Tfue vs GOD Console Player...

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
Tfue vs GOD Console Player...
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  • Looks like Assault to Me

  • TFUE that was me who was sweating on you I was stream sniping

  • Tfue is so funny always knows how to make my day

  • This kids not even Canadian why is he stealing our lingo and saying “worst case Ontario” id love to punch him in the face

  • 0:33-0:50 thanks me later

  • Tflop always complain about aim-assist. Play on console and then talk again.

  • Pc on controller*

  • 4:30 worst case Ontario honestly tfue get it straight bro. It’s supposed to be worst case scenario.

  • Bloom is way worse on console

  • Yo ur super good can we ay or no my epic is gallghergremlin

  • Bro fortnite gae

  • Dead as i thought this channel was fake

  • Imagine thats Sway.

  • Why you only say bad words😡😡😡???

  • wow you sure do swear a lot

  • I want a minty pickaxe code

  • 9:05 When the vid really starts

  • What skin are you wearing ??

  • Im lvl 213. ._ of batle pass

  • Hier ist der Deutsche Kommentar#Almann

  • 8:14 when it starts

  • He dont have to be a Consol Player maby his aim is just aß good as mine

  • I thought it creative 1v1 ex

  • There should be a fuq counter

  • Tfue is best

  • Who was the Controller Player?

  • 4:32 this guy said "worst case Ontario"

  • Ha ha ha

  • Im the only one who understands every trailer park boys reference Turner, Worst case ontario Rocket appliances, i got you homie

  • tfue really isnt that good anymore

  • Bro Tfue is literally dog shit. Whenever he dies he always makes an excuse. He doesn't like to except the fact he's ass on fortnite. Like just STFU and deal with the fact that you're trash.

  • Bruh why u always cursing 🙂

  • Hate those RPG noobs.

  • Tfue be like - 0:33 to 0:50

  • Tfue : He is on controller Other player. = really Tfue I'm on my phone

  • Tfue Vs god aimassist player

  • 10:55 he placed a trap so the the opponent started to emote

  • 1 like = 1 prayer for guy at 8:58

  • Vete al puto lobby 😂😂😂❤

  • 2:43 how many times did Tfue sayd f*ck

  • 1:54 WTF

  • Imagine console players without Aim Assist . Will be worse than me

  • Do more vlogs

  • Hello

  • Wat howd u get candy pick axe

  • IT-tvsrs over use the f word

  • PC players > Console players

  • Que é Brasileiro da like

  • One likeon my my channel

  • Is it me or is Tfue edits gotten worse

  • Hey tfue can u please check my channel out man I got dope montages

  • Stop being toxic dude

  • Stop swearing Tfue you will get damonitise

  • Why do you sayBad word

  • “Just be confident that you’re better than everyone” okay easy for you to say when you legit are better than everyone 😂😂✌🏻

  • Trueno es mejor que Eminem

  • Talking trash to much , please bro there are many kids watching and loving you

  • Tfue you should react high skies district on you

  • This is how many times tfue says f**k 👇🏼

  • PC players: uses "I" for toggle inv key 1 uses tab for toggle inv key 2

    • MustSleep I use tab for my pickaxe key