The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments

Pubblicato il 27 ott 2019
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  • Hey, so I’m playing with Fran my ex editor today. And his two friends. They are cool guys who do their own stuff on their channels. I had a lot of fun playing with them and don’t worry I’ll be leaving my group to permanently play with these guys. Jk hahaha but don’t be afraid if ye see them here and there. They cool doods!

    • Daithi De Nogla caleb

    • B-but... there's 108 cards in play before the deck disappears.. 3 people with 1 card, one with 105. You were 5 cards off! Gotta do it again!

    • @Alexa Hedglin thnx

    • @anaconda17 yt snowdin theme undertale Edit: NVM I'm wrong lol

    • Did someone say Coconut Mall!

  • I really want pancake rn

  • I don't know if you realize this during the video, but at one point you literally had every card in the game in your hands. That's why the deck disappeared. That's why the deck reappeared once you played a card and that's the reason why you always drew the same card.

  • Imagine doing this in real life, and holding 100 cards on your hand.

  • You guys got insane my goodness, when you started shouting, i couldn't stop laughing like my tummy hurts-

  • Outro music?

  • Watching this on a tv while my mom and aunt is in the other room, where the speaker was accidentally connected, is awkward..

  • unos dick

  • 17:05 it was yellow and he had a yellow +2

  • Watching this video. I know all the people playing have a combined IQ of 10.😂😂

  • Now the real challenge is to do this with a bot.

  • This video make me sub 😂😂😂

  • 16:00 is the best part XD

  • It would be even funnier if you titled the video ‘...:Merging Decks/...:Decks Ahoy’

  • I almost cried when you reached 100 cards Me:It's so beutiful

  • I would cry

  • make it 200 cards

  • what is that game?

  • ... it puts the most recently played card on the bottom of the "deck" if theres only 1 card youll draw the same card.

  • Ah, yes, Reverse Uno; also called Cíen

  • Most intense uno lol

  • The decks be like “I don’t feel so good” 4:01

  • that was *epic*

  • Why did I get so invested? xD

  • Hey thanks for this video you and your bros are so funny that I couldn't stop laughing this video has made my day thanks and also I subscribed to your channel

  • "Wait, we ran out of cards to play!" "Hang on" *runs to Walmart, picks up a new box of Uno, goes back* "Okay, let's continue"

  • Fran has the amount of cards that an EA mobile games costs.

  • They made history

  • By god its back.....

  • Whoever had the big deck should have played the plus 4 cards to force their opponents to draw to increase the chance of getting 7s and plus 2 or 4 cards

  • 9:30 they could've changed the color with the "deck" and if they went to 1 card each, he could have had 105 cards total

  • How are we the dominate species ?

  • This was so fucking hiped

  • UNO!!

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh it's all about believing in the heart of the cards. While in Uno its all about Deck sizes! ;D

  • I laughed so much I had to pause the video

  • imagine if it would be one card like u can give someone 100 cards it would be like me: may god have mercy on thou soul whilst thou is enduring death

  • Can you make a 1000 card challenge

  • What is the intro and outro called

  • 19:08 that tip message seems to know whats going on.