The $1.7 Million Lie

Pubblicato il 14 feb 2019
The Defy saga continues...A few weeks ago, I told you my personal history with MCNs and how this industry, one that was built to revolutionize entertainment, has instead spent years taking advantage of creators and investors alike. In the aftermath of that video, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from viewers, news publications, and other Creators, and I cannot be more grateful because after months of silence from all relevant parties, that groundswell of noise has finally gotten us a response...though it's not a particularly hopeful one. So today, I want to focus not on Defy, but the response we received from the bank that seized all of their funds -- Ally -- in order to teach you about the way banks work and the tactics PR teams use to direct our attention away from the real issues.
And as always, thank you for your support as we continue to fight on behalf of all creators wronged as a part of this situation.
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  • Well, such is life, the big guys always find ways to get themselves out. You ever hear of any scandal, the guy who has the most hand in it gets off fairly easily, the ones who have nothing to do with it but just trust the entity or are dragged in lose the most. Just look at the 2008 recession, if you dig deeper, you would see that it was AIG which caused all the madness, multiple people lost their jobs but AIG was bailed out by the government, its even bigger now than it was back then. If you want to hear a much more extreme story, look up the South Sea Bubble.

  • Ally: *pretends that they also got scammed by defy* Me: **megalo strike back starts playing** Me: # you think that you can play the victim even though you know you did this yourself, you can't play it off like an accident this was of your own free will #

  • Give us an update please

  • The thing IT-tvs doesn't get is if they get rid of those IT-tvsrs most other people will leave

  • You remind me of my mother, she argues like this.

  • The Ally response is a HUGE kick in the nads.

  • Ally has tons of ads these days. Makes me wonder what all that money was used for... growing their own company?

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  • I enjoy watching these because I find sadpat and madpat kinda funny

  • MatPat, at 11.23, in a perfect world, this would not even be a thing.

  • This is ally trash

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  • Why is this in my reccomended 9 months later?

  • Stop joking about this is real

  • I was recently considering being a customer of ally, but this is giving me a bit of pause in that.

  • NONONONONO OH MY GOD THIS IS LIKE COPPA! OH GOD! Also lovin the new hair colour!

  • Wait i came here late but in the end what happened ¿

  • Ally sent 6k bots to this video to dislike

  • Did the creators ever get their money back?

  • He gets so angry near the end. Tongue of poison, I appreciate that.

  • Um why is matpats hair purple

  • Madpat lays waste to yet another entity.

  • Matpat has a very nicely decorated closet.

  • You get your money back? Sure it was hard for you to live without that money making more of these videos 😅 people who can’t afford to live, kinda a bigger deal than than a slice of that money pie your all missing?! Don’t get me wrong, you’ve worked for that money and it’s yours, but most of us aren’t in a similar situation, people who struggle on a day to day basis, who can’t get work and earn money to literally survive

  • Ally Bank: 8000 allys looking out for one thing: you Emo MatPat: I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye!

  • can someone tell me what ended up happening

  • Have there been any updates on this lately?

  • I love your hair!!

  • This video would have been cool if the info was actually correct.

    • @cillian I can link a video that explains this situation much better than I can through text :P I don't hate matpat I love everything he does... Just these videos urked me

    • @cillian he's just not explaining how bankruptcy works correctly. It makes the story very weird and not accurate. By all means I'd be pissed too if my money was taken by a corporation but when a business is liquidated like defy media, the funds are decided by a legal trustee who will separate the funds to the respective parties. Ally bank is a secured creditor which means by law they get their money first. Creators like matpat are unsecured creditors which will get their money after the secured creditors do, by bankruptcy law. Also it's not fair to say "ally made a calculated risk to give defy media money" because creators are in the same position. It was the creators choice to go will defy media and take the risk. Both parties lost, and I feel matpat is making this out of pure anger (completely understandable) without checking legal sides of things. It sucks, but that's the game.

    • What was wrong in it?

  • If I get in trouble I want Matpat as my lawyer.

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  • Alright mat, this is an insane problem. Especially since IT-tvs's copyright strike issue is forcing ppl to join mcns. Im going to share and post this evry where

  • this is how bad it is, if you give a loan without doing the background checks, you end up with the 2008 stock market crash in the US

  • INB4 TGT starts converting to actual nazis when they realize who control the banks

  • I love how sassy mat pat gets when reading the response from ally bank

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  • I’m afraid to join an mcm now.

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