Tfue IMPRESSES Her After Destroying Every Stream Sniper...

Pubblicato il 20 nov 2019
Tfue impresses Corinna after destroying every stream sniper in thier way...
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This video includes:
Tfue Impresses Her After Destroying Every Stream Sniper
Tfue Impresses Ex Girlfriend in Fortnite
Tfue Impresses on Fortnite
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • Yo tfue

  • Tfue: I have no mats. I don't know why. Corrina: Probably because you used them

  • Sorry 14

  • Tfue: *why don’t I ever have mats !* Also tfue: 14:33

  • Tfue tries way to hard!

  • nice! :-)


  • Will u gift me please

  • First time watching your channel. You were popping off those first 10 kills!

  • 16:52 can I tell them what your farts smell like😂😂😂💩💩

  • this dudes a bitch here and in real life

  • Bro true so good at fn but he fuckin dick head when it comes to relationships and also when u went fir the drop he looked at corinna shield and even though he had 2 big pots what would he do if he only had 1

  • When there was four people live I was like oh your cook he has a spaz spaz then I remembered this is Tfue not ninja

  • When you try and flirt but you act like you don’t care

  • 15:58 “do you want some ass?”

  • Why Tfue Ignores Corina Compliments?Bro Your Lucky To Have Corinna!

  • Plot twist it’s A boy that’s had a voice changer🤣

  • If only this was how everyone you date is

  • Tfue: complains about playing the game Tfue: continues to stream the game daily

    • @Peterisheree lmaooo you get it

    • Imagine complaining about your job every single day of your life publicly and never getting fired? That's Turner's job.

    • STCG Spartan it’s his job

  • God he's suck a fucken sook

  • If tfue complains about stream sniping then why doesnt he put a 5 min delay on his feed.

  • Tfue is the master at wasting mats

  • Tfue ♡♡♡♡♡

  • hi

  • Dude missed it at 7:47 🤦‍♂️ smh wow

  • Tf girls don't fart yes they do 😂

  • Yea right in the ass 😂

  • I think tfue is flirting on corrina...who agree like!!

  • 世界一の名も落ちたな女一人守れねえとわ見損なったわ

  • 16:52 Girls don’t fart hmm...suuuurrrrreeee😑

  • When tfues ex is a higher level then him

  • tixic

  • tfue is tixi

  • is anyone else gonna look at the fact that Corinna is higher level than tfue?😂

  • The thum nail looks like she is doing herself change my mind

  • I remember I could build back in the day. Btw they changed the grid system and its fucked up now Edit:Pardon my french

  • 99% of the comments: I feel like I should be rewarded 1%: Me

  • that person corinna "Im eating food what the hell am I supposed to do" " ok i wont rez you then' i would take the rez cause ill probably never play with tfue and ill play with him as much as i could

  • Im doing a battlepass giveaway at 1k subs Stay tuned!

  • Did anyone notice the random O in the middle of the screen at 2:49?

  • Its good to see them play again😀

  • You can tell she's real fun with alot of real shit to say ...brutal

  • Yo

  • Omg these titles

  • 6:14 “I don’t know how ppl play this shit all day” This fuckhead........

  • This Is How Much People Love Tfue 👇🏻


  • Anyone know what colorblind mode he uses and strength?

  • Wierd flex but I only play fortnite when I'm high af when I'm sober I only like to watch streamers lol

  • Didnt they brake up

  • bro i subbed


  • I actually watched this on stream

  • Moan 8:39

  • Uno reverse card 0:15

  • Fortnite Gameplay is actually so boring to watch....

  • 7:40 Tfue: I feel ling i should be rewarded for my kills, you know? Corrina: What do you want? ;) Tfue: A half pot Corrina: Oh :l I never laughed so hard LMFAOOOOOO Tfue has no chill

  • Ain't no girl impressed with fortnite lmao

  • If you guys didn’t know they dated before, so that’s prolly why it seems so awkward.

  • Corinna is just a gold digger hoe that deserves a snake like tfue. Faze up baby 😂. When tfue loses viewers he gonna lose her too