Tfue Gets *REVENGE* on OLD Teammate in 4v4 Wager...

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2019
Tfue gets revenge on old teammate Clix in this 4v4 wager...
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This video includes:
Tfue Gets Revenge on Old Teammate in 4v4 Wager
Tfue Gets Revenge in Fortnite
Tfue Replaces Old Teammate and Gets Revenge
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • This is the type of revenge I needed for that sh!t


  • omg

  • Code?

  • Estaria bueno que pongas los codigos de los mapas que juegan.

  • Who r these kids tfue is playing with? What happened to Khanada and fiber?

  • “hey fortnite focu-“ skips ahead 10 seconds

  • Tfue 1v1 me kid your a bot my name is TFK zay I play on control

  • Is every kid in the comments 11

  • Please like for good luck

  • Where is he?

  • Turners not as good as he used to be

  • Hahaha i just liked because i just don’t want wet socks

  • He said only $200 I can’t even buy a slurpy

  • no hate but i dont think these boxfights are tfues strong suit

  • this guy will be the next hacked.

  • High sky join sen ?

  • Who are they 4v4 ing

  • TFUE: who’s editing me down stop editing Also TFUE: editing everybody down

  • You sucked James charles, like to undo

  • I can imagine how triggered clix was


  • Who’s he playin

  • More like TFUE gets carried. Psh

  • Map code?

  • Outro ?

  • What is code map can’t see it in the vid

  • What map code are they playing?

  • Tfue got CARRIED HARD

  • Code?

  • Only People Who loves Fortnite Focus Can like this ❤️ 👇 I am decent 💪🤷‍♂️

  • *•this is the most complicating confusing game mode•*

  • ha jokes on him my socks stay wet

  • this is no practice for real game they fight for so long they would be in the storm by now

    • Getlive.4 unless they’re in the zone.....

  • If it just me or is tfue falling down like fortnite

  • The decisions he is making and situations he puts himself in are hard to watch😂

  • V-bucks

  • tfue has lost so much level lately idk what is he doing on esports honestly

    • He only got 1 kill against this team and he got clapped so many times because he kept veering off solo and getting focused. Usually he and khanada just moving together which works better in his favor.

    • I love tfue but its sad to say that his personal life is interfering with his IQ and skill. He is making poor decisions.

  • Niqqaz game be on all day at the redeem code screen.

  • Lazy editors

  • So I didn’t like and I’m still wondering when that’s wet sock is gonna come 🧐

    • @jose castillo what you gunna do

    • jose castillo still talking

    • Senetrix 😂

    • U dare devil

    • haha me too

  • Code?

  • Tfue is dog sh1t lately.... Damn

  • Hope you get A's on your exam

  • I have wet socks now yay 😑

  • Tfue gets revenge???? More like tfue gets murder

    • Tfue got shit on. He was just making poor plays.

  • Who else waste there time turning on there PS4 and entering reedem codes 😐

    • why would you waste you time doing it if the videos been out for like 6 hours, obviously one of the thousands of people redeemed it

  • True a bot, always getting carried bruv

  • Who is that ??

  • Outro Song?

  • I use your code

  • You’re here for 1:00

  • Damn lmfao best Intro I'm dead bro!!

  • Tfue is a bot now

  • That One Kid Is Obsessed With Tfue

    • J Sko I mean if u watch tfue alot like late night solo squads in shit its kinda obvious hes the best in the world maybe not mechanics wise but ya

    • Grevious 02 so is the creator of these videos all they do is make vids on tfue...

    • J Sko stfu with that irrelevant ass player kannada

    • @Ghvt Bills they are both great players just a bad day. ggs only

    • J Sko lol well tfue is a far better player then khanada so ya

  • bro i fucken hate there intro

  • If your a real tfue fan.... What clan was he last in🤷‍♂️ 👇


  • It was ez on that map

  • “There pushing me duude” _while Tfue is getting pushed by both sides_

    • Molx ayyyy

    • Hey Minor

    • @Mr.ELITE AZ 4 v 4 box fight. it is a creative game mode

    • Yo what game mode is this

    • lmao fr he probably had like one guy pickaxing his wall