Tfue Activates GOD MODE with New Harpoon Gun in Fortnite!

Pubblicato il 6 nov 2019
Tfue activates god mode with the all new Harpoon gun in Fortnite!
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This video includes:
Tfue Activates God Mode with New Harpoon Gun in Fortnite
Tfue Enters Godmode
Tfue First Time Using Harpoon in Fortnite
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • Aah that f...... hurt my asshole

  • The headshot actually does 150

  • Who was the person in the beginning

  • I heard a kid

  • 11:03 thank me later

  • 2:40 ahehe

  • If you notice, streamers like these just say new weapons are “rad” just so the game itself can keep making money as people like you and me think it’s also cool. Ya know ya know ya know ya know! It’s nutin bu biness! Yaaa feeel me.

  • Eat a bag of D*cks Tfue.....”Dog Shit Ass Game” that MADE all of you! All of you gained fortune & fame from the game, Yet you constantly sh*t on it!? I’m sure you guys were “Okay” with Subs/Views before Fortnite but once you streamed it you alllllllllll BLEW UP!

  • Bruh pistols are OP

  • Who else always looks for the timestamp guy in the comment section for these videos

  • i wanna see TFue play on controller !!🕹

  • used it name/christhebest385

  • What happened to his rubber keyboard

  • Cool video mind checking me out?

  • No one Tfue: a hee hee

  • God mode isn’t in the settings lol

  • For the Rest of You're LIFEEEE!!

  • Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂 But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  • Sometimes focus is kinda dumd permanently wet socks think about it no one is gonna like cause of that only the fucken 8year olds

  • must watch 🤯Incredible beginner Gameplay 15 kills

  • This guy literally just uses other people's footage to his advantage, get a life

  • Tfue every second ahhe

  • Is it just me or is true in 99 percent of fortnite focus videos

  • Could someone please tell me why it's like "player [245]" etc when eliminating people and why all the names aren't listed anymore? Also why when spectating you can't see name or elimination count any longer...I've been talking to Epic and they're like "restart your game and or contact us again if this persists, we're looking further into the issue" but from what I see it looks like everyone's is like this :/ ?????? And then one more thing, I can eliminate 10 people and in match stats will say "20 damage to players" !??

    • It's streamer mode, check your settings.

  • 6:04... tfue develops godlike powers.. can now quiet dogs with one singular bark...

  • People above 15 that still play fortnite are mentally challenged

  • I was so dumb that I got to Fortnite to see if there was actually a button “god mode”

  • At 2:04 the place was retail row, i have never been to this place in chp 2

  • Why is when Turner barked his dog stop barking for a good 5 minutes

  • 😂

  • Lol didn’t tfue get banned also❤️

  • Tfue is a cheeky cunt. Guy rips the game he plays. Saying they allow cheats.. erm in the same breath they banned a streamer for cheating. Guys a wierd toxic little anus mate

  • I’m literally wearing dry socks rn

  • What you came her for: alt f4

  • How to get top comment 1st: you won’t pin this 2nd: something related to the video 3rd: actually liking the video for bribery 4th: say something about the channel 5th: say something you never would to a streamer if he was in your lobby

  • which time fortnite focus uploads a new video

  • Dogs: bark bark bark bark Tfue: ayeee relax brother 😂 👇🏽


  • All the last dude had to do was be aggressive he had a good chance...well, nvm😂😂

  • Tfue has a dog!?

  • ok

  • I love wet socks

  • Tfue. Tell that damn dog to shut up.

  • I just got trolled

  • I just got troleed

  • Yall wanna check me i just post wins

  • U can head shot with the Harpoon

  • I can’t wait for the “harpoon only fortnite challenge”

  • He jumped and pumped if you look properly

    • Smokeskreen Gaming hi, I think it’s better in general there seems to be more better loot. Harpoon and fishing rods are fun. What about yourself?

    • Its GIBBER true. What is your favorite part of chapter two?

  • . ++_+_+_$78$

  • That guy at the end was boted

  • U get all ur clout from tfue

  • Twitch_God_Icon Ps4

    • Skill base matchmaking to be honest! It needed to be done for awhile. Posted the stats from one of my dubs the other day. 15 Kill solo win and I posted my first game of the night.

    • Christopher Mulholland awesome! What is your favorite part of chapter two?

  • It wasn't cuz the harpoon he just turned on god mode like the thumbnail says

  • COOL

    • Soane Fisiihoi COOL! What is your favorite part of chapter two?

  • Stop swearing



  • Take the pistol

  • End song?

    • Alexander Lindstrand I’m not sure. I love your profile picture! What is your favorite part of chapter two?