most sports talk shows would not exist. Most of the time, someone plays devil's advocate for the purpose of debate. Period. Why do you think ESPN paid SAS so much? Because his overdramatic ACTING (YES, ACTING) and FAKE conflict attracts viewers. A soap opera for sports fans. Period.

  • Serge who??? Get your pronunciations right Hollins

  • Just wasted five minutes of my life I’ll never get back!!!! What has Ryan Hollins done in the NBA to even deserve a job after his lack luster NBA career let alone an analyst job with ESPN. All of his takes are a joke. Get him off the air instead of wasting everyone’s time!!!!

  • Ryan Hollins Troll game is on point as Usual... they really paying him to be a comedian everyday!

  • I cant believe it myself but im actually agreeing with ryan hollins today the better fit for cp3 would be in philly not miami or detroit .he wouldnt have to do much but set up there other players like embiid simmons harris and horford .

  • Ryan Hollins or Molly???

  • Is Ryan Hollins is represented by Klutch Sports?

  • Did this fool just say, “ Jeff Green “?

  • That guy is a curse. He needs to be in Houston. No one wants him here in Philly.

  • Hollins dont know anything. Why would they trade for paul that would be a stupid move. He should get fired from espn

  • Nah we good

  • Wouldn't even want him off the bench.

  • Ryan Hollins knows nothing about basketball... This guy tells so many stupidities! Chris Paul has been a cancer on every team he played for... A great player, but very hard to live with... and a bad leader, always pointing fingers at others...

  • The people who put thumbs up on this video had their phone upside down

  • Ryan Hollins is fuckin dumb

  • Would be legit if Philly could get him, they need his shooting and experience badly but the money side won't work

  • I hate when Ryan hollins is on first take react to what Stephen Jackson said

  • Cp3 to the 76ers would be a really good move a true pg running the floor but I doubt it’ll happen due to his contract

  • Come on Ryan Hollins.... Really? Ben Simmons is an elite passer. No..

  • did ryan hollins say "the thot process" smh

  • Ryan’s arguments so stupid that I forgot to hate Molly.

  • No one wants Chris Paul's contract certainly not sixer nation

  • Jeff green was not draftrd by sam presti. Hollins really is not made for this.

  • Why is no one mentioning the Timberwolves?

  • Well.. Ben is a good player, however, Chris is an upgrade

  • I think we all hate Ryn cause we actually seen him play.

  • I'm A Simple man.I see Ryan Hollins I Nutt🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

  • Is he dumb? How is cp3 and Ben Simmons gonna play togheter when my man can't even shoot?

  • Stupidest thing ive heard.. What are you going to do love Simmons to shooting guard when he literally doesn't shoot outside 8 feet?

  • Get hollins of the show please

  • If cp3 is willing to take like 70 cents on the dollar OKC will buy him out, no way OKC gives him the full amount

  • *For the record. This is the FIRST-TIME on FIRST-TAKE where they've got more DISLIKES than LIKES! yayks, thanks Ryan!* 🤣👌

  • We good we don't want him

  • Wow. OKC don't even want him. They want those draft picks. Lol.

  • Lol y'all thirsty to dislike what he's saying Shannon Sharpe and Skip talked about this a couple months ago and no one really disliked it y'all wild lmao

  • ESPN First Take should be changed to ESPN First Pick with how they're tanking

  • As a Sixers fan let me speak for all of Philly. HELLLL FUCKIN NO!!! We good. No CP here. NO Cap

  • Just remove hollins in all your debates.... He is not relevant and living in his own world....

  • Fuck you Ryan Hollins haters. this was a GREAT great great ANAL azy for yo hating lazy brain. He has great vision for NBA

  • I actually agree with Ryan, what a shock...Paul could make the 76ers the scariest team in the East!!!

  • Ryan hollings must be a paid troll. His job is to be a funny meme.

  • Remove RYAN HOLLINS, a bust became NBA analysts what a embarrassment

  • Hope he ends up at heat just cause I like Chris Paul

  • Man I've never seen a video with more dislikes than likes lmao Hollins is hot garbage.

  • I audibly groan every time I see Ryan Hollins open his mouth....

  • Hollins should not be on espn or anywhere near human beings

  • This dude is dumb

  • Yes

  • What an idiot. Ben Simmons needs to develop at PG which means Chris Paul cannot be on team. Duh.

  • Ryan hollions is the best

    • How many dislikes will this comment get lol

  • Chris Paul has always needed help defensively. He's always been an overrated defender. Tyson Chandler? DeAndre Jordan? These are two guys that'll go down in history as some of the most underrated players ever. Specifically Tyson Chandler.

  • Came just to dislike the video not even to watch it

  • i see ryan hollins, i leave

  • Huh....?

  • Ryan Hollins is the human version of Mad-Libs

  • Dumb idea

  • 76ers??????? that’s the worst move he could possibly make

  • Trade Paul for Ben Simmons

  • Send Chris Paul ass to the suns or Orlando or the big 3

  • Fuck no we don’t want him don’t fuck wit my team Ryan Hollins you bitch

  • This guy either does this to have a unique opinion on every topic or he is an actual retard

  • I loved what Stephen Jackson said about Ryan Hollins

  • Can y’all get this fucking idiot off the TV already?

  • Ryan hollins must be fired

  • He can't be cp3 in philie

  • There goes Ryan Hollins running his stupid mouth again. You really think with Chris Paul's personality and Joel Embiid's happy go lucky fun loving guy personality would really work out together. I don't think so. Joel would be so unhappy and not want to play. Plus, Chris would force Ben Simmons to practice his shooting more in which Ben would feel too much pressure.