Tfue Gets REVENGE on Every Stream Sniper in Solo Cash Cup...

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
Tfue gets revenge on every stream sniper in the Solo Cash Cup...
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This video includes:
Tfue Gets Revenge on Every Stream Sniper
Tfue Gets Revenge on Stream Snipers in Solo Cash Cup
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • Tfue is so hypocritical

  • why does tfue get so booty tickled when someone troed killing him

  • Tfue has become stoopid

  • I understand his hyper but he is getting it because he is so toxic

  • The only reason they get a 25 kill game is because it's just stream snipers for most of the game

  • This guy just copyrights and gets money for it


  • Literally the biggest clutch ever

  • OK boomer


  • tell my why true still like the best player

  • Tfue your language is dope😂😂

  • there is a discord for stream snipers...tfue knows..they want to piss him off...he is a beast though..wish him luck

  • Haha tfue a punk bitch😂 cant even use 100 Mat's to kill one guy watta bitchh

  • Playing game cant make brain hurt??

  • Bush camping 101

  • Dang he mad bc these players better than him😂

  • Why dose he complain so much like your famous obsession people gonna go for you

  • Lol Tfue bush camping,he has more then enough materials to go out

  • All this kid does is bitch

  • I don’t like this cocky childish piece of shit

  • His health would’ve been 100 the whole game if there were still lunch pads 🚫 🧢

  • This idiot thinks nobody should shoot him until the final circle. What a clown lmao.

  • Yeah man Fortnite is so shit now

  • These pro gamers are such whining bitches complain about everything grow up if you have to complain dont play and stop ruining it for everyone else when the developers change something that dont suit you babys

  • tfue the biggest whiney bitch that’s all he do

  • Why is he cutting the trees all the way down

  • 13:50 i waste a rocket lol

  • He is such a tryhard noone likes that idiot

  • I hate it when streamers call every person they fight a stream sniper

  • Did TFUE get his account back ?

  • Tfue is toxic as hellllllllllllllllllllll

  • Best player to ever play hands down

  • Not trying to be mean but tfue complains too much

  • Your brain probably hurts from being so toxic

  • Your playing fortnite and how are they dumb stop being toxic boy or girl don't know

  • Tfue bitches to much 😷 go watch nick eh 30

  • No respect for these kids😂

  • Tfue da camper

  • Tfue is the definition of toxic