Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 5 ott 2017
Terry Crews has more strength in one bicep than most humans have in their entire being. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star enters the Hot Ones terrordome and goes beastmode on the wings of death. As he tackles sauce after sauce with Sean Evans, Crews opens up about everything from his relationship with his father, to his difficult experience in the NFL.
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Season 4
Episode 12
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  • Is good but think need more interesting people like this > Skippy62able / IT-tvs 😊🎉🌟✨💞

  • the fact anyone could dislike this genuinely blows my mind

  • I love this concept and it is obviously working but I would have to say that the host is more concerned about asking his statement/questions and he doesn't really react to the answer. He is very on paper and not really very present...not really a seat of his pants kinda host. A bit too serious for the concept. loosen up and enjoy and react to your guests. be in the moment and you show will soar into the stratosphere!

  • Terry "I'm gonna get an oscarfor this"😂😂

  • He’s getting so old oh my god 😭

  • I like terry but dude do some of Gods work to have that saying. instead of movies and commercials where you take your shirt off.


  • That dude has some gorgeous ass teeth... brb gtg brush my teeth...

  • Terry your strong but nuts too and the funnies too

  • 18:45

  • He is seriously one of my favorite people. Such a kind, old soul.

  • how could over 4,500 people dislike this video

  • 19:50 There's a damn good sermon in here somewhere!

  • Always “careful around your eyes” *after* they’ve already touched around their eyes, fuck!

  • "Watch Brooklyn 99 **PLEEZE!!** I went throu this fo yo ass!!!" LMAO!

  • This is a really cool interview - I like Terry Crews! WHO KNEW??? LOL!!!

    • Just wait til it comes out the other end my man. LOL!!

  • Pres.

  • This one was good.

  • Terry Crews number 1

  • “I need your phone number we’re best friends forever”

  • “I need your phone number we’re best friends forever”

  • What a beautiful chocolate man👭🏼

  • "If I survived the NFL, I can do this."

  • In a perfect world, Terry would be my next door neighbor.

  • Last dab didn’t get any of the dab?

  • He's so nice

  • Terry taught me to scream when you want to kill the spicy... SOOTHiNG WARCRY !!!

  • I love brooklyn nine nine

  • My dad never really tried to connect with my interest but i didnt mind since he was raised pretty rough but he always did work his ass off and is one of the only pillars holding my fam up. Mad respect for terry doing both.

  • i usto love everything about terry crews until i found out he puts raisins in his bread pudding

  • Go for president Terry we need you!

  • I saw his face. Clicked & liked! Treasure

  • POWER!!!!!!! his old spice commercials are legend

  • I adore Terry Crews!! And this was some great back and forth banter ! Love hearing about Terry’s life. Shame about how his dad was. But I am so impressed by how much he cherishes his son. My son passed away from a genetic disease. But my husband is a great dad ! Kids are awesome. I was so distressed by seeing my man TORTURED by the sauce !!!!! Terry I loved you so much in the movie Blended! It was a 🐯! 🐊

  • I have a question As a chef, I ask if each guest has a certain request to how their wings are prepared, I know you have guests like Paul Rudd with his cauliflower, and Billie eilish with her veggie nuggets, but I notice sometimes the wings look cooked to different end textures - the wings in this video show alot of char, I'm just wondering if this is also a specific request that's asked to the guests you have! Keep it up though, these videos entertain me during my prep!

  • Yesss love terry !!Amazing 🥰😍😍

  • Sweet kills heat,, Terry spend all the time you can with your kid, He's the most important thing in your life! I'll give you props for breaking the chain of dad's not being there for there kids in your family, most men do not know how to show love for there kids and its a shame.

  • what kind of ghetto school is in america

  • Da Bomb 13:24-

  • Get IT Terry!!!! Salute Sir!

  • Terry loves yogurt

  • I love episodes like this with amazing people like Terry Crews, I just wish all the episodes were vegan so innocent animals didn't suffer and die for them to happen.

  • 6:57 I'm VERY glad he decided he was done after that. It would be hard for me to not want to throw the ball back in that a**hat's face, so kudos to Terry Crews for not only keeping his cool in such a terrible situation, but for understanding he himself does not deserve that nor does he have to put himself through it for money, fame, or anything of the sort.

  • Was he giving birth with those screams lol.

  • More encouraging than the DJ Khaled episode.

  • I just discovered hot ones and i must say, this show is BRILLIANT.the questions are so thoughtful and entertaining, and the wings are an incredibly entertaining addition. so good. well done

  • From Brooklyn, NY We love Terry Crews💞💞💞💞

  • I couldn’t agree more with Terry. I started to get into streaming a while back and figuring everything out is just SO satisfying and fun!

  • Not gonna lie these seconds kinda made emotional... 17:33

  • I'm so glad he did the final dab! I knew he was a trooper. :D

  • Da Bomb strikes again!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my gosh the wings are so small compared to his hands I never realized just how big he is

  • Cool crush ice killa!

  • Funny video😂i just love ur shows there different from other peoples videos keep up the good work😎

  • Getting reeeeeal tired of this pattern we keep seeing with celebrities making a calculated compliment. We get it, Hot Ones, you are asking your people to throw a compliment twice a video. But jesus, fuck off with it already, or at least change it up. It's become so predictable it hurts.

  • He still let that man grope him, L

  • Yang needs to be on hotones!!

  • Asking the magic 8 ball: Is Terry Crews the nicest human ever? All signs point to yes.

  • “The. New ham radio”