Testing “As Seen on TV” Products! (Do They Work?)

Pubblicato il 11 gen 2019
Today we decided to buy products that you see in TV commercials, and put them to the test to see if they work the way they look on TV!
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  • 9:37 when you smell gasoline

  • I scrolled through the chat bc I wanted to see what ppl would say about the last one. I'm a rugrat btw dont hate

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  • This video is like a cheap version of dope or nope

  • We actually have the smart swab and it doesent work Xd we don't even know why we have it

  • Dude I could never remember 111 111 uhhhhh 124

  • apply for 10 to 30 seconds..OK GUYS WE LET IT DRY FOR 30 MINUTES!!! IT SHOULD BE DRY NOW!!!

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  • My dad has one of those hair Removal things and my sister used it to shave her dolls head and it actually worked🤣😂😂

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  • The first one was funny!

  • The tent works my little brother has it and it works perfectly fine just like the add

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  • I have the dream tent but it’s not glow in the dark they totally did not know how to set it up

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    • No it shows arrows on it showing which way to turn it.

  • I LOVE Your Vids


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