Tfue is *CRACKED* After Changing His Keybinds! (MAX Speed Editing & Building)

Pubblicato il 23 giu 2019
Tfue is cracked after changing his keybinds and shows off his max speed editing and building. This video also showcases the best Fortnite moments of the day, enjoy!
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This video includes:
Tfue is Cracked After Changing His Keybinds
Tfue Shows Max Speed Editing After Changing Keybinds
New Tfue Fortnite Settings
Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Best Daily Moments
Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments


  • We just realized an editing mistake. The codes in this video were the same from the last video. To fix this and say sorry, here are 2 new codes. Good luck, be fast! :) PSN: BQJH-67N2-T7D9 Xbox: X4K6M-2W9PT-W7JCT-93XH3-K32RZ

    • Im slow as a snail i cant get it plus its been 2 months since this code was uploaded

    • Fortnite Focus 00

    • Fortnite Focus rip im a Nintendo switch player

    • What am i getting and where am i putting in the code i don’t understand?😀😀

  • Anyone know the island code

  • He is not the fastest check out LAF Twins THEY ARE THE BEST and the fastest builders

  • I didnt even saw this video Thanks so much for posting this 😭💞💞 love your channel Dude.

  • What exsactly is his binds

  • wich dpi is he using?

  • tfue is hella slow

  • Tfue: *Sues FaZe clan for giving him alcohol under age* Tfue in this video: *HoLd mY bEeR*

  • Can we do prop hunt?

  • whats the song name at 00:32

  • Tbh I forgot about tfue

  • Plz start putting itunes card coe0des for the mobile goats

  • I use

  • what’s the map code

  • I actually hold his beer all this time

  • Who else copied the settings and now is a god? Like if u are


  • 7:24 - no reaction are u kidding me

  • Have a nice day I'm underrated

  • cRaCkEd

  • Want morr vee buc givewauys?

  • 2:25 Gtx 2080Ti


  • Not as nasty as me with my thumb I use ramp, wall, floor, pyramid all with my thumb 🔥



  • Wall - X Floor - C Ramp - V Pyramid - Q Edit - F Sens - 188 X & Y DPI - 800 are these good?

  • What’s the code for the edit course

  • Pretty bad binds for double editing on "q" and "e" because how he can only move forward or back (w and s) because his ring and pointer cant hit a and d at the same time editing.

  • My epic is legend_martenpih

  • Stop saying cracked

  • Flood is better I bet he can’t move while editing like sway and others edit coarse means nothing now

  • Raider464 Is the best editor.

  • No one: Tfue: 10:19

  • This channel is gay

  • What’s the creative code for that map Tfue was in ???

  • Why does Tfues fingers look like a spider freaking out?

  • Nothing like taking video from tfue

  • Me: Wall-Q Floor-X Stairs-E Roof-Z Edit-G Use-F

  • To get gifted you have to be acctiv and subscribe! You need to stay acctiv for a longer time so i know you are a real subscribe! Much love you boys and girls and make sure to hit that subscribe button

  • Agree

  • There is xbox and ps4 codes but not switch I'm sad now😭

  • "Cracked" lol watch.... this is going to be the new word everyone uses.. right next to "oof."

    • Heyy! Back again after only 1 week and guess what the new word everyone is saying?! THAT IS CRACKED BOIIII!!!!!! THIS SHIT IS CRACKED!!!!!!1 I AAAAAAM CRAAAAAACKEDD!!!!!

  • Kinda weird flex

  • s

  • Mongral and his partner have the shittiest mics ever

  • Mikkis ja scoutti 6:19

  • Try to build like Beak bro

  • Tfue trash

  • I also use left shift for my pyramid but i double bind so i have V and L-shift and my edit is x and c and my jump is left alt cause it makes my hand have more overall space cause I use my thumb for a lot of things

  • Raider464 is better

  • What was the island code that tfue was using to practice his edits?



  • Omg I have used q for edit forever and my friend tried to get me to change to V glad tfue agrees about q for edit

  • Tfue: *I’m the fastest editor.* Raider464: *Hold my keyboard.*

  • Ga dayum

  • I have also used to double bind edit but I don’t think it’s good as everyone says, it comes pretty unusual in normal games because when you’re edit that way you will want to predict the the tiles you want edit and it’s not as clean as normal edit, and it’s really bad to edit down stairs and floors columns

  • Raider left the chat

  • What’s the map code