Pubblicato il 19 mag 2019
Today we are trying Jeffree Star's new concealers and setting powder!
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  • I know this is absolutely terrible timing to post this video, with all the drama going on right now. But i just want you all to know i filmed this video over a week ago and had it scheduled to be posted today for 5 days now. This is a review of this concealer & setting powder.. and nothing more. Love y'all i've only seen sweet comments but i just wanted to fill everyone in

  • Watch sailor moon before 2000 there lockets or pins that change outfits.

  • Why are you not on Jeffery Star PR List I think you should!

  • Why do u apologize for your grown up nails?

  • c5 got stolen

  • I had really high hopes for this concealor! It just wasn't that great. I was so disappointed. Loved the packaging but hated the concealer. Blah.

  • If Jeffree was a decent human he would not buy animals!!

  • In fact it was c5 who was stolen😊 I love your video

  • Loved the beginning 😝😝😝

  • @jeffreestar please loook at her and add her to your PR list. We all love ya

  • Its okay that your late. Honestly Mia, we are just happy to see your awesome videos!

  • At 9:16 she made a Thanos quadruple chin with the concealer.

  • I use one color for foundation and another as concealer

  • "It's like a long doe foot!"... 💗 She's so freaking adorable and innocent!!✨😂🤗

    • Wait, it's actually called a doe foot?!!😂😍

  • Literally one of the only IT-tvsrs I trust to give honest makeup opinions. Ugh, I love you so much haha

  • I’m sorry but I really don’t understand (soul level) how can someone “love-like” so much Jeffrey’s brand. He has a HUGE RACIST PAST, when you think about it, all the “my products have been stolen-I lost millions"-drama must be his karma circle coming to an end because… HE WAS REALLY SHIT to colored people. I know in the core it can be hard for us to realize that and even put ourselves on the shoes of colored people, specially for us having so fair skin but, it’s no excuse nor should it be a “little” detail for us to notice. He marked some people’s life in a really bad way, I like VERY much your channel but realizing you’re such a fan of such a dark person, specially because I think you’re a very true to self and humble person, it really got me a little “down” with your brand reviews (even not being sponsored). 😕


  • Mia, thank you so much for always doing a flash test! You are the best!

  • 😮😮😮😮


  • “I’m a creasing Queen” lolsameeee

  • What is with the double advertisements?

  • love Mia, but that camera focus situation gives me headache((((

  • @2:57 ........am i the only one that thinks that they look like some jefree star BUTTER STICKS🤣..... no ok just me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • C5

  • “I’m not on his pr, YET”😂😂 I love Mia🤣

  • I’m late on watching this video😥

  • Mia is honestly the only person I can watch when watching reviews because she's funny and entertaining. LIKE HONESTLY when I watch other youtubers do reviews I fall asleep. Thank you for being you.

  • Somehow she reminded me of rapunzel in tangled...hmmmn is it just me?

  • Mia kissing Jeffery ass for for 14 mins

  • can you try the lip glosses when they launch ? 🥴

  • Hey everyone! So jeffree is looking for newer beauty influencers to put on his PR list!!! Everyone go tweet for Mia!!!!💖🤩😍💖

  • Mia! What foundation / Primer do you use!!!

  • The hole in the applicator is to catch more product not less, this way you don't have to keep dipping in.

  • Mia: we r 5 seconds in Video: it’s been 7:35mins Mia: Thankyou for watching This LITTLE review Video: it’s been 14mins

  • C5 was stolen and other things

  • I love you Mia! 💖 support always sent from Cali 💗

  • Actually I like your nils💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

  • Are you joking.. you didnt know there was a black market for makeup products ? Except you went and bought fake products how many times. Love you but wow.

  • How do you only have 2 million followers 😪💜

  • What Mia says: I cannot believe there is a black market for makeup. That's insane What Mia's thinking: can someone hook me up cause damn I need that in my life Love you, Mia, you're amazing

  • How did the concealer and powder last throughout the day? Did they crease? Please update

  • You're literally the only beauty/make up IT-tvsr I follow 😘

  • Girl :/ it did flash back stop :(

  • @jeffreestar help a Canadian girl out

  • I think it would be really cool if makeup producers created "refill tubes" for their concealer and powders and stuff, so like, you but the original one with all the pretty packaging and pretty lids and stuff, and then they also sell a tube that will fit into the original lid but the refill tube is as plain and basic as possible so that you can still have the original pretty bit, but you can also have the refillable tubes at a cheaper price when you run out. Idk if that made any sense but I feel like that would be really cool

  • Can you review Boxy Charm? It is a makeup subscription box

  • They remind me of sailor moon lol

  • c5 was stolen!

  • I hope Jeffree Star sees this

  • You should do a long term halo beauty review :) maybe the kiwi to see if it cuts down your cheek redness (not that you need to!!! It would just be a good test area, I get pink cheeks too!!)

  • I love you 😘💕

  • You should do a Younique full face!!

  • Yay congrats on passing 2million subscribers, LOVE U 💕. Could u do another YesStyle review video

  • Please do a try on haul of dresses from Lucy in the sky ❤️

  • Can you do a video where u try crazy colored lipsticks? Im obsessed with watching em for some reason lol

  • MIA- can you do a wear test? like wear the product for x amount of hours to see how it lasts?:) I think that would be really helpful

  • The shade stolen was c5

  • Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love your vlogs please keep making those

  • Looks amazing x