Pubblicato il 12 dic 2019
Tfue raided a girl pro players stream and her reaction was priceless!
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Demi IT-tvs Channel:
High Kill Solos w/ Demi
Tfue IT-tvs Channel:
The End
Killing Ninja with my new duo partner?
The ending got me like...
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  • Her voice right after he started the raid was so cute🥺

  • Dude just put the fucking clip dont fucking put the hole stream

  • 07:02 he took his honor.

  • I actually got a message when that popped up😂

  • Obviously tfue wants some vag

  • WOW

  • Why do so many videos have a tfue text messgae

  • Demisxxual?

  • that’s DEMI

  • A guy named fortnite worldwide on facebook takes your videos and uploads it like its his and he use other creaters videos too.


  • didnt cry

  • This girl is the worst steamer legit bans anyone she has anger issues

    • @ANT FN idk why he called you weirdo 🤷😂

    • Mod Mali how is that weird? You’re just talking out your ass kid

    • CyberSaiyan_ she can ban whoever she want lmao 😂 you weirdo

  • She’s annoying

  • I think demi is the best girl fortnite player

  • If Sway was in this zone wars no one would live

  • She’s cracked and cute

  • Damn she fine

  • 6:27 uw gimme my likes

  • Trust me. NO ONE HERE is watching her stream to learn how to get better.... they’re there for another reason 🤷‍♀️🤣

  • That chin thoooo

  • twitchangeloscygaming follow me guys if anyone want to play together

  • 0:04 to 0:08 Uno reverse card

  • Gabrielboss0408

  • That’s a host not a raid

  • Epic: squidy iwnl

  • Ps4

  • SHARP2God

  • This is so cool and heleris

  • Each like us for dellor coming back

  • She's kind of a bot for being on controller/pc lol

    • @Jerry Jones retire ok we in 2019 about be in 2020 and you complaining about a girl playing like a scrub and fortnite just came out in 2017 like get a life literally

    • @WIXY you're still missing the point. I'm saying once you move over to pc/controller you should playing at your best. She looks like a 60 fps console scrub lol

    • @Jerry Jones retire not everyone is better at the game or will be better at the game just because they play on a controller.

    • sway uses the same thing as her

    • @Triple Threat that's not what I'm saying lol I'm saying she should be alot better for being on pc

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    • Spicyy 24k and still self promo sad ass

  • Sup to me

  • Demi and Tfue should play duos

  • Bro I like watchin your videos but the ads are every 2 minutes😂

  • Tfue raids her at the 6:25 timemark

  • 1:50 I thought somebody texted me and I clicked on it😂

  • Who else is a true fan of *Fortnite First* ??💘 👇🏻 I'm gifting my next 100 subs🎁

  • There annoying af there doing more talking then playing thats why they get clapped

  • Would lick her cornhole clean after a nasty dump

  • Dog ass no g

  • High school or college

  • Can someone pls tell me the beat at 9:00? I've been searching for days

    • What’s the first beat I been searching for 2 days now do you know what it is

    • me toooooo

    • i want to know also, ty my friend!

  • Sheesh dog 😂😂

  • This the girl faze sway plays zone wars with

  • IT-tvs vert was trynna get as much clout as he could 🤣🤣

  • What is the song in background?

  • she bad ngl

  • I need vbucks

    • MR Coolbeans16 vbucks and merry minty axe giveaway on my channel and ig 🤘 not a lot of people have entered 😓

  • Got hella annoyed when she kept dragging it on... like just say bruh😂😂😂

  • No1: Tfue:I'ma go raid this good looking girl......🍑😂

  • song @8;50???

  • guys pls help me to grow this channel pls subscribe to this channel pls

  • She bad af

  • no one: sensitive people: salty at my recent vid lol

    • Piicz no one cares

  • Demisux? No, she swallows

  • Omg❤❤❤were is correna

  • Lol who else whenever they hear and then he made her cry think something bad happened