Tfue Challenges Last Players in Solos to 1v1 then does this...

Pubblicato il 9 set 2019
Tfue challenges random last players in his solo games to a 1v1 then does this...
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This video includes:
Tfue Challanges Random Last Players to 1v1 then does this
Tfue Challenged by Last Player in Solo Game
Tfue Challenges Last Player to 1v1 Him
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • 21:10 10:30 your welcome

  • Because of this Tfue is bot :)

  • Get the facts right thats not how it happened UNSUBSCRIBED

  • Can’t stop laughing at the intro accent😂😂

  • Where is the video

  • that guy was so cheap

  • 10:30 cause aids

  • 7:06 fastest reflex

  • The part you are looking for is @21:00

  • 10:48

  • this didnt have to be a twenty minute video

  • Noop lol

  • 22 minute video For a 30 second clip 🤯

  • Why did u remove the video that mongrall prove his trio is the best any reason fortntie focus because i watched it

  • 10:30 here's what your here to see

  • that flyr retake tho

  • First fight at 11:00 Second fight at 21:00 Thank me later

  • The ending lmao

  • Games slot better when you can build. It's why I dont play anything butbfortnite CAUSE YOU CAN BUILD.

  • He said my name because it’s Jonathan

  • Tfue was scared to 1v1 after the last time with the purple skull trooper😂

    • Yt_2wkilla if he let him 1v1 than everyone else would want to do the same


  • If I were tfue I’d sue fortnite focus

  • Which computer do you use to play fortnite


  • tfue is the only person u post on ur channel

  • Lol someone set up a 1 v 1 with me and I 1 v 1ed them then we got 3rd partied

  • Tfue needs a vacation he's getting stressed out from playing fortnite

  • Bro tfue has gotten cracked

  • Tfue's almsot at good as the like button on this video ")

  • Tfue: “Bro I’m so lagging”( he’s like 15 ping) People that that have 150 ping and get 15 ping: “ wow this game bouta be litttt yooo!” After 3 secs it hits 300 ping “wtf”

  • How do you talk rEst oF YouR LAF

  • 10:50 and 21:13 is what your waiting for.

  • the sweatiest pub match i have ever see

  • You took like the whole video😑

  • tfue got bopped last time someone tried this to him no wonder he didn't wanna 1v1 at end

  • Congrats tfue YOU DIDN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT PING!!! Everyone let’s celebrate for tfue🥳🥳🥳

  • R Tfue

  • True finally wear skins!!

    • You havent watched tfue in a long time I take it?

  • I hate this intro makes me not wanna watch the vid

  • So instead of complain he passive aggressive

  • If i would have to do an intro like that i would want to hang myself

  • 10:30 and 21:12 or something

  • Y’all go watch my new video cracked and sub 🥺


  • Lol he learned his lesson after Jojopyun did the same thing

    • the skin gave him vietnam flashbacks

  • This guy getting views off someone else’s videos 😂😂

  • Well, that is one wholesome scenes

  • That’s such a pussy move tfue has just become unwatchable in my OPINION

  • After true lost to that last guy in a public 1v1 I’m not surprised, he was so scared

  • 21:23 hjajajajajaja

  • Have a great day and rest of your life ❤️

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  • 21:15 I just saved 21 minutes of your time thank me by smiling in real life

  • After that intro, I literally got gain green and lost a foot, due to set socks, go beat ur meat with razor blades

  • yo tfue is a bot at building

  • Outro song?

  • I wonder if the Last skull trooper guy was that same Skull tropper that Walked Tfue

  • I like how most days Tfue is super nice to everyone. Then some days he's like... *SUCK A GOOCH*

  • Proud to say I never have and never will like or subscribe 😂