The 76ers are one of the most vicious defensive teams in the NBA - Max Kellerman | First Take

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Max Kellerman breaks down why the addition of Josh Richardson and Al Horford makes the Philadelphia 76ers one of the most “vicious” defensive teams in the NBA, making the Sixers title contenders.
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  • Gsw vs 76ers finals

  • Get those 2🤡 outta here, we here for max and STEPHAN A SMITH

  • "Don't win with centers like you"! Wow, and right to his face. That's hilarious next level disrespect. Ryan was such a non factor in the NBA I had to Google him. LOL

  • I actually agree with max for once 😂

  • Jokic is the best big man

  • What about celtics stop it

  • Max, Ryan and who is the other gentleman? That other guy is a douche bag....with his giggling and tucking his chin against his chest.

  • Hollins saltyyyy

  • How the hell did the Sixers get better with losing jimmy butler?

  • No one: Max: I'm about to end, this man's whole career

  • Who the hell this dude on the left?

  • Max always roasting hollins

  • Ain’t this the same dude that said Giannis is overrated??


  • Listening to these 3 dweebs is just stupid

  • 4:14 Max: Brogdon 2nd best player on the bucks MIDDLETON???????!

  • All these niggas cap

  • Ryan was ass in the nba y he talkin bout one on one😂

  • cough cough ...once d lo gets traded for vucevic and some picks the magic are gonna be the best defensive team in the nba ...we have the soon to bebest defender in the league in Jonathan issac the most disrespected player in last years draft mo bamba and the most underrated defender in the league in aaron Gordon

  • Who da fuck Ryan Hollins think he is to disrespect the Glove like that? smh

  • Ryan Hollins thinks he’s SAS and it’s sad to watch

  • ryan, what the hell are you taking notes about

  • That smile from max after 6:52. 😂🙈

  • “Okay your a better basketball player then me what does that establish?” 💀💀💀

    • Jakhari Brown I feel sorry for Hollins though the people bashing him are very correct he was shit 💀 but I can’t see max or dominq succeding in any sport much less going pro so it’s kind of fucked up

  • Please stop bringing Ryan Hollins back on this show. Wanna hear opinions from players who were actually good in the past and make sense with their debate

  • I saw Hollins and just moves to the next video After I watch him get teared up in the comment section

  • Hollins is bullied

  • Ryan Hollins is part of the Illuminati

  • I love how they talk about JRich when he leaves the fucking Heat they never said shit about him when he was in Miami

  • Ryan Hollins challenged two analyst smh🤣🤣🤣 Stupid clown 🤡🤡 Go play one on one with Former NBA players...u suck..u average 2 ppg wih 2 rpg being a big man... are worse than Brian Scalibrine🤡🤡🤡

  • sixers got way better they going to the east finals

  • The biggest thing they left out is: Bret Brown is a liability. If your roster can go talent for talent against anyone, the next determining factor is the coaching staff/game plan. And Brown has crumbled when his team needed him.

  • People are forgetting the Clippers exist🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • I hate when max says simmons has better handles than giannas. Cuz i dont agree yes simmons passes better but giannas dribbles to attack he doesnt do anything fancy he goin straight tonthe basket. Simmons dribbles and looks for the open guy cuz he is a playmaker i think they have equal handles but uses it differently for different reasons

  • I see Ryan Hollins. I press next video

  • please replace molly when this new host.

  • Al horford addition to philly helped not only because they took him from my Celtics but Giannis is the man in the east now no more lebron or kawhi they need horford to help against giannis. Idc about the season or seeding when they meet in the playoffs philly wins that match up. Can’t say you can’t win with centers when centers have evolved and stretch the floor in the game now and you have players like bron and giannis running the 4

  • I swear mark my words when the Celtics beat these teams I don’t wanna hear them switching up because if you really know about ball look at Boston young roster they got hella of talent.

  • Max and hollins got to be enemies off camera. Ain’t ever seen a man consistently go at another mans whole life like this

  • Crocodile tears max. He is the first to leave practice. If those tears were real we would be hearing stories about him busting his ass in practice and after practice, but all we hear are injuries and illness. Stop trying to make this lazy bum something he is not, at least not now. I still can't believe Simmons father let him get away with not having a shot, really bad parent coach.

  • You two idiots laugh at this guy because he was not a star player, but you have to have something to play in the league. He actually played, I know max has never played anything, but what about the little black man, did he play in the NBA?

  • Hey, little black gay mouth guy, Ben Simmons don't even have a shot to get better at. He needs a shot first, but does not have one. It showed that Simmons and embid are the last to come to practice and the first to leave. Until that changes they will be the same regular season ballers they have always been.

  • How in the hell is mirotic a big deal? He couldn't hit the side of a barn. Max think he was on his way to be an all star, really, even he knew that was not true, that's why he didn't come back. Brogden is the only important piece they lost, so please stop with the mirotic crap.

  • This show is a joke

  • Ryan says some crazy stuff, but ESPN has to stop letting Max and others play him like that on TV..

  • i guess the producers dont read the youtube comments bc they would know we hate Hollins 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Nba players are embarrassed to say Ryan Hollins played in their league

  • Ben simmons: BIG 3 *oh hell no* Ben simmons: big dunks *Ah yes*

  • Ryan holins saying Giannis rn can close over LeBron= Stephen A saying "stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  • Is this guy ducking retarfed CLIPPERS ARE BEST DEFENSIVE TEAM WTFF

  • C'mon Ryan you just started 76/518 NBA games averaging 3.7PPG and 2.2RPG, Who the hell do you think you are bro?

  • Why does that black dude look so fucking weird

  • Roasted Ryan Hollins

  • I know the bucks lost 2 key players but Giannis Antetokounmpo is 24 years old and he significantly gets better every season

  • stop saying embiid can shoot. cmon. he shoots 30% from three on a good day

  • Him coming back just ruined my summer

  • Get rid of that stupid ass shit talker ryan hollins or else I quit watching your vids, for gods sake how can somebody who played this sport be such an basketball wise uneducated craphead?!? Räudiger Kotbatzen🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Didn't this fool say that Gianni's shouldn't be MVP

  • I love when Max roasts Ryan lol

  • Max is so happy to have someone he thinks is lamer than him. Always on hollins dick abt being a bench player

  • Ryan Hollins u clown 🤡

  • Can someone please tell Ryan Hollins that he is on a TV SHOW that RECORDS Everything! The guy backtracks and contradicts his statements even five seconds after he says something smh

  • Please get rid of Hollins. The guy is just a horrible all around human being. He sucked at basketball and sucks even more talking about it. No wonder why he was so horrible at the game, the idiot doesn’t know a lick of how the game works.

  • Ryan Hollins should be fired what is he saying on 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Don’t u dare start Richardson

  • They better start Redick Simmons embiid horford and Harris

  • But.....................even yu have Horford and Embid, they still can't match up against Giannis !!

  • I like Max, but why does he like Mirotic so much.

  • Ryan Hollins? That’s a no from me, dawg.

  • Ryan Hollins were right about the Bucks tho they did get better. They made up for losing Brogdon and Mirotic

  • how in gods name did ryan hollins become an espn analyst

  • Boston gone see philly in the playoffs n Kemba gone give them another 60 piece n ain't no Jimmy butler there to save them now😂😂

  • Why the fuck is Hollins on TV? This mother fucker is the worst.

  • RH... nauseating. As Stephen A would put it, when he passes gas, he calls it perfume.

  • Celtics will and can beat the 76ers it will go to 7 games

  • They're gonna be slow

  • Max really just roasts Hollins whenever he gets the chance

  • I don’t really watch this to be educated but to laugh.

  • Loaded the video, saw Ryan on the video, now moving along! See ya guys!

  • is it just me or is ryan hollins entertainingly bad