Tfue Proves He is 10x Better Than Everyone Else in His Game...

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
Tfue proves he is 10x better than everyone else in his game...
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This video includes:
Tfue Proves He is 10x Better Than Everyone
Proof Tfue is 10x Better Than Everyone Else
Tfue Proves He's 10x Better Than Everyone in his Game
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • Bugha is best

  • I like tfue but he’s a trash talker

  • Tfue gets annoyed when people use grenades on him but he spams someone with boat rocket's🙄

  • Ten times better but didnt win the world cup.

  • Tfue the GOAT

  • But he's not even good lol.

  • They turned Faze Jarvis mode on in the settings

  • Why would he not take the purple tactical ? He was using the blue one ?

  • You might as well just tell us we’re dumb with that like a subscribe bull shit you pull... hope you get bad luck

  • This guy is such a dirtbag

  • I'm 10x worse than everybody

  • You’re a god

  • A good solo pro player will alway be better the any 1 squard player

  • tfue: im 10x better controller players: hold my beer

  • aight why didnt he won the world cup😂😂

  • Does he whine and complain the whole time?

  • Tfue killing it like always, but more importantly!!!!! Epstein didn't kill himself!!!

  • Why you fukin watch your videos aswell.behave🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank god I found a battle royal game better that fortnite which is Spellbreak and it will grow soon as it get released trust me ...just sayin 👍👍🍺

  • I love how tfue gets on us controller players for aim assist but most of us play linear now so there’s no L2 spam. Now all of our aim is base on skill now. No more L2 spam.

  • Everyone proves tfue will never win the world cup

  • Is it just me or did you notice the screen tearing?

  • If tfue is 10x better than pros then mongraal is 1000x better than pros

  • This is how many times Tfue said in so much better ⬇️

  • No hes not

  • sövme tfue

  • This guy is always like Oh WhAt A tErRiBlE pLaYeR and he forgets not everyone plays fortnite all day like him (⊃ • ʖ̫ • )⊃

  • YEET

  • Like and subscribe to have a little wang for a little taaaaame

  • yeah we get it ur a grown man that plays fortnite everyday all day

    • He's a streamer who got big off Fortnite, why would he change that...?

  • How come he didn’t win World Cup then?

  • watch this mongraal being muslim:

  • Could you give me a gift card

  • So I died to Tfue at 16:59😣

  • I’m 10x better tho I’m following all my followers back

  • tfues getting cocky, i love it

  • Tfue is better then me and is a god but... Compared to other players... he is kinda of a bot.

  • Imagine how broken this game would be if you could hear other nearby players talking in game chat while playing solos

  • Last time I watched this dude he was mad and guess what I watch him now and he cursing everyone out

  • imagine if tfue and cloak arent washed up and playing with khanda and fiber

  • Tfue is a cutie

  • Are you making money from tfue or if tfue making money from you?

  • Ok thanks again lol

  • Is it just me or are these video titles getting worst and worst

  • yes he's put a lot of hard work and effort into this game, but i guess you'd expect him to be this cracked if he plays the game so much... kind of a dumb comment but still

  • Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂 But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  • All those kids looked like bots 🤖

  • Tfue: complains about people using 10 rockets on his base. Also Tfue: threatens to use 10 rockets and 300 ar on a random dudes base

  • 11:40 is he smoking shit or something or what

  • Done

  • Have Fortnite Focus watch Tfue stream live? Tfue is a joke. I bet 1 out of 15 games he wins.

  • First

  • Wym I’m a controller player n I’m cracked fuckin love tfue hes the best bruv.shitgrul

  • Maybe tfue is better than everyone else because everyone else is not sitting inside all day grinding away people actually have to go to school.

  • 1:17 eye of the tiger?

  • 0:10 when realize faze sway is way better then tfue

    • @Nasima Banu cap

    • @stormy • Tfues better than sway

    • He was talking about the people in the lobby

    • Sways only better than true in creative

    • The best players are bugha and mongraal

  • Toxic richass

  • Tfue is trash

  • Tfue cries the whole game. His ego is so huge. What a dbag. Here's a tip for the kiddies. Boat missiles destroy fishing holes. Giving you loot. Your welcome!

  • He got so much better when he wasn’t with corrina just saying