Tfue FINDS OUT That A GAME BREAKING Exploit Has RETURNED To Fortnite & Scares EVERY Player!

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
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In todays video we have Tfue finding out that a GAME BREAKING EXPLOIT has returned to Fortnite and he scares EVERY player in his way with it... Let me know what you guys think down below!
Myth and Pokimane!
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Myth Highlights!
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  • Have you guys tried/died to this exploit yet this season?!

    • This “exploit” (it’s not an exploit) has been out for several weeks already, publicly known.

    • Daily Clips Central you should get a code,i would definitely use it

    • SypherPK found it before tfue so credit should go to PK

    • SypherPK showed that about a week ago lol

    • Ist more easy if you Place a Ramp at their 1x1 and shoot the rocket on the Ramp

  • Someone discovers something on fortnite.... Some hours later hundreds of people already know about it... Tfue ends up knowing about it maybe even the next day... *TFUE DISCOVERED THIS*

  • I love how Ayden can have a good laugh at his misfortune rather than a sook

  • 8:37 dark bro use cones to get the high ground thats step 1 to build fight lmao

  • Is there any specific way that players are able to tell when someone’s on controller or not? or is it just based off assumption

  • 2:16 imagine if it was a controller player that did that. "NeRf AiM AsSiSt!"

    • @NuKeRGG I can understand what you're saying if you're talking about legacy. I didn't fully understand how OP it was till I switched to exponential. But for the people not using legacy (which I believe are most controller players now) that doesn't happen that often (especially with linear).

    • @SpadesofHearts77 yes IK, i'm not saying it happens ALL the time, just saying it happens a lot more, especially with good controller players.. for example nickmercs, aydan, etc.. when they do that, they're like "ahh rekt" but when a keyboard player does that they're like "WTF" xD

    • @NuKeRGG As a controller player, I can definitely say that, that doesn't happen as often for controller players as you think. Especially for the people not using legacy. I will admit that legacy aim assist was/is kinda broken with an AR, but other than that, we controller players have to practice good aim just like you MnK players. It's not all Aim Assist

    • well the difference is, PC players doing that is rare.. You can see he got hyped for that.. While controller players are already so used to that, they don't even react at moments like this

    • because its true

  • That rocket trick tfue is using is op on turtle bitches do sho

  • Who remembers when tfue was doing a trap exploit by placing a trap upstairs from outside it would affect the player inside the 1by1

  • holy shit that bugha play at 6:10

  • it never left lmao

  • Rip Myth Fornite Career

  • Imagine going to school to get a degree when you can just steal people’s content and profit from it lol

  • Still with these same shitty intros and pointless intros . Stop brother just stop

  • im sorry to say it but courage did it first

  • Real sypher pk fans know

  • This has been back for a week or so

  • Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂 But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  • 2:16 If that happened to him he would’ve thrown 3 tantrums and had a seizure on top of that. “Controller player”

    • Mental do you play on controller? If not then why not you try playing on controller... you guys get a huge ass desk and a whole mouse. That mouse has like 3 ft of space to aim while controller has like less than an inch. 🤦‍♂️ Fuck pc players istg so cocky

    • The difference is Tfue had to work for his aiming skills, controller players didn't.

    • Scratch hypocrite

    • Scratch frrr

  • Bring back combat shotgun

  • another episode of, Tfue looking at reddit, finding an exploit, and doing it in game and getting all the credit for it :D

    • Arfwar bruh stop talking to me holly

    • Xafo - classic someone realising they are wrong and then trying to back pedal 😂😂 it’s kinda sad. Don’t comment against my thing if you don’t want me to reply 😂

    • Arfwar bruh why are u still on about this r/WOOSH

    • Xafo - first of all y tf r u wasting my time when u don’t even know what ur on about, second of all go to 1:00 he doesn’t take damage at all

    • Arfwar I don’t even know what exploit ur talking about the one Tfue did didn’t even work he rocketed himself for a kill ::

  • 3:00 why is he still a bot? Shoulda trapped that noob. Lolz😂😂😂

  • Tfue? SypherPK discover that again hahahah

  • 3:18 buddy with the Lama fuck build a trap kill him!!!!!!

  • Sypher literally showed this already... when you hurting bad bad for that clout

  • Sypher did this a while ago lmao

  • Do these streamers know you're putting a watermark on their clips? Lol wtf

  • someone else does it to Tfue & he is going to be bitching like a cry baby

  • Do u have a support a creator?

  • Fucking Ninja Tfue YT channel

  • Am I the only one that thinks epic games vaulted the bandage bazooka it doesn't show the warning that it's temporarily disabled anymore and I haven't found crap

  • In my opinion a great way to have 'ᴠ-ʙᴜᴄᴋꜱ' ** always seems to work for me! 💧 .

  • I haven't played this game in so long its chapter2 and there still rotating the same wak skins in they shop lol money grabbing scum bags

    • no shit was playing the day it came out have the save the world on the gold version then all the shit pointless changes with out fixing the game they have multi billion dollar company an there the worst gaming company to date go research paragon dcuo they just abandoned the game an shut it down an nearly got there assies sued an gave the paragon players 10k vbuck to keep them hush there sly nasty and wast of oxygen

    • You don't have to buy them, it's been like that since season 2

  • Am i the only one who got scared when ayden got destroyed 👀

  • 1:25 tfue gets hit but gets no damage done to him? Slow it down to .25 and you’ll see spars come off tfues body. And he doesn’t even care but when it happens to someone else he fights he’ll cry all day

    • christian hernandez that happens all the time. Sometimes I see myself get hit but I don’t, and my friends say that they DIDNT hit (this is in creative btw) Think it’s just a visual glitch

    • christian hernandez Yeah that's normal. It's not like he said the guy he is fighting has no reason to complain. People blame the game not the other player

  • How is LosPollos literally famous for being butt at the game! Lmao

    • That’s the whole point lmao and the way he rages

  • Wtf I swear this was a exploit back in season 5 or 6

  • Pls more 1 v 1 in public matches 😂🔥

  • 4:32 thank me later😏🤡

  • Let’s get tfue reported.

    • Vex-EaZy for always sounding like a baby

    • For what

  • Check out my latest video on my channel ,you might be impressed

  • sypher PK found this out a long time ago... lol

  • The guy who smashed that keyboard. What’s his twitch name?

    • @Ethan McPeek its heelmike

    • Kadomar I should’ve explained more. No it wasn’t dellor. The guy who plays with the name Johnny sins. Idk if that his stream name or not.

    • Ethan McPeek didn’t even watch but I’m guessing it’s dellor

  • i just cant get over how clean that intro is tho

  • Hasnt that been a trick since season 8

    • AndrewA 3608 they patched it but now its back

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  • Tfue: the way this kid’s snipping rn makes me think he’s trash beem beem.... it was Zayt the kid was trash I knew it 😂

  • I just died to a controller playaa bang. Bang bang bang

  • 3:17 why pollos scream like that😂

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  • Dk stop playing with your food my guy be careful

  • No one: I'm so scared I wanna leave and go back to my mum's house. Pros: I'm scared and already live in my mums basement so we need to nerf this and that

  • Sypher found this tf

  • @ 49 seconds if that happened to TFue it would have been “ He’s on controller”

    • Yea and the guy he did it to probs said he's on controller your point has no value you dumbass

  • 7 50

  • Tbh the tac is jus better

  • Lmfao I love when los’ trash ass makes it in these 🤣 been playing since season 1 and he’s still a bot but his streams are entertaining as fuck

  • He better get fucking banned now too just like everyone else does


  • 1:46 thank me later 😇