Tennis Channel Live: Naomi Osaka vs. Coco Gauff 2020 Australian Open Third Round Preview

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2020
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  • And next up was Sofia Kenin, who, while having no one in the stadium pulling for her other than her coach, put the big finish on Coco. American tennis is doing just fine thank you.

  • It’s funny how news isn’t emphasizing on how she may potentially become the youngest ever player to win a slam at 15 years and 325 days of age. The Why- Tees can’t encourage this now, can they? Because thee record belongs to a why-tee. Uh huh 🤔?

  • Coco is lazer focused ! Osaka my toes !! Where is she out of a grand slam ! Ousted by Gauff!!

  • Congratulations you have defeated a champion

  • I am so glad that Coco won the match but Osaka wasn't really playing... I want to know what happened to Naomi

  • Palm beach county fla we riding with her go coco go coco🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Osaka was shocking first set gauff only hit 4 winners. Was done to Osaka getting tight

  • This match was hard for me to champion behind because I LOVE both of them. They are my 2 favorites and hate when they have to go up against each other.

  • Osaka will be history

  • I would love her anyway but she's from Atlanta too. We love you Coco. Your looking at the next great women's athlete period to walk the earth. Turn up!!!!!

  • Eat those words guys

  • Now I'm pumped hoping Coco takes the entire thing 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Congrats Coco . I thought this would be clips of the Coco v Osaka match. I missed it. This is Disappointing

  • Not only is Coco fierce she is too damn adorable!

  • Martina love you, but do something with the hair. jeeze.

  • Osaka did not step up! Gauff was even not so good either but Osaka simply with no hunger, even she’s the defending champion!

  • Coco just won against Noami and now I think she will win this hole thing

  • Won in two straight sets 6:3 6:4

  • It's 4:30am here, (8:30pm there) and Coco has just polished off Naomi Osaka. There's no stopping this 15 year old.

  • Coco just won, Amazing!

  • Gauff showed she could learn from defeat. Kid beat her .

  • Naomi is just plain unprofessional. She’s a pouting little loser. She got lucky winning two majors because there was no pressure on her but now that there’s pressure she falls apart, she collapses she pouts, she overhits and she should be banned from the tour for this kind of unsportsmanlike unprofessional conduct. She is a complete and total loser and will never win a major again. No longer a fan Naomi. And you will now begin to lose all your endorsements !!

  • Coco is only 15...when she reaches her physical PRIME .. she is going to take over women's tennis..she is already 5'10" ...she'll probably end up at 6ft.

    • Djuan Porter<<>>> Women reach maturity peaking sooner than men. I’m wagering she grows to 5’11 1/2”. 😉

  • Slight Edge To Naomi Osaka