Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters - Colombia

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
Shot & Edited by: instagram.com/mrtaylorstephens
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  • Drew Monson mytoecold brought me here and I am so happy he did lol

  • We need Jables in Australia!!!

  • Cuz mike and the Johnson and Johnson’s, keep messing game up

  • that looks like one hella of a shin-dig !

  • how was Weezer not mentioned in the title....

  • Jack owns 3 pair of eSweats and 4 t-shirts. Naaaaaiiiieeece!

  • Some kid is gonna pick up that pick you flickd into the audience... Some kid named Eddie...

  • Dave just loves to shimy hahahaha

  • Guinness is just considered a cheap pint in the UK 😂😂

  • Thanks for comming to Colombia.

  • i miss the gaming videos....

  • i mean dave grohl was the devil in pick of destiny

  • ♥ 🇨🇴

  • Tenacious D Best Band Ever

  • PULL AN OASIS!!??? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA oooh fuck that funny shit.

  • Awesome

  • That concert was fucking badass, thanks for coming, guys!

  • 13:42 omg that dude.....

  • La mejor banda de rock del mundo

  • Que linda mi tierra Colombia el que llege a Colombia y no juegue tejo no conoció Colombia

  • That song at 3:30........... Beautiful

  • You’d guys are wired . Question is who would win in a proper rock off, FF or TD? I guess we will never find out as its probably the equivalent of a lion vs a bear 🦁 🐻 🥁🎸🎤

  • 15:39 Planned or not, that was trippy.

  • Ok, ill d-xercise all the time now!!

  • Thank you so much for your visit our country , you are the best rockstar all the world

  • Andale no sabia que Jack Black hablaba español, ese es un dato muy interesante

  • booooo! wanted to see the burning coffee

  • I'm glad that Jables and Kage finally made up with Satan.

  • This video was amazing

  • Hey, it's that fat kid from that Pitfall commercial.

  • The campin de MILLONARIOS FC, in perfect. Blue And Blue.

  • So sad that they mentioned Jack but not Kyle. The band: It's Jack Black in the house. Kyle Gass: Im here too :c

    • Well. Jack Black is more popular than KG is. That's like asking why Will Smith is mentioned more than Alfonso Ribeiro.

  • Hi rl stine

  • is there a reason why these videos can't actually play the d's songs? It's low key annoying to watch concert footage and have youtube beats playing instead.

  • LMAO the morbidly obese comment had me laughing

  • I like the episodes where you're chilling with your family in LA more than these ones.

  • where was Rivers

  • @lostenatiousD Rixy is trying to contact you on Twitter I am so shit at twitter.. @AnthonyRix5

  • wiakt and weed

  • "we just wanna save some freakin trees"

  • You know what I like about Jack? How he can go out in public like a normal human rather than being surrounded by 1000 of fans.

  • haha i loved this video, these guys have to be so much fun to hang out with!

  • They forgot to do their cock pushups.

  • Just fucked up and burned off half my dog's tail with Coffee-Mate. Thanks, Foo!

  • Rock stars stayin' up late in Bogota? But how?

  • @JablinskiGames Jack, where do you get these awesome shirts from? I need that space wolf one!

  • Aww noo! I wanted to see the exploding Coffeemate trick! 😧

  • So a lame commercial, so we buy things from them? HARD PASS, BRUH!

  • If Jacks bandmate wasnt in Tenacous D he would get called a Pedo lol FACTS

  • was that a jojo reference

  • That guy looks like the drummer of nirvana

  • What's the name of the song?! EXPLOSIVO!

  • Saw you guys play master exploder for the first time without backing tracks last November and It lived up to every expectation I could’ve had 🤘 Hope The D keeps rolling for a long time to come! If any fellow D fans want to see the ONLY live performance of Master Exploder without backing tracks that I know of on IT-tvs check this shaz out 🍆👂 it-tvs.com/tv/video-5-2hP2RHSpc.html

  • I just wanna know where Jables got that sweet space dog shirt

  • Wow he sounds like the dragon warrior has anyone noticed myself

    • of course he do because he is the voice actor

  • yo jack! its kinda shitty when you put other hip shitty music on top of the clips from the show instead of live audio of the real thing!! WE WANT THE D \M/

  • Man... What's going on inside JBs head??? This guy is the best

  • So Satan won the rematch

  • How can you be overweight and having a ridiculous stressful and active life style like this ?

  • Love the D ...love back stage vids .....DA!!!